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Was the old survey online too long?

What survey?


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Joined: Nov 07, 2002
Post subject:
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Akira772: Hell, we don't even call Japantown "Japantown"... We're modern... Better than the Chinese... SF has J-Town.
Akira772: Screw what the maps say
Akira772: We know what it's really called


Akira772: Weren't there 90-something people on at 3 AM EST a few nights ago?
Zechs875: yeah
Zechs875: chinese bastards
Akira772: You can win listeners
Akira772: What songs attract people?
Zechs875: um
Zechs875: Slow, romantic, sad chinese songs
Akira772: When did I request this?
Akira772: Oh right
Akira772: I remember
Zechs875: and high pitched girls talking giberish
Akira772: Picked something random
Zechs875: that's what gets the listeners in
Akira772: guh
Akira772: So basically, these are emo chinese-americans?

PostSat Apr 09, 2005 12:40 am
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Joined: Nov 07, 2002
Post subject:
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Akira772: ZECHS!!!
Zechs875: yes?
Akira772: Have you seen any good MAN PORN!!! lately?
Zechs875: nope
Zechs875: sorry to dissapoint
Akira772: lol
Akira772: Well that sucks.
Akira772: But I do have some good news.
Zechs875: falumbard: Futurama: Season 3, Batman: The Animated Series: Volume 2, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast: Volume 2, Digimon: Season One, Hero, Fahrenheit 9/11, A Tree of Palme, Burn Up Scramble V.3, Daphne in the Brilliant Blue V.1, Almost Peaceful, and... some others that I've purchased and can't think of at the top of my head.
falumbard: x_x
falumbard: I've got a big selection, Don't I?
falumbard: lol
Zechs875: I want you
Zechs875: 're dvd collection
Zechs875: that's about as ghey as it gets
Akira772: That's a rather small DVD collection...
Akira772: And he doesn't have Attack the Gas Station, so he still doesn't win.
Akira772: So anyway, I do have some good news.
Zechs875: that's all he hasn't watched
Zechs875: he's got about 10 times that
Zechs875: maybe omre
Akira772: I just saved a bunch of money (not really, buying online sucks) on my Star Wars tickets by buyinh them na- Ohhhhh
Zechs875: *more
Zechs875: you did
Zechs875: awesometastic
Akira772: Well... I bought them
Zechs875: I thought you were a Trekkie though
Akira772: WHAT?!
Akira772: WHAT?!
Zechs875: |-\/-|
Zechs875: Yes you are
Akira772: I like Star Wars you moron
Zechs875: you want to vulcan death grip me
Zechs875: right
Zechs875: now
Akira772: No..,.
Akira772: I want to whip out my lightsabre and castrate you
Zechs875: you scream the words KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!!!!!!!!
Zechs875: at your dog
Akira772: ...
Akira772: I don't have a dog...
Zechs875: and don't even deny you dont have a dog
Zechs875: I know you do
Zechs875: his name is sparky and he lives under your bed
Akira772: .....
Zechs875: are you calling me a liar
Akira772: yes
Zechs875: cause those dots look like you're calling me a liar
Akira772: Are you high again?
Akira772: Like you were a few days before election day?
Zechs875: and if I am
Akira772: ...

Last edited by Zechs on Wed Apr 20, 2005 6:37 pm; edited 1 time in total
PostTue Apr 19, 2005 9:12 pm
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Joined: Nov 08, 2002
Post subject:
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The impact is reduced when lines like "MAN PORN!!!" aren't huge...
Ice cream has this erotic sense to it- kinda like the one choclate and strawberries have.
PostTue Apr 19, 2005 11:09 pm
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Joined: Nov 08, 2002
Post subject: FDD's Anizona Con Report
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Finally! A month after the event! FDD tells all!

