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Toonami Infolink: TOM Dead

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  TOM Dead Count Dooku departs for the Blessed Realm of Aman

jruff writes "Sir Christopher Lee, who portrayed Count Dooku in Star Wars Episodes II and III and the Clone Wars film, and Saruman in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies, has passed away on Sunday, June 7, at the age of 93. Cause of decease was heart failure. Fare thee well, Darth Tyranus.
  Posted by Daikun on Thursday, June 11 @ 19:06:43 EDT (1075 reads)
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  TOM Dead Welp, we're doomed.

I guess Toonami will be meeting an early grave... Again...

Toonami will be shrinking EVEN FURTHER on February 7. The block will now last from midnight to 3:30.

12:00 - DBZ Kai
12:30 - Kill la Kill
1:00 - Naruto: Shippuden
1:30 - Inuyasha: The Final Act
2:00 - Gurren Lagann
2:30 - One Piece
3:00 - Deadman Wonderland

  Posted by Daikun on Tuesday, January 27 @ 18:51:47 EST (3570 reads)
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  TOM Dead Spirits, I am calling.

Origa (real name: Ol'ga Yakovleva), the singer for the Ghost in the Shell soundtracks--including both seasons of Stand Alone Complex and Solid State Society--has passed away on Saturday at the age of 44 to lung cancer.

  Posted by Daikun on Sunday, January 18 @ 17:31:31 EST (1645 reads)
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  TOM Dead Funeral for Commissioner Gordon

JRuff writes "Bob Hastings, who voiced Commissioner James Gordon in Batman: The Animated Series, has died on July 1 from pancriatic cancer. He was 89 years old.
  Posted by Daikun on Saturday, July 05 @ 18:13:57 EDT (1569 reads)
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  TOM Dead Farewell, Hanna-Barbera Boy Wonder

jruff writes "Casey Kasem, who played Robin in the Hanna-Barbera DC cartoons, has passed away. He was 82 years old."
  Posted by Daikun on Sunday, June 15 @ 16:56:24 EDT (2099 reads)
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  TOM Dead R.I.P. Efram Zimbalist, Jr. (1918-2014)

The man who voiced Alfred in Batman: The Animated Series passed away yesterday, according to a family announcement.

Zimbalist had a long history in TV starting in the late '50s before landing the role of Batman's butler.
That role, he said, "has made me an idol in my little grandchildren's eyes." 

Ours too, my friend.

  Posted by Nobuyuki on Saturday, May 03 @ 13:36:13 EDT (1783 reads)
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  TOM Dead Because YOU Demanded It! Naruto Shippuden on TV [Updated]

Just not on Cartoon Network.

Viz Media has announced that Naruto Shippuden has been acquired by Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group for debut on their Disney XD television channel beginning in October. The actual premiere date has not yet been announced. Daikun informs us that the premiere is set for October 28th at 8:30 PM.

Disney XD's stated target audience is boys ages 6-14, (what we always hoped a full-time Toonami channel could have been, minus the live-action content) and it is hoped that Shippuden will be successful for them.

  Posted by Nobuyuki on Tuesday, September 29 @ 07:12:39 EDT (3442 reads)
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  TOM Dead And Now We're Done...

Elsewhere on the interwebz, "Gary Potter" noticed:

"Toonami Jetstream is now officially dead. toonamijetstream.com [fixed that for you ;)] takes you to a message saying that Naruto has been moved to CN Video and the other shows are all gone. Not only that, but every anime show besides Naruto, Pokémon, and Bakugan has been removed from the CN show pages.

Well, it was fun."

Yeah.. it was, wasn't it?
  Posted by Nobuyuki on Saturday, January 31 @ 00:41:20 EST (8284 reads)
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  TOM Dead A final goodbye.

I've been away for so long that I missed the end. I feel the need to say a few things, no it's not news, it's thanks.

I realized tonight that I've been watching Toonami for nearly 10 years. 10 wonderful years. The block not only reintroduced me to shows I had long forgotten but also brought new ones to my eyes. It showed me that not all anime is garbage (though most still is :p). But most importantly it brought about TDA and it's forums and later, TDI. I remember religiously checking it wanting to keep abreast with all its denizens. From this simple block of cartoons we all were brought together and became friends.

It's these friends who've come and gone, brought drama and humor to the moments of our lives when we were all together, that I want to thank. I will not name any names, for I know I will leave somebody out who