Akira772 (9:01:59 PM): GENSHIKEN!
finaldragoon77 (9:02:13 PM): uh huh
Akira772 (9:02:34 PM): It all makes sense now!
Akira772 (9:02:41 PM): The whole otaku thing!
Akira772 (9:02:51 PM): And it makes me glad I'm just a casual fan!
Akira772 (9:02:54 PM): Oh right
Akira772 (9:03:00 PM): We never got a con report from you
finaldragoon77 (9:03:10 PM): this first
finaldragoon77 (9:03:15 PM): wanted to know about my hair?
Akira772 (9:03:32 PM): JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH!
Akira772 (9:03:41 PM): That's long
finaldragoon77 (9:03:46 PM): yes
finaldragoon77 (9:03:48 PM): it is
Akira772 (9:03:48 PM): Longer than mine even
finaldragoon77 (9:03:55 PM): and now you know
Akira772 (9:04:12 PM): Indeed
finaldragoon77 (9:04:36 PM): anyways you were saying?
Akira772 (9:05:30 PM): How was that convention you went to?
Akira772 (9:05:34 PM): That Anizona thing
finaldragoon77 (9:05:49 PM): in 2 words
finaldragoon77 (9:05:57 PM): awesomely nerdgasmtastic
Akira772 (9:06:21 PM): Go on
finaldragoon77 (9:06:38 PM): umm
finaldragoon77 (9:06:48 PM): i get there 2 hours early
finaldragoon77 (9:07:08 PM): me being a lucky pre-register get my badge and see the line of hundreds of people registering
finaldragoon77 (9:07:26 PM): *30 minutes later* "we're full"
Akira772 (9:07:39 PM): Wow
Akira772 (9:07:46 PM): How many people would that be?
finaldragoon77 (9:07:57 PM): 1000 was their limit >.>;;;
finaldragoon77 (9:08:40 PM): soon enough opening ceremony and i rush to my seat near the back
finaldragoon77 (9:09:15 PM): a tear-jerking speech of how it's been a year-and-a-half in progress
finaldragoon77 (9:09:30 PM): 3 videos play
finaldragoon77 (9:09:45 PM): 2 naruto fandub thingies which bring out quite the hilarity
finaldragoon77 (9:09:58 PM): could only remember one though
finaldragoon77 (9:10:02 PM): Ninja in the Night
finaldragoon77 (9:10:17 PM): then the kickass video
finaldragoon77 (9:10:33 PM): pretty much a montage of every popular show to some kickass song
finaldragoon77 (9:10:55 PM): video was awesome, too bad i cant remember what that video is
finaldragoon77 (9:11:14 PM): then an introduction of the guests of honor
finaldragoon77 (9:11:27 PM): any comments/questions so far?
Akira772 (9:12:01 PM): Not yet
finaldragoon77 (9:12:19 PM): oh yeah, fangirl scream count: earbleeding
finaldragoon77 (9:12:59 PM): shortly after the opening ceremony i wander about looking at the various things, then comes the FMA panel
finaldragoon77 (9:13:07 PM): oh god did that make me happy
finaldragoon77 (9:13:47 PM): poor Aaron...i feel sorry for the kid
Akira772 (9:13:53 PM): ?
finaldragoon77 (9:14:00 PM): the voice of Alphonse
finaldragoon77 (9:14:24 PM): he has no cable, no consoles, and no one at his school believes he is the VA
Akira772 (9:15:02 PM): ...
Akira772 (9:15:06 PM): Uhhh
finaldragoon77 (9:15:38 PM): http://www.sub-ether.net/gallery/pre-opening/100_0491
finaldragoon77 (9:15:41 PM): first half of line
Akira772 (9:16:13 PM): ...
Akira772 (9:17:21 PM): So wait... How old is that guy?
finaldragoon77 (9:17:29 PM): who? Aaron?
Akira772 (9:17:34 PM): Yeah
finaldragoon77 (9:17:36 PM): i think 12
Akira772 (9:17:49 PM): Is he a Mormon?
finaldragoon77 (9:17:54 PM): lives in texas
finaldragoon77 (9:18:02 PM): strict school
finaldragoon77 (9:18:16 PM): http://www.sub-ether.net/gallery/pre-opening/100_0550
Akira772 (9:18:27 PM): That says "you can't have cable or consoles in your own, private home"?
finaldragoon77 (9:18:36 PM): sorry for our lack of thousands of people in the room
finaldragoon77 (9:18:45 PM): dunno
finaldragoon77 (9:18:56 PM): i dont delve too much into his personal life
Akira772 (9:19:01 PM): heh
finaldragoon77 (9:19:14 PM): http://www.sub-ether.net/gallery/pre-opening/100_0584
finaldragoon77 (9:19:15 PM): the man
Akira772 (9:19:38 PM): Only Japanese guest, eh?
finaldragoon77 (9:19:41 PM): yes
finaldragoon77 (9:19:49 PM): but what a guest for a first time con eh?
Akira772 (9:20:19 PM): Let's see...
Akira772 (9:20:23 PM): According to ANN...
finaldragoon77 (9:20:36 PM): ?
Akira772 (9:20:39 PM): Hey, he the character designs for Mospeada
Akira772 (9:20:56 PM): And some of the Gatchaman series
Akira772 (9:21:13 PM): Ah, and there's an Anizona guest list
Akira772 (9:21:25 PM): ANN = Anime News Network
finaldragoon77 (9:21:27 PM): http://www.sub-ether.net/gallery/panels/100_0600
finaldragoon77 (9:21:34 PM): i think you can pick out Aaron
Akira772 (9:21:40 PM): lol
finaldragoon77 (9:22:14 PM): http://www.sub-ether.net/gallery/panels/100_0772
finaldragoon77 (9:22:18 PM): Anime LARP party
finaldragoon77 (9:22:35 PM): ?
Akira772 (9:22:52 PM): LARPing + Cosplay = TeH Devil!
Akira772 (9:23:11 PM): They all look like nerds!
Akira772 (9:23:16 PM): Well...
Akira772 (9:23:19 PM): Uhh
Akira772 (9:23:27 PM): Let me rephrase that
finaldragoon77 (9:23:29 PM): kinda killed your own complaint there
Akira772 (9:23:37 PM): The all look like uber-nerds!
finaldragoon77 (9:24:08 PM): http://www.sub-ether.net/gallery/cosplayers/100_0509
finaldragoon77 (9:24:13 PM): i never knew moogles could be sexy
Akira772 (9:25:03 PM): That's just disturbing
finaldragoon77 (9:25:11 PM): i knew you would say that
finaldragoon77 (9:25:34 PM): http://www.sub-ether.net/gallery/cosplayers/100_0685
finaldragoon77 (9:25:39 PM): that's disturbing
finaldragoon77 (9:26:37 PM): http://www.sub-ether.net/gallery/cosplayers/100_0707
finaldragoon77 (9:26:45 PM): now where's jill and wesker?
Akira772 (9:26:55 PM): OH JESUS!
Akira772 (9:27:03 PM): (that's directed at the first one
Akira772 (9:27:04 PM): )
Akira772 (9:27:30 PM): YOU didn't do anything did you?
finaldragoon77 (9:27:42 PM): i did do stuff
Akira772 (9:27:51 PM): I mean cosplay.
finaldragoon77 (9:27:54 PM): no
finaldragoon77 (9:27:58 PM): no cosplay for me
Akira772 (9:28:02 PM): PRAISE ALLAH!
finaldragoon77 (9:28:21 PM): couldnt figure out what character i would portray
Akira772 (9:28:38 PM): With hair like yours...
finaldragoon77 (9:28:40 PM): i just kept getting praises for my megatokyo shirt apparal
Akira772 (9:28:43 PM): Heh
Akira772 (9:29:06 PM): Practical, not otaku, but nerdy enough.
Akira772 (9:29:11 PM): Perfect.
Akira772 (9:29:43 PM): So continue your story.
finaldragoon77 (9:30:16 PM): after that i go into the gaming room for a few hours
finaldragoon77 (9:30:29 PM): after the FMA panel that is
finaldragoon77 (9:30:38 PM): anything you wanted to know about the panel?
Akira772 (9:31:04 PM): Not really... Unless they know something about FMA I don't
finaldragoon77 (9:31:24 PM): most of the cast watched it fansubbed to get into character
finaldragoon77 (9:31:36 PM): all of it
Akira772 (9:31:46 PM): Nice
finaldragoon77 (9:31:47 PM): well...not aaron
finaldragoon77 (9:33:15 PM): oh yeah Travis was the highlight
finaldragoon77 (9:33:44 PM): someone specifically asked him...
finaldragoon77 (9:33:49 PM): "could you snap for us?"
finaldragoon77 (9:34:13 PM): *snap* "wow that was the coolest snap ive ever done."
finaldragoon77 (9:34:43 PM): and so on
finaldragoon77 (9:34:50 PM): anyways the gaming room
finaldragoon77 (9:34:57 PM): much fun was had
Akira772 (9:35:04 PM): do tell
finaldragoon77 (9:35:15 PM): most of it was round robin smash bros
finaldragoon77 (9:35:32 PM): a couple setup co-op multiplayer
finaldragoon77 (9:35:35 PM): of halo 2
finaldragoon77 (9:35:54 PM): i turn me head and who do i see sitting next to me?
finaldragoon77 (9:36:05 PM): Aaron
Akira772 (9:36:14 PM): lol
Akira772 (9:37:13 PM): Weird stuff
finaldragoon77 (9:37:15 PM): so after a while i get tired, taxi back to my hotel room, order a pizza and sleep for the night
finaldragoon77 (9:38:03 PM): day 2
finaldragoon77 (9:38:09 PM): Duel of the Consoles
finaldragoon77 (9:38:22 PM): their video game tournament
finaldragoon77 (9:38:33 PM): 32 people on 8 teams
finaldragoon77 (9:38:59 PM): the hitch though....games and consoles are all random
finaldragoon77 (9:39:22 PM): of course me on Team FMA am feeling fairly confident
finaldragoon77 (9:39:55 PM): round 1: smash bros, top 2 move on, im up against a semi-newb and 2 who never played the game before, i move on
finaldragoon77 (9:40:57 PM): round 2: need for speed underground, 1v1 quick race, i never played the game before, but tailspin my opponent out of control and move to the next round
Akira772 (9:41:53 PM): round 3?
finaldragoon77 (9:41:55 PM): round 3: sonic the hedgehog 2(yes the genesis one), first to finish the zone moves on, i didnt because i got stuck at an upward curve and didnt get enough speed to continue, i drop here
finaldragoon77 (9:42:51 PM): round 4: dr. mario(getting obscure here), first to fill up opponents zone wins, you get the gist
Akira772 (9:43:27 PM): dr. mario...
finaldragoon77 (9:43:30 PM): round 5: power stone 2, only 3 left now, first to die is out, yeah yeah
Akira772 (9:43:48 PM): Final round?
finaldragoon77 (9:43:59 PM): doa extreme beach volleyball...
Akira772 (9:44:14 PM): Are you serious?
finaldragoon77 (9:44:16 PM): yes
finaldragoon77 (9:44:17 PM): i am
Akira772 (9:44:19 PM): ....
Akira772 (9:44:25 PM): ....
Akira772 (9:44:27 PM): .....
Akira772 (9:44:29 PM): ......
finaldragoon77 (9:44:35 PM): and the organizer of the tournament is a woman
Akira772 (9:44:36 PM): WTF MATE?!
finaldragoon77 (9:44:43 PM): ya
finaldragoon77 (9:44:44 PM): i know
finaldragoon77 (9:45:11 PM): winner i think got first 2 seasons of robotech on dvd boxsets and some other goodies
finaldragoon77 (9:46:00 PM): so after all of that is done i meet up with some friends who managed to make it
Akira772 (9:46:33 PM): DAMNIT! I should've gone. I could've won...
Akira772 (9:46:46 PM): So you had a gay orgy with your friends?
finaldragoon77 (9:46:59 PM): there was a female friend in the crowd
Akira772 (9:47:13 PM): Oh
Akira772 (9:47:23 PM): So what'd you do?
finaldragoon77 (9:47:23 PM): so if youre gonna use a sexual term itd be more of a bukkake
Akira772 (9:47:25 PM): LARP?
Akira772 (9:47:28 PM): Heh
Akira772 (9:47:33 PM): Didn't think of that
finaldragoon77 (9:48:01 PM): so yeah we hang out enojy the fun, check out the vendor room, then time approaches for the Amano panel
finaldragoon77 (9:48:09 PM): i...couldnt get in
finaldragoon77 (9:48:21 PM): it filled up an hour early
Akira772 (9:48:47 PM): damn
finaldragoon77 (9:48:57 PM): so i just decide to call my mom asking to go home on day 2 since there was nothing good on day 3 for me to go see
finaldragoon77 (9:49:03 PM): i use said time to spend
finaldragoon77 (9:49:18 PM): i buy loot
finaldragoon77 (9:49:22 PM): i are happy
Akira772 (9:49:27 PM): What'd you buy?
finaldragoon77 (9:49:30 PM): hmm
finaldragoon77 (9:49:32 PM): lemme remember
Akira772 (9:49:35 PM): heh
finaldragoon77 (9:49:44 PM): naruto metal forehead protector
finaldragoon77 (9:50:12 PM): FMA statuette of Ed
finaldragoon77 (9:50:31 PM): 2 wallscrolls, 1 FMA 1 Naruto
finaldragoon77 (9:50:43 PM): 2 star ocean collection cds
finaldragoon77 (9:50:59 PM): naruto hand protectors
finaldragoon77 (9:51:03 PM): and pocky
Akira772 (9:51:13 PM): wow...
finaldragoon77 (9:51:23 PM): ?
Akira772 (9:52:39 PM): And how much did you spend?
finaldragoon77 (9:53:35 PM): $150 at least
finaldragoon77 (9:53:44 PM): rest had to go for taxi and pizza
Akira772 (9:54:08 PM): guh
finaldragoon77 (9:54:15 PM): ?
finaldragoon77 (9:54:24 PM): i had a $200 limit ok
Akira772 (9:55:50 PM): No, I mean that's a lot
finaldragoon77 (9:57:33 PM): so did i get good loot for price said?
finaldragoon77 (9:58:04 PM): oh yeah
finaldragoon77 (9:58:13 PM): i was suprised how much pr0n was for sale
finaldragoon77 (9:58:37 PM): ...at 1 booth
finaldragoon77 (9:58:53 PM): 1 box doujinshi, 1 box yaoi and yuri
Akira772 (9:59:34 PM): And you didn't buy any?
finaldragoon77 (9:59:40 PM): i was broke
Akira772 (9:59:40 PM): Fo shame my nizzle
Akira772 (9:59:44 PM): ah
finaldragoon77 (10:00:06 PM): the gundam seed yaoi doujin with kira and athrun on the cover scared me too much
Akira772 (10:01:35 PM): uhhhhhh
finaldragoon77 (10:01:42 PM): i was thinking "hmm gundam seed doujin...wait...athrun is looking at kira in an oddly lustful way...o.O yaoi....must burn....."
finaldragoon77 (10:02:05 PM): so yeah
finaldragoon77 (10:02:25 PM): and whats with those statuettes of the hot anime chicks
finaldragoon77 (10:02:33 PM): with visible panties
Akira772 (10:02:53 PM): Dude...
finaldragoon77 (10:03:18 PM): sorry, i only know of the nude ones zechs linked to me one day
Akira772 (10:04:28 PM): It's Japan
Akira772 (10:04:35 PM): Of course they make stuff like that
Akira772 (10:04:41 PM): Men
Akira772 (10:04:41 PM): No
Akira772 (10:04:44 PM): Otaku
finaldragoon77 (10:04:47 PM): and hello kitty dildos
Akira772 (10:05:03 PM): Yeah, and they have those.
Akira772 (10:05:20 PM): Otaku need statues like that
Akira772 (10:05:24 PM): To survive
Akira772 (10:05:34 PM): Because they're pathetic and wimpy like that
finaldragoon77 (10:05:40 PM): wouldnt that be a little painful on the wang?
Akira772 (10:05:47 PM): You know what I mean
finaldragoon77 (10:05:58 PM): fellatio?
Akira772 (10:06:05 PM): No.
Akira772 (10:06:25 PM): They have body pillows for those needs
Akira772 (10:06:42 PM): The things you discover from Megatokyo and J-List...
Akira772 (10:06:47 PM): Yes, Megatokyo.
Akira772 (10:08:02 PM): So yeah
Akira772 (10:08:07 PM): In all...
Akira772 (10:08:16 PM): How would you sum up the experience?
finaldragoon77 (10:08:29 PM): great
Akira772 (10:08:39 PM): Nerdgasmtasticaltitilating?

THat works.
finaldragoon77 (10:08:46 PM): made me feel...not alone in my tastes of hobbies
finaldragoon77 (10:08:49 PM): and yes
finaldragoon77 (10:08:55 PM): nerdgasmtastic
Akira772 (10:10:24 PM): Hmm
Akira772 (10:10:31 PM): Alright, so here's the other big question
finaldragoon77 (10:10:37 PM): ?
Akira772 (10:10:52 PM): finaldragoon77: im prolly gonna be spending so much time nerdgasming that i wont have much time to ogle the local chixorz
Akira772: so basically what you're saying is you'll be distracted by the anime girls and won't notice the real ones?
finaldragoon77: or the real dressed up like the anime girls
finaldragoon77: tis quite a paradox there
finaldragoon77 (10:11:25 PM): yes there were quite the amount of hot chixor cosplayers
finaldragoon77 (10:11:40 PM): and i didnt even attempt to score
Akira772 (10:11:42 PM): And did you hit on-
Akira772 (10:11:45 PM): gah
finaldragoon77 (10:11:55 PM): i was afraid to ask
Akira772 (10:11:59 PM): ...
finaldragoon77 (10:12:54 PM): what?
Akira772 (10:13:19 PM): Fear is an illusion
Akira772 (10:13:22 PM): Well
Akira772 (10:13:26 PM): In this case it is
Akira772 (10:13:46 PM): an illusion that's east to walk through
Akira772 (10:13:56 PM): Even though it may not appear to be so
Akira772 (10:13:58 PM): *easy
finaldragoon77 (10:58:55 PM): quick
finaldragoon77 (10:59:04 PM): i need flash movies of humor to watch
Akira772 (10:59:10 PM): uhhh
Akira772 (10:59:14 PM): Lacking those
finaldragoon77 (10:59:23 PM): amvs of kickass proportions?
Akira772 (10:59:27 PM): nope
finaldragoon77 (10:59:35 PM): you suck
finaldragoon77 (11:00:46 PM): dont you know any?
finaldragoon77 (11:03:07 PM): yay
finaldragoon77 (11:03:10 PM): oh happy day
finaldragoon77 (11:03:24 PM): did you ever have techtv?
Akira772 (11:03:29 PM): i have it
finaldragoon77 (11:03:46 PM): then you remember TSS before it got raped into what it is
finaldragoon77 (11:04:12 PM): http://www.leoville.com/blog/
finaldragoon77 (11:04:23 PM): leo got the old cast together for radio shows
finaldragoon77 (11:07:25 PM): no comments?
Akira772 (11:07:45 PM): TSS?
finaldragoon77 (11:07:58 PM): The Screen Savers
Akira772 (11:08:09 PM): Ohhh
finaldragoon77 (11:08:12 PM): yknow before the G4 takeover
Akira772 (11:08:16 PM): Ah
finaldragoon77 (11:08:31 PM): this is topicworthy ^_^
Akira772 (11:09:19 PM): Blargh
Ice cream has this erotic sense to it- kinda like the one choclate and strawberries have.
PostTue Apr 26, 2005 1:11 am
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Joined: Nov 07, 2002
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rednekbob9: 4kids has the rights to the One Piece music
rednekbob9: including the OP
Zechs875: than why do they rape my ears with the opening they broadcast
rednekbob9: because kids like them raps
Zechs875: it makes me sick to my stomach like I want to find a small dog and just stab it in the eye
rednekbob9: yo ho ho he took a bite of gum gum
Zechs875: I'll kill you
Zechs875: I will do it
Zechs875: I have nothing left to live for after hearing that song
rednekbob9: ya yo ya yo
Zechs875: *holds up stabbing knife*
rednekbob9: ...that's the rubber knife, right?
Zechs875: if I rub it on your skin hard enough it'll eventually hurt...
PostSat May 07, 2005 9:37 pm
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rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
not much laaaaady
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:

rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
do you have a gf now?
Jkyle.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
good one
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
do you?
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
mean, but a good on
Jkyle.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
why do ya ask... got any OMGPlans?
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
nah, just wondering
Jkyle.com says:
are you suuuuuuuuuuure?
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
there you go
Jkyle.com says:
breaking my black dead heart again
Jkyle.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
I already have a bf
Jkyle.com says:
he means NOTHING to you
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
and it's been my longest relationship
Jkyle.com says:
how can he?
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
because he knows not eh difference between Shining Wizard and Shining Black
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
no way
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
I'm fo realz
Jkyle.com says:
I've seen Great Muta DO those moves
Jkyle.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
and he invented them
Jkyle.com says:
the choice is clear
Jkyle.com says:
the one you belong with is, you guessed it....
Jkyle.com says:
Frank Stallone
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
uh huh
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Oh, J I wanted to ask you...
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Do you know how to turn a wav file to a mp3 file?
Jkyle.com says:
I was really hoping for a better question than that
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
I'm sorry
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
I dont know
Jkyle.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
there was a slah thread that talked about this
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
well, nevermind.
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
dont bother.
Jkyle.com says:
search for Audacity I think it's called
Jkyle.com says:
I used to use Hip Hop Ejay to encode wavs as mp3s
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Oh, i see.
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
more importantly....
Jkyle.com says:
what... quantum malfunctioning reality shift could cause me to have a girlfriend?
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
omg. it was just a simple question
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
silly ass
Jkyle.com says:
no it was a class A Ziing
Jkyle.com says:
like asking a blind man if he'd seen the news lately
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
oh hush
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
I havent talked to Zak in a while.
Jkyle.com says:
like telling a man dying in the desert that the water's fine
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
oh hush
Jkyle.com says:
Xak has personal shite going
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
I know he found a hott chick
Jkyle.com says:
him and AZN girl are broken up
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
he had an azn girl?
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
I so do not know whats going on.
Jkyle.com says:
it's obviously your bf's fault
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
you know what's sad, KatFan has trying to get a hold of me.
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
like e-mailing me and stuff
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
*has been
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
foolish man can not out collect me on collecting pictures of you
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
he thinks im fake
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
well, he did.
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
but w/e
Jkyle.com says:
only certain parts of you are fake
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
So uh...what If I told you I'm engaged now?
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
J I'm engaged
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
....Is what I would be saying If I was really engaged
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Jkyle.com says:
I'd say get a prenup if you're richer than him
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
im not.
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
You know who I havents talked with in a while....
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
That Skittles girl.
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:

rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
yay @ me and my english
Jkyle.com says:
non ya @ my life's distinct lack of skittles
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
Well, anyway I gotta go make some calls.
rebel_queen@hotmail.com says:
talk to you later
Jkyle.com says:
always leaving me
JKyle.com (Because bad things happen to good people)
Cast in the Name of God
Ye Not Guilty
PostMon May 09, 2005 6:03 am
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I was doing some spring cleaning and I found this in my old 6GB HD

Akira772: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem &item=2412815971&category=6445
Akira772: we should buy that
Lunacite: um, no
Akira772: Why not?!
Akira772: That'd be awsome!
Lunacite: cuz thats queer
Akira772: How is it queer?
Lunacite: its totally pointless
Akira772: No it's not
Akira772: It's a dune buggy
Akira772: Made from a corolla
Akira772: It'd be fun
Akira772: Driving that throught the streets...
Lunacite: you CANT
Akira772: In the trunk area you could mount a weapon or item of some sort. It's street legal
Lunacite: not if you mount a WEAPON ON IT
Akira772: Okay, how bout Ben's CPS 2500?
Akira772: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem &item=2412734748&category=6057
Akira772: We could make it look like the Duke's car in Escape from New York
Lunacite: I'll sell you that movie for $10
Akira772: no
Akira772: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem &item=2412837290&category=6466
Akira772: That would work
Lunacite: every consecutive time you hit enter to send a message, you esablish the fact that you're continually getting dumber
Akira772: lol
Akira772: Okay, here's car that's not a corolla dune buggy or a pimpmobile: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem &item=2412304446&category=31830
Akira772: What about this? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem &item=2411932575&category=6728
Akira772: It could be the official vehicle of the sci-fi club
Lunacite: remember what i said about you getting dumber?
Akira772: This one's a good idea!
Lunacite: no
Akira772: YOu don't want to travel with the Krew in style?
Akira772: ROFLMAO!
Akira772: That would be a great bus for the krew to own
Akira772: We could paint "L337 Krew" on the side
Akira772: And then we mount a minigun on top
Akira772: And take it to Iraq
Akira772: To fight the millitia
Akira772: Are you listening to me?
Lunacite signed off at 3:02:34 PM.
PostSun May 22, 2005 6:04 pm
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That is over two years old. He must've sent it to you in an attempt to make me look like an idiot.
Ice cream has this erotic sense to it- kinda like the one choclate and strawberries have.
PostSun May 22, 2005 7:18 pm
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Ah, another greeting with Tyler

gfpaperboy22: hey sparky
rednekbob9: who let you in here
gfpaperboy22: i whored myself to the door man
gfpaperboy22: anyways
rednekbob9: again?
rednekbob9: fool
gfpaperboy22: once you've had fat you never go back
PostWed May 25, 2005 4:16 pm
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A friend of mine and I had a discussion about our likes and dislikes in hentai, and it eventually turned into this. I'll be turning this into an in-progress list in the John Bono thread soon enough. I expect you all to participate.

eyebrowsoffire: i have never seen a hentai where the issue of pregnancy was brought up
eyebrowsoffire: not that i really care either way
eyebrowsoffire: but i just find it interesting that not a single hentai i have seen where the guy definitely finishes while he's inside her do they even talk about like "oh im on birth control" or like "oh shit, i might get pregnant" or anything like that
JBSSatchmo: I've seen mention of a safe day twice in all that I've seen.
JBSSatchmo: And mention of a condom once (and they actually used it, too).
eyebrowsoffire: i think you've seen considerably more hentai than i
JBSSatchmo: I need to assemble a list of hentai cliches.
JBSSatchmo: 1) Condoms don't exist. Ever. Anywhere. It doesn't matter if it's modern day Japan, or thousands of years in the future. No one has ever stopped to consider the most primitive form of barrier contraceptive.
eyebrowsoffire: lol
JBSSatchmo: 2) Every girl in the universe is on birth control. This is why no one ever gets pregnant unless they want to, and why... 3) No woman ever gets too upset when she is raped. They'll just kind of shrug it off, consider it a sign of the times, or accept it as an occupational hazard. Almost never will the police ever get involved, even if the rape is publicly known.
JBSSatchmo: 4) Unless of course, they are a sex slave, at which point the entire hentai centers around a perverse world where an indebted or blackmailed woman is forced to have sex with at least three separate men.
eyebrowsoffire: how about "it is required for every consenting woman in the universe to request for the man to 'come inside her'
eyebrowsoffire: or "the only way any sort of financial debt is solved by becoming a sex slave for eternity"
JBSSatchmo: 5) In such a situation, the girl will never call the police, or even contact anyone outside of her immediate circle of friends. It's her business and her business alone.
JBSSatchmo: I like that second one.
JBSSatchmo: And the first.
JBSSatchmo: 5) Also in said situation, the hentai will start of rather tame, with a bit of light bondage and forced oral sex. By the third episode, the girl should have enough beatings that no man would ever hit that, and poop will have inexplicably shown up at least once.
JBSSatchmo: 6) Japanese men have a poop fetish.
JBSSatchmo: 7) Japanese men have a High School girl fetish.
eyebrowsoffire: lol
eyebrowsoffire: i have never accidently downloaded scat
eyebrowsoffire: and been like, eww
JBSSatchmo: 8 Japanese men have a Middle School girl fetish.
eyebrowsoffire: the closest thing was, bible black had that scene where they pumped a girl full of water, but there really wasnt poop
eyebrowsoffire: and they had a similar scene as one of the eps of cool devices, but it never got really gross
JBSSatchmo: 9) No male doctor will ever look out for the best interests of his patients. His single goal is to turn every nurse (and some times patient) under his charge into his personal sex slave.
eyebrowsoffire: well, i mean, pumping a girl's ass full of water is pretty gross, but you know what i mean
JBSSatchmo: (yes, I know what you mean. The scary part is that Jamie wasn't disturbed at all by that scene.)
JBSSatchmo: 10) If the main character is a male, he will have sex with at least five separate woman by the time the hentai is over. If the main character is female, the number shale be three. Unless of course it is a "true love hentai."
eyebrowsoffire: lol
eyebrowsoffire: true love hentai, heh
eyebrowsoffire: those are typically pretty tame
eyebrowsoffire: either that or its like, just retarded by the end
eyebrowsoffire: did you ever see
eyebrowsoffire: damn what was that one called
eyebrowsoffire: lemme think
eyebrowsoffire: crap
eyebrowsoffire: its where this kid is really rich
eyebrowsoffire: and his dad hires this maid
eyebrowsoffire: and has sex with the maid
eyebrowsoffire: and then the kid falls in love with the maid
eyebrowsoffire: blah blah
eyebrowsoffire: you ever see this?
eyebrowsoffire: it sounds pretty cliched actually now that i read my own description
JBSSatchmo: 11) (true love hentai rule) If any male character falls in true love with any girl, he will immediately drop his entire sex life to sleep with exactly one more woman before he goes with the one to which his heart truly belongs. It doesn't matter, however, if he was the biggest playboy in hentai. This will bet at most her second lover.
JBSSatchmo: I Think I've seen it.
eyebrowsoffire: wait no
eyebrowsoffire: that last part
eyebrowsoffire: This will bet at most her second lover.
eyebrowsoffire: no, no
eyebrowsoffire: she could have definitely been a sex slave to 200 men
eyebrowsoffire: and he had to save her from it
JBSSatchmo: 12) (the obligatory cat girl rule) If you ever see a cat girl, she will be a main character, and she will have sex at least twice.
eyebrowsoffire: i've seen that kinda thing a lot
eyebrowsoffire: lol
JBSSatchmo: I'll be sure to remember that part.
JBSSatchmo: It will be at most her second consentual partner.
JBSSatchmo: Let's see, what else?
eyebrowsoffire: ok
eyebrowsoffire: wee need to have some dickgirls rules
eyebrowsoffire: how about
eyebrowsoffire: "when someone discovers that a girl they know has a penis and a vagina, it will take them a maximum of five seconds to get used to this idea"
JBSSatchmo: Awesome!
eyebrowsoffire: oh ,dude
eyebrowsoffire: have you ever seen la blue girl?
eyebrowsoffire: i saw like, the first 15 seconds
eyebrowsoffire: and the idea was just to goddamn stupid for me to keep watching
eyebrowsoffire: i think
eyebrowsoffire: if that's the one where the ninjas try to have sex with each other and make each other come the fastest or something
JBSSatchmo: (The media destandardization act rule) You will never find a hentai in a standard Avi, MPEG, or .mov format. It will always be encoded in some obscure DivX (or XviD) codec, if not an ogm or mkv file. You will have to sift through the internet for hoursi finding the appropriate codecs/programs to view this hentai, simply because no one ever bothered to make a website on how the best ways to view hentai. This rule is fast becoming obsolete, as every thread on box torrents has at least one person linking to the VideoLan player. At least the VideoLan player makes it harder to view henai than Windows Media Player.
JBSSatchmo: I think you're right there.
eyebrowsoffire: dude, that was just to goddamn stupid to follow
eyebrowsoffire: when you watch hentai, you have to put up with some dumbass plots
eyebrowsoffire: but i have my limits
JBSSatchmo: Any matter of chance or fate (or even whim) will be decided by a sex contest, no matter how inappropriate the circumstances. An entire army will camp out for the night while two generals try to make eachother orgasm first. Gods will cease fire, angels and demons will stop fighting eachother. Nintely percent of the time, all parties involved will forgive eachother, just because two people (or a small group) had sex.
eyebrowsoffire: lol
eyebrowsoffire: that's a good one
eyebrowsoffire: dude, i was reading a hentai once
JBSSatchmo: There is always time for sex. The entire space-time continuum will shut down if need be, to accomidate a lovers' romance. It doesn't matter if there's a high speed chase going on, if people's lives are in danger, or even if a party is in direct combat. Everyone will drop what they're doing until an orgasm happens, even if it's against their best interest.
eyebrowsoffire: and i came up with the greatest line someone should say while reading hentai in a movie
eyebrowsoffire: (lol, that's good)
eyebrowsoffire: the line is:
eyebrowsoffire: "Man, why didn't she summon her goddess guardian BEFORE she got raped by that guy's dog?"
eyebrowsoffire: its like, yeah
eyebrowsoffire: the person is definitely readin hentai who says that
eyebrowsoffire: i think that was like, silky whip something or other
eyebrowsoffire: but im not sur
JBSSatchmo: Every woman wants to give head. Despite the fact that penises are monstrously huge, and probably won't fit into a girl's mouth, even if men have just put their penis in three different woman, any girl is willing to cram that sack of flesh and blood into her mouth, and will let him come in her mouth if asked.
eyebrowsoffire: even if she is getting raped
eyebrowsoffire: or also like
eyebrowsoffire: the maximum amound of time a guy gives head is 7 seconds
eyebrowsoffire: wait, gives head
eyebrowsoffire: dammit
eyebrowsoffire: i mean, goes down on a girl
eyebrowsoffire: whatever
JBSSatchmo: (Law of exaggeration) Everything is bigger in Texas. And Japan. And anywhere in the universe. Women's breast sizes at at least two cups bigger in hentai than the real world average, some laughably huge. A girl with 38Cs will blush when someone points out their (puny breasts). The same holds true for men. No penis is ever shorter than 8 inches, and a character will pull out a 10-incher to believe he is average sized. A small exception is made to this rule for children, who will still often have exaggerated sexual organs, simply to make it feel less like pedephilia.
eyebrowsoffire: lol
eyebrowsoffire: true
JBSSatchmo: The skimpier a girl's outfit, the higher the chance she weilds a large mallet.
eyebrowsoffire: isnt that anime in general?
JBSSatchmo: Yeah--you're right.
JBSSatchmo: If there isn't a sex scene in the first ten minutes of the first episode, don't expect more than two real sex scenes an episode.
eyebrowsoffire: lol
eyebrowsoffire: truth
eyebrowsoffire: however, if it opens with a sex scene
eyebrowsoffire: expect there to be 10 minutes of ho hum plot development in the middle
JBSSatchmo: No dickgirls are sexually attracted to men. They could've been the straightest arrow before they picked up their companion, but as soon as they pick up a gender, it's women only.
eyebrowsoffire: lol
eyebrowsoffire: yeah...
eyebrowsoffire: oh dammit
eyebrowsoffire: i had one, but forgot it
eyebrowsoffire: oh yeah
eyebrowsoffire: something to do with the fact that men produce gallons and gallons of semen per orgasm
JBSSatchmo: No dickgirl is simply a hermaphrodite. Magical powers, or at least high technology will be behind all artificial genitals.
eyebrowsoffire: yes
JBSSatchmo: I'll have to remember that.
JBSSatchmo: Fluids in general.
eyebrowsoffire: yes
eyebrowsoffire: oh yeah
eyebrowsoffire: if a girl wants to have sex with a man
eyebrowsoffire: she will produce vast amounts of sexual fluids as much as, but not limited to, gallons
eyebrowsoffire: and an amendment to teh dickgirl one
eyebrowsoffire: at least 50% of all dickgirls have magically disappearing and reappearing dicks
JBSSatchmo: Every girl in existence loves anal sex whether she realizes it or not.
eyebrowsoffire: lol
eyebrowsoffire: yes
JBSSatchmo: Sexually transmitted diseases don't exist.
eyebrowsoffire: lol
eyebrowsoffire: yeah i guess taht works
JBSSatchmo: Unless an animal is plot critical, or is only seen as atmophereic background, someone will at some point have sex with it.
eyebrowsoffire: if a seemly unimportant character is brought attention to at all in the anime, they will have sex at least once
JBSSatchmo: If a girl has an unnatural character, she will get laid at least once.
JBSSatchmo: Not in DVine love, my friend!
eyebrowsoffire: oh, under any cases where an animal does have sex, the animal is rigorously attracted to humans, regardless of the fact that they are ridiculously out of their species
eyebrowsoffire: DVine love?
JBSSatchmo: Watch it.
JBSSatchmo: Best Hentai ever.
eyebrowsoffire: ok, someday
eyebrowsoffire: a teacher always cares less about his/her job than sex
JBSSatchmo: Loss of virginity is always accompanied by more loss of blood than the human body has. Despite this, and the massive amount of pain, every girl loves their first time and can't wait to do it again.
This space left intentionally blank.
PostSun Jun 05, 2005 4:09 am
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Hard to follow up an in-depth discussion on hentai, but here's a little exchange between Zechs and myself. Just about everything Zechs said, and a few of the things I said were in the max font size AIM allows. Kinda loses the effect when it's small.

Akira772: MAN PORN!!!
Zechs875: WOMAN PORN
Zechs875: !!!
Zechs875: forgot those
Akira772: That just doesn't have the same ring to it
Zechs875: CHICK PORN
Zechs875: BABE PORN
Zechs875: nope you're right
Zechs875: B00bies
Zechs875: there, better
Akira772: I'm going to quote you on that
Zechs875: (=====3
Zechs875: Normal
Zechs875: (============================================================== =========================3
Zechs875: When I talk like this
Zechs875: That's a 600% INCREASE in internet penis size
Zechs875: and it can all be your for A BUCK-


Zechs875: ET OF MONEY
Akira772: lol
Zechs875: I'm going to go watch The Life Aquatic with Bill Murray
Zechs875: Now
Zechs875: Right this very second
Akira772: You can go back to normal text
Zechs875: as we speak in the future which is the time I watch The Life Aquatic with Bill Murray
Zechs875: that time being soon
Akira772: ...
Zechs875: not now
Zechs875: but after now
Zechs875: but before tommorow
Zechs875: sometime in the future that is a minute from now
Zechs875: In a place that's not very far from here
Zechs875: which is actually quite close
Zechs875: and not a great distance at all
Akira772: You know...
Zechs875: YES?
Zechs875: I know everything
Zechs875: I already know that
Zechs875: DUG
Zechs875: *DUH
Zechs875: ************* ************* *****
Zechs875: Look at my little dudes
Zechs875: it's like a fuckin' army
Akira772: ...
Zechs875: ************* ************* ************* ************* ************* ************* ************* ************* ************* ************* ************* *
Zechs875: but I need Artillary
Akira772: My head is starting to spin from the huge text...
Zechs875: <(00<) GO FORTH KIRBYS
Akira772: ...
Zechs875: <(00<)<(00<)<( 00<)<(00<)<(00 <)<(00<)<(00<) <(00<)<(00<)<( 00<)<(00<)<(00 <)<(00<)<(00<) <(00<)<(00<)<( 00<)<(00<)<(00 <)
Zechs875: FEAR TEH WrAth!
Akira772: ENOUGH!
Zechs875: k
Akira772: GaahhH!
Akira772: My brain is broken
Akira772: The big text does that to me
Akira772: I don't know why
Zechs875: NOT SUCKA
Zechs875: Ha
Zechs875: ...
Akira772: ...
Zechs875: Wait for it
Zechs875: ...
Zechs875: .
Zechs875: ...
Zechs875: HA!
Zechs875: there I'm done
Zechs875: almost
Zechs875: and....done
Zechs875: That was fun
Ice cream has this erotic sense to it- kinda like the one choclate and strawberries have.
PostSun Jun 05, 2005 4:03 pm
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...Actually, here's a recent discussion on hentai with our favorite for-some-reason-always-depressed-guy-from-Arizona, FDD. And yes, this is a double post.

finaldragoon77: hey
Akira772: hey
finaldragoon77: whats up
Akira772: just watched clone wars on CN
Akira772: Bad animation. Good story.
finaldragoon77: bah
finaldragoon77: how dare you criticize the art style
Akira772: Because it sucks
Akira772: Not everyone likes it
Akira772: And Samurai Jack was lame
finaldragoon77: i love the art style, couldnt stand samurai jack's ungodly slow pacing
Akira772: If they'd wanted to do it right...
Akira772: They would have used a late 80s-early-mid 90's style
Akira772: Or anime style- not in the Teen Titans way either.
finaldragoon77: meh, most 80's 90's animation styles got dated real fast
Akira772: I don't know... Shows like Captain Planet and Ninja Turtles still look pretty good. We won't talk about the actual content of those shows. Compared to all the new crap that CN, Disney, and Nick put out...
finaldragoon77: all i know is
finaldragoon77: outside of nick shows, there were only 2 animated series i watched whenever i could during the 90s
Akira772: Angry Beavers?
finaldragoon77: outside of nick shows fool
Akira772: Ohhh
Akira772: Oops
Akira772: Misread
finaldragoon77: ....
Akira772: Which ones?
finaldragoon77: spider-man and beast wars
Akira772: Because pretty much everything those three channels put out sucked. The only good cartoons were the ones they picked up from other sources.
finaldragoon77: well
finaldragoon77: when did nick go to the crapper?
Akira772: Around the mid-90s
Akira772: When shows like Salute Your Shorts, You Can't Do that on Television, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and other shows were axed in favor of cartoons.
finaldragoon77: the first cartoon sign was when they gave disney the rights to make the second season of Doug
finaldragoon77: god that was horrid
Akira772: heh
finaldragoon77: of course they never gave respect to my favorite nicktoon
Akira772: Which one
finaldragoon77: kablam
Akira772: Ewwwwwww
finaldragoon77: what?
Akira772: Eww
Akira772: Ewe
Akira772: A young sheep
finaldragoon77: aw come on
finaldragoon77: its not that bad
Akira772: Yes it is
finaldragoon77: give me 1 good reason
Akira772: It was lame
Akira772: I remember watching it and saying "this sucks!"
Akira772: And then changing the channel
finaldragoon77: ....
Akira772: Unfortunately, the cable up here didn't include CN unless you bought their "extended" package, which added 10 channels, which most cable companies include with their normal full package
Akira772: So I watched Disney
Akira772: Who had the Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show, along with all the Peanuts specials at the time
Akira772: They also had some of the good Disney cartoons
finaldragoon77: i didnt get cn or disney until '99 so most of my childhood was forced into watching nick
Akira772: ah
finaldragoon77: which reminds me
finaldragoon77: why the hell does gargoyles have such a rabid following?
Akira772: Because it pushed the limits of American cartoons at the time (and still would today).
finaldragoon77: i never got into it because it was shoved way back into the saturday morning that you had to watch a bunch of crap shows to get to it
Akira772: heh
Akira772: Around the time it started, it was a battle between that and Power Rangers among a lot of us, and we agreed Power Rangers was better
finaldragoon77: until they went into space and ditched the last, and my personal favorite ranger, billy
Akira772: I stopped watching in the middle of Zeo
Akira772: But it's funny...
Akira772: Now I'm watching the Sentai shows Power Rangers is based on...
finaldragoon77: god bless japan
Akira772: Just about everything useful comes from Japanese companies... Electronics (except gaming computers), airsoft guns, pencils...
Akira772: Consoles
finaldragoon77: hello kitty dildos for the lonely lady friends
Akira772: ...
finaldragoon77: you know its true
finaldragoon77: youve seen it
Akira772: I know, I know
finaldragoon77: and the body pillows
Akira772: Those are kinda rare in the US
finaldragoon77: anyways
finaldragoon77: your point?
Akira772: GOD HATES YOU!
Akira772: That was my point
finaldragoon77: aww
finaldragoon77: i need ecchi to make me happy right now
finaldragoon77: recommend me an ecchi series to dl
Akira772: Futari Ecchi
Akira772: Borderline Hentai
Akira772: Green Green
finaldragoon77: yuri overtones?
Akira772: Perverse school humor.

No, no yuri overtones in either.
Akira772: All heterosexual
finaldragoon77: boo
Akira772: ....

finaldragoon77: only one ive seen screenshots of lately that has perked my interest was mahoromatic, but its kinda hard to dl that one
Akira772: Japanese men aren't as much into the lesbian thing. They'd rather be the ones doing the *baow!* rather than other women
Akira772: Thus
Akira772: There isn't as much yuri
Akira772: As there is yaoi
finaldragoon77: wait
finaldragoon77: wait
finaldragoon77: wait
Akira772: ?
finaldragoon77: they prefer plowing the field over tribadism?
Akira772: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh
Akira772: You care to break that down into literal terms?
finaldragoon77: male+male anal > vagina grinding?
Akira772: It's the men who like that
Akira772: Unless they're gay of course.
Akira772: It's the women
finaldragoon77: wait
finaldragoon77: then explain how tentacle rape fits in, and i know they used tentacles originally to get around japanese censors
finaldragoon77: well?
Akira772: It's kind of a "male fantasy" type thing
Akira772: You know...
Akira772: Let's say you had multiple wangs...
Akira772: Long ones
finaldragoon77: no
Akira772: You could do things to girls with those
finaldragoon77: for you see
Akira772: And not have to have another man involved
finaldragoon77: the more wangs you have, the more divided amongst those wangs become
finaldragoon77: the pleasure
finaldragoon77: therefore at a certain point, tentacle rape loses all pleasure on the tentacle end
finaldragoon77: and i dont think i wanna do triple penetration on a woman
finaldragoon77: seems a bit wrong
Akira772: meh
Akira772: That's just what I've read
finaldragoon77: sure
finaldragoon77: well
finaldragoon77: explain lolicon
Akira772: Some men like really young girls
Akira772: It's kinda creepy, but it doesn't seem REALLY creepy until they start getting younger than... Maybe 8 or 9
finaldragoon77: and then shotacon, yaoicon, and yuricon?
Akira772: People have their own tastes.
finaldragoon77: uh huh
finaldragoon77: gah
finaldragoon77: i needs me pr0n
Akira772: -_-
finaldragoon77: im running low on hentai i prefer
finaldragoon77: that i can find to dl
finaldragoon77: is this the best hentai review site there is?
Akira772: probably
finaldragoon77: do you know of any other?
Akira772: no...
Ice cream has this erotic sense to it- kinda like the one choclate and strawberries have.
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Music and books. Always an interesting subject to discuss.

finaldragoon77: hey
Akira772: hey
finaldragoon77: i need music
finaldragoon77: i dont have enough
Akira772: What type of music?
finaldragoon77: video game remixes
Akira772: guh
finaldragoon77: what?
finaldragoon77: why must you always criticize me?
Akira772: ...
finaldragoon77: well?
Akira772: VG remixes?
Akira772: WHY?!
finaldragoon77: i like them
finaldragoon77: ok
finaldragoon77: because "real" music sucks 95% of the time
Akira772: .................
finaldragoon77: what did i do to deserve this
finaldragoon77: seriously
finaldragoon77: can i do nothing right to anyone?
Akira772: That's not it
Akira772: It's just that I'm the last person you should be talking to about that kind of music
finaldragoon77: then i guess i know nothing about music
Akira772: Alright
Akira772: Here
Akira772 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\1227_h202.mp3.
Akira772: This is good music
finaldragoon77: sorry for not being ungodly fast on my connection
Akira772: My DSL isn't anything to scream about either
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\1227_h202.mp3.
finaldragoon77: ....
Akira772: What?
Akira772: You got a problem with mid-90s J-pop?
finaldragoon77: i don't care for j-pop that i can't associate anything with
Akira772: This is the song I mentioned I had found a few nights ago.
finaldragoon77: it just seems...meh to me
finaldragoon77: better than almost all of the tripe from this country
Akira772: heh
finaldragoon77: which is sad
finaldragoon77: fine you wanna play the song for song game
finaldragoon77: lemme find one
finaldragoon77 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\download\akira772\Black_-_Opening_t he_Sealed_Door(Terranigma).mp3.
Akira772: Alright, I've prepared a few good songs for your pleasure- none of them j-pop.
Akira772: The represent the height of what American music is
Akira772: Actually I think there's a British song in with them
Akira772: And a German one
Akira772: All of them have had their names removed
Akira772 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\download\akira772\Black_-_Opening_t he_Sealed_Door(Terranigma).mp3.
Akira772 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\Good Damn Music.
Akira772: What game is this from?
finaldragoon77: Terranigma
Akira772: Never heard of it
finaldragoon77: a cult rpg hit on the snes that never came to the states
Akira772: Ah
Akira772: Like a lot of RPGs
finaldragoon77: -_-
Akira772: The US is all about FPSs
finaldragoon77: you should play it sometime
Akira772: And MMOs
Akira772: And for some reason, people here like sports games
Akira772: Which makes no sense at all
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\Good Damn Music\1 (1).mp3.
finaldragoon77: ok song 1 sucks
finaldragoon77: there's no range
Akira772: "1 (1)"
Akira772: ?
finaldragoon77: yes
Akira772: More Than This by Roxy Music
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\Good Damn Music\1 (2).mp3.
Akira772: Keep listening to song 2 until at least 55 secoonds
finaldragoon77: these songs sound like they are from the 80's
finaldragoon77: and they are
Akira772: You know what the second one is?
Akira772: ^_^
finaldragoon77: big trouble in little china
Akira772: Indeed
Akira772: A bad action movie.
finaldragoon77: campy
finaldragoon77: but average at best
Akira772: Yet good at the same time
finaldragoon77: songwise
finaldragoon77: better than rap
Akira772: That isn't hard
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\Good Damn Music\1 (3).mp3.
Akira772: hehehehehe
Akira772: You'll like this one
finaldragoon77: wait...
finaldragoon77: i like the beat
Akira772: Dance music
Akira772: From Germany
Akira772: Turn Me On
finaldragoon77: lyrics are crap
Akira772: By E-Rotic
finaldragoon77: figures
Akira772: All their songs are like this one
finaldragoon77: double entendres with electronic devices?
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\Good Damn Music\1 (4).mp3.
Akira772: Something like that
finaldragoon77: zomg
finaldragoon77: we can dance?!
Akira772: Yes
Akira772: We can.
Akira772: Only if we want to though.
finaldragoon77: good
finaldragoon77: what i meant by my previous comments
finaldragoon77: most of todays music sucks hardcore from this country
Akira772: I know, I know, you say that a lot.
finaldragoon77: if it isnt crap its a crappy remake
finaldragoon77: im a pessismist ^_^
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\Good Damn Music\1 (5).mp3.
finaldragoon77: this guy sounds familiar
Akira772: So what do you think of naked people?
Akira772: Barenaked Ladies for example...
finaldragoon77: canadians...
Akira772: Ah, the late 80s/early 90s...
Akira772: When one million was a lot
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\Good Damn Music\1 (6).mp3.
finaldragoon77: oh...god...no...
Akira772: What?!
Akira772: It's Wilson Phillips!
finaldragoon77: must you make me suffer?
Akira772: With their 1990 single, "Hold On"
Akira772: It's good music!
finaldragoon77: for my mom
Akira772: Can't you imagine a romantic comedy movie
Akira772: Set in Seattle
Akira772: And this was the opening?
finaldragoon77: dramady...bleh
Akira772: ...
finaldragoon77: you know what that almost spells
finaldragoon77: dramamine
finaldragoon77: same effect
Akira772: What, so your mom likes Wilson Phillips?
finaldragoon77: she likes "lite rock"
Akira772: Ah
Akira772: Hey wait a sec...
Akira772: I listen to the light rock radio station
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\Good Damn Music\1 (7).mp3.
Akira772: And sometimes the 80s-90s-now station
Akira772: and the classic rock (70s, 80s) station
finaldragoon77: wang-chung?!
Akira772: Everybody have tonight!
finaldragoon77: why?
Akira772: (everybody have fun tonight)
Akira772: Everybody Wang Chung tonihgt
Akira772: It's a good song
finaldragoon77: why must you make me suffer?
Akira772: It's a good song!
finaldragoon77: cheesy music....
Akira772: It's all about the two key lines...
finaldragoon77: and what the hell is wang chung?
Akira772: Everybody have tonight!
Akira772: Everybody Wang Chung tonight
Akira772: Wang Chung is the group...
Akira772: And it's probably innuendo
finaldragoon77: everything can be skewed into innuendo
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\Good Damn Music\1.mp3.
finaldragoon77: blegh
finaldragoon77: more averageness
Akira772: What a feeling!
Akira772: When we're dancin' on the cieling
Akira772: Dancing on the Cieling by Lionel Richie
finaldragoon77 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\download\akira772\Nightwish - The Kinslayer.mp3.
Akira772: Nightwish eh?
finaldragoon77: to prove im not entirely insane
Akira772: I have their discgography on my iPod...
Akira772: But I haven't listened to it...
finaldragoon77: two words
finaldragoon77: orchestra rock
Akira772: Yeah
Akira772: I've heard a lot of their songs and skimmed through others
Akira772: But it has...
Akira772: I don't know...
finaldragoon77: what about this one?
Akira772: Not "Emo"
Akira772: But something else to it
finaldragoon77: emo?
Akira772: No, it's not emo
Akira772: But I could see emo types liking it
finaldragoon77: what is emo?
Akira772: You don't know what emo is?
finaldragoon77: no
finaldragoon77: cause im an idiot
Akira772: Oh god...
Akira772 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\download\akira772\Nightwish - The Kinslayer.mp3.
Akira772: You really do live in the boonies...
Akira772: Emo kids...
Akira772: Gah
Akira772: Some of them are borderline goths
Akira772: In a nutshell:
Akira772: They think they're "special" and that they have "problems" and tend to be depressed
finaldragoon77: you mean the rich kids who try to act goth and angsty?
Akira772: Some of them are
Akira772: Basically it's another type of student
Akira772: So in school
Akira772: High school anyway
finaldragoon77: listen to the song
Akira772: Been listening to it
Akira772: You have to following types of students
finaldragoon77: yes?
Akira772: Emo, goths, hackers, jocks, preps, anarchists, losers, geeks, nerds, gamers, diplomats, skaters (for christs sake... real "skating" is done on ice or on skates... NOT boards with four wheels), hippies, religious fanatics, cheerleaders, and I think there's at least two more
Akira772: But I can't think of names for them
Akira772: And then there's the "others"
Akira772: And in all these groups, there's crossover
finaldragoon77: geez what kind of school is that
Akira772: But the worst of the groups
Akira772: Is easily the"emo" type
Akira772: That's the stereotypical suburban school
finaldragoon77: yeah i am secluded then
Akira772: Now mine was a bit less than stereotypical
Akira772: Because of the city it was located in and because of the student makeup
Akira772: OH RIGHT!
Akira772: Add wiggers
Akira772: And gangstas
Akira772: to that list
finaldragoon77: my high school had 5 groups
finaldragoon77: jocks, preps, nerds, skater/goth, and mexicans
Akira772: heh
Akira772: Knew that Mexicans was going to be one of the groups
Akira772: skater/goth?
finaldragoon77: not enough of each for their own group
finaldragoon77: and they grabbed the loners
Akira772: So their powers combined...,
Akira772: So wait... You had five groups...
Akira772: Thus...
finaldragoon77: no captain planet references here!!!!!!!!1
Akira772: damn
Akira772: But I had a good one!
finaldragoon77: no
finaldragoon77: dont
finaldragoon77: because if one of the groups is 90% then it isnt really equal now is it
Akira772: Mexicans?
finaldragoon77: exactly
Akira772: Heh
Akira772: Exactly the opposite up here
Akira772: 90% white
Akira772: Thus
Akira772: There was no racial strife
Akira772: Since the whites weren't afraid
finaldragoon77: but enough about high school
finaldragoon77: back to music
Akira772: Hmm
Akira772: AH!
finaldragoon77: here's the thing about music for me
finaldragoon77: i need to associate it with a visual reference
Akira772: ...
Akira772: You can't do that on your own?
Akira772: For example
finaldragoon77: not really
Akira772: The scenario with the Wilson Phillips song... That's the vision I created listening to the song
Akira772: Try to create things like that when you listen to music
Akira772: The mood... The pacing
finaldragoon77: my imagination sucks
finaldragoon77: i must think differently than most people or something
Akira772: The lyrics to some extent, but like a lot of japanese cartoons, i kinda forget what the lyrics are saying and follow the music
Akira772: No, you seem to think like most people
Akira772: At least ones I've talked to
Akira772: My imagination is probably overactive
Akira772: For reasons unknown
finaldragoon77: its the exact same reason i have a hard time reading books
finaldragoon77: i have a low comprehension level
Akira772: Hmm
finaldragoon77: and it doesnt help that the first book you actually dedicate yourself to reading is 1984
Akira772: When did you do that?
finaldragoon77: required for an english class
Akira772: When?
finaldragoon77: high school
finaldragoon77: yep
finaldragoon77: nothing really
Akira772: Not even picture books or comics?!
finaldragoon77: no comic books stores nearby and i was too embarrased to read them
Akira772: ........
finaldragoon77: i was too embarrassed to read anything
Akira772: Why?
Akira772: Because you weren't good at it?
finaldragoon77: that and i could never find anything i was interested in
Akira772: Gaaaaaaahhhhh
Akira772: Your parents never even read to you?!
finaldragoon77: they stopped when i was like 5
Akira772: guh
Akira772: I mean not very often... But say if you were in third or fourth grade... If they read The Hobbit or the Redwall books to you, and you read some of them on your own... That wouldn't be all that strange...
finaldragoon77: redwall?
Akira772: Don't tell me you've never heard of those books...
finaldragoon77: ??
finaldragoon77: well what are they?
Akira772: A series of books
Akira772: About this abbey called Redwall. It's not a religious place, it's more of a place to gain enlightenment and live peaceful if you're a member of the order. But lots of people live there who aren't addressed as "Brother" or "Sister", including families
Akira772: But there's a catch
Akira772: And that's that all the "people"
Akira772: Are animals
finaldragoon77: sounds boring
Akira772: Mice, hares, otters, etc
Akira772: And they have technology...
Akira772: Roughly equal to pre-gunpowder tech
Akira772: And they're actually pretty interesting
Akira772: The books
Akira772: They're well known
finaldragoon77: never heard of them
Akira772: GAAAAHHHH!
finaldragoon77: i didnt even know about animorphs until last year
finaldragoon77: course i was 10 years too late
Akira772: Animorphs?
Akira772: blargh
Akira772: Sucked
finaldragoon77: -_-
finaldragoon77: i read a book by piers anthony
Akira772: Who to the what now?
finaldragoon77: he writes psuedo-erotic fantasy stuff
finaldragoon77: interesting
Akira772: guh
finaldragoon77: but not really my style
Akira772: More for the straight sex?
Akira772: Not just the erotic?
finaldragoon77: erm
Akira772: ?
finaldragoon77: he's part of the whole Xanth universe
Akira772: ...
finaldragoon77: something you dont care for?
finaldragoon77: fine fine
finaldragoon77: get off that book series
finaldragoon77: i guess the only good stuff i have read was the Zahn triology
Akira772: Heir to Empire, etc?
finaldragoon77: i forgot the names of the 3 books
Akira772: Heir to the Empire
Dark Force Rising
The Last Command
Akira772: I think
finaldragoon77: i enjoyed them
finaldragoon77: but even then
finaldragoon77: the only reason i read them was because i had a reference point to draw upon
finaldragoon77: same with LotR
Akira772: guh
finaldragoon77: didnt read the book until after i saw the first movie
Akira772: ...
finaldragoon77: im pitiful arent i?
Akira772: Guh
finaldragoon77: cant even read a book or listen to music with my imagination alone
finaldragoon77: so what do you think?
Akira772: I think you need to read more books
finaldragoon77: yes but what
finaldragoon77: the local library doesnt have much
Akira772: hmm
finaldragoon77: people have said for me to read the HP series
finaldragoon77: but im skeptical
Akira772: Time to sleep

NOTE: The mid-90s j-pop song that I love so much is the first ending to the H2 anime. It's good. It's not like most songs from Japanese cartoons. It makes you feel good.
Ice cream has this erotic sense to it- kinda like the one choclate and strawberries have.
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finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\Good Damn Music\1 (4).mp3.
Akira772: Something like that
finaldragoon77: zomg
finaldragoon77: we can dance?!
Akira772: Yes
Akira772: We can.
Akira772: Only if we want to though.

"When I became a man, I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."- C.S. Lewis
"Superman can't be emo. He can't cut himself."-CP
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Indeed Nobu. We can dance. And here's a brand new chapter of FDD & Greer's MusicFest '05! And also the neverending debate for gamers- is Taki a man?

finaldragoon77: hey
Akira772: quack
finaldragoon77: ?
Akira772: heh
Akira772: Is it a bad thing to have 4.5GB of music downloaded from 2000-2003...
Akira772: 6.5 from 2004
Akira772: And 7.5 for the first seven months of 2005?
finaldragoon77: no
finaldragoon77: whats wrong is the fact that you havent run out of music to dl
finaldragoon77: well?
Akira772: Hmm
Akira772: A lot of it is soundtracks
Akira772: You know... All the CDs from a series
finaldragoon77: i dont get how certain series....no wait ovas even manage to pull out several soundtracks
finaldragoon77: i mean
finaldragoon77: how do you manage to get 3 soundtracks from a 3 episode ova?
Akira772: Good question
Akira772: Some have songs from the VAs
finaldragoon77: which is doable in japan
finaldragoon77: not here
finaldragoon77: i just dont get the whole "character songs" that appear on many soundtracks
finaldragoon77: is it just the va singing a description of the character they voiced?
Akira772: No idea
Akira772: Probably just a way to make money
Akira772: Problem is, a lot of VAs don't have good singing skills
finaldragoon77: but i thought for quite some amount of the female va's in japan doubled as(at some point) pop culture singers
Akira772: I think some of them did
finaldragoon77: i just remembered something i didnt want to
finaldragoon77: *shudder*
Akira772: What?
finaldragoon77: the kigurumi cosplayers....
Akira772: The what?
finaldragoon77: the japanese guys who get in full body suits of female characters
Akira772: Oh god...
Akira772: You mean...
finaldragoon77: this topic reminded me...even if they are just dolls
Akira772: http://www.sabrina.jp/sabrinow2.htm
finaldragoon77: not clicking on yours
Akira772: lol
Akira772: It's not anime sex dolls like those things
finaldragoon77: ....
finaldragoon77: but it does bring up the question
finaldragoon77: how f'd up are japanese males?
Akira772: Well...
Akira772: Let's see
Akira772: Anime sex dolls... Child sex dolls(though that sounds a bit less phucked up) Anime/pornstar body pillows... Anime girl sheets...
Akira772: I mean come on...
Akira772: THye probably love Micheal Jackson
Akira772: The liking of young people and the masks over his face...
Akira772: However
Akira772: I DONT
Akira772: think they're sexually repressed
Akira772: Considering they have all these outlets
finaldragoon77: i get it
finaldragoon77: the women aren't putting out
Akira772: No, that's not it either
finaldragoon77: isn't there some strange trend going on in japan right now where women are waiting almost too long to find someone?
Akira772: No, they're waiting to get married and have kids
Akira772: And I guess they aren't having enough kids
Akira772: Since Japan's population is going to start going down
Akira772: But from what I can tell their population decline is going to be greater than that of a lot of european countries already facing population decline
finaldragoon77: then japan should do the opposite of china
Akira772: Require couples to have several children
Akira772: ?
finaldragoon77: yes
Akira772: Heh
Akira772: I can see it now
Akira772: The Japanese government launching a new campaign
Akira772: "Sex Me Up"
Akira772: They have something going this summer called "Cool Biz"- government employees dree casually so the AC doesn't have to be set as low, thus saving money
finaldragoon77: gee that makes sense
Akira772: So "Sex Me Up" isn't all that unlikely
finaldragoon77: so back to the original point
finaldragoon77: i need music to dl
Akira772: lol
Akira772: That came out of nowhere...
Akira772: So do you want some good examples of music?
finaldragoon77: not this again -_-
Akira772: What?
finaldragoon77: just
finaldragoon77: i have severely different music tastes from many...many people
Akira772: just is doing his thing ahain?
Akira772: Oh
Akira772: Still...
Akira772: Just listen
Akira772: ...Again.
Akira772 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\More Good Damn Music.
Akira772: I'll even pause my seeding of the Patlabor TV series to speed things up
Akira772: There we go
Akira772: All of this music is in english
Akira772: Although not all of it is American
Akira772: Err
Akira772: I take back what I said about english
Akira772: One is not english
Akira772: So what are these music tastes?
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\More Good Damn Music\1 (1).mp3.
finaldragoon77: hmm?
Akira772: Just listen
finaldragoon77: meh
Akira772: Moskau! Moskau!
finaldragoon77: no comment
Akira772: lol
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\More Good Damn Music\1 (2).mp3.
Akira772: This one is better
finaldragoon77: eh
finaldragoon77: sounds like something my dad might listen to while he was getting drunk
Akira772: WHAT?!
Akira772: It's the Barenaked Ladies!
finaldragoon77: but they sound like a 70's folk rock band in this song
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\More Good Damn Music\1 (3).mp3.
Akira772: WHAT?!
Akira772: GAH!
Akira772: Just try the third one
finaldragoon77: trying to sway me with power ballads now?
Akira772: You have a problem with Bon Jovi?
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\More Good Damn Music\1 (4).mp3.
Akira772: Shot through the heart is a great song
Akira772: This 4th one
finaldragoon77: i dont have a problem
finaldragoon77: yayz!
finaldragoon77: <3
Akira772: AH! Finally a postive reaction!
finaldragoon77: cause rockapella pwns
Akira772: Yes they do
Akira772: And the show just made it better
Akira772: So tell me
Akira772: Where in the world IS Carmen Sandiego?
finaldragoon77: which is a better question to ask than...
finaldragoon77: Where in time is Carmen Sandiego?
Akira772: Yes. Agree 100% there.
finaldragoon77: though i always wondered which final game was easier
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\More Good Damn Music\1 (5).mp3.
finaldragoon77: zuh
Akira772: Gorund Control to major FDD...
Akira772: Take your protien pills and put your helmet on...
finaldragoon77: no thanks
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\More Good Damn Music\1 (6).mp3.
finaldragoon77: wtf...
Akira772: King Tut!
Akira772: Born in Arizona, moved the Babylonia
Akira772: *to
finaldragoon77: im not a fan of funk
Akira772: But it's Steve Martin!
finaldragoon77: and?
finaldragoon77: should i care?
finaldragoon77: personally this song is an insult to my state
Akira772: How so?
finaldragoon77 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Desktop\More Good Damn Music\1 (7).mp3.
Akira772: King Tut was a great guy
Akira772: Well...
Akira772: Uhh
Akira772: Just forget I said that.
Akira772: So this last song
finaldragoon77: 80's soft rock
Akira772: Nope
finaldragoon77: smooth -_-
Akira772: It's from 1997
finaldragoon77: then they must've had amnesia for 10 years
Akira772: Well... At least from what the OST for the J-drama "Love Generation" says
Akira772: Not so much says as implies
finaldragoon77: ....
Akira772: All I know is that it was on the show
Akira772: And it's good
Akira772: Can't you imagine...
Akira772: Being in a big city
finaldragoon77: no
finaldragoon77 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\download\akira772\Song of Mana.mp3.
Akira772: With your business suit on
finaldragoon77: umm
Akira772: Going to work
finaldragoon77: you know
Akira772: Early in the morning
finaldragoon77: ive lived in a rural town all my life
Akira772: Stopping at Starbucks on the way
finaldragoon77: how the fsck am i supposed to picture that
Akira772: ...And the largest place I've lived in was
Akira772: Okay, the largest city in the free world that I've lived in was only a city of 250k
finaldragoon77: which is 25 times the population of where i live
Akira772: And the largest American city... Just a medium sized city at the edge of civilization... Not exactly New York or SF
Akira772 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\download\akira772\Song of Mana.mp3.
finaldragoon77: you tell me the language
Akira772: Welsh?
finaldragoon77: sweedish
Akira772: Close
Akira772: Kinda
Akira772: A few hundred miles off
finaldragoon77: the ending theme to Legend of Mana
Akira772: That a game?
finaldragoon77: yes
finaldragoon77: -_-
finaldragoon77: one of the best rpgs on the original playstation
Akira772: ...Excuse me for not being much of a console gamer.
Akira772: ...Even though I could kick your arse in Soul Calibur
Akira772: II
finaldragoon77: ill pwn you with ivy
Akira772: Taki will eat you
Akira772: Even though Ivy = Taki kille
Akira772: r
finaldragoon77: psh, whatever man-crotch
Akira772: You know... The other outfits she has don't have that
finaldragoon77: most casual players dont see her other outfits
finaldragoon77 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\download\akira772\daft punk - human after all - robot rock.mp3.
Akira772: ...
Akira772: Daft Punk... Only good thing from them was One More Time... But back to the subject... ...It really doesn't matter if they don't see them, since you can barely notice the man crotch thing
Akira772: Probably just proctection
Akira772: A cup, if you will
finaldragoon77: blasphemy
finaldragoon77: do not insult Daft Punk like that
Akira772: Techno music is just sorta... "blah"
Akira772: Eurobeat on the other hand...
finaldragoon77: DP just happens to put enough spin on it so as to not make it monotonous drivel
Akira772: You haven't hear "Around the World" have you?
finaldragoon77: ?
finaldragoon77: you think i know music from many places
finaldragoon77: you heard my tastes
Akira772 received C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\My Documents\download\akira772\daft punk - human after all - robot rock.mp3.
finaldragoon77: im practically deaf in terms of music tastes -_-
finaldragoon77: i should just delete all my mp3 and break all my cds because no one else appreciates my tastes in music
Akira772: What sort of music do you have?
Akira772: You have that VG remix stuff
finaldragoon77: hardly any
finaldragoon77: its not really music in most people's eyes
finaldragoon77: because it's either "not original" or "not for the masses"
Akira772: ...
finaldragoon77: it's true
finaldragoon77: if it isnt pop music, no one cares
Akira772: ...
finaldragoon77: just say robot rock sucks and ill continue moping
Akira772: ...
finaldragoon77: what?
Akira772: It's not that great...
Akira772: But you should try to expand your musical tastes
finaldragoon77: ive tried
finaldragoon77: i took a music appreciation class
finaldragoon77: just sat there 90% of the time wondering what the hell am i doing here
finaldragoon77: i mean i really have tried
finaldragoon77: i thought Gorillaz was cool for a while, then they fuck it up and become another goddamn rap group
Akira772: What about foreign music?
Akira772: I hear there's some luftballoons flying around...
finaldragoon77: outside of anime or video game based jpop/rock nothing really
Akira772: And Moskau is a nice city to go visit...
Akira772: MoskauMoskau!...
finaldragoon77: meh
finaldragoon77: my music folder is only 680mb
finaldragoon77: so yeah
finaldragoon77: the musical part of my mind is dead
finaldragoon77: or at least a medical-induced coma
Akira772: Well then...
Akira772: We just need to wake it up, don't we?
finaldragoon77: ive found a niche, just one few if any care for
Akira772: Hmm
finaldragoon77: yes?
Akira772: Expand your horizons
finaldragoon77: -_-
Akira772: ...
finaldragoon77: how?
Akira772: Expand your horizons by listening to other types of music. I started to like 80's after hearing a lot of it, and deciding that it was better than a lot of music out there.
Akira772: I got into j-pop because the song they played in one of the eps of Gundam Wing during it's toonami run sounded interesting, then my friend sent me Just Communication
Akira772: Just listen to stuff
Akira772: Eventually you find stuff you like
finaldragoon77: eventually?
Akira772: Sometimes it takes a while
finaldragoon77: or never
Akira772: -_-
Ice cream has this erotic sense to it- kinda like the one choclate and strawberries have.
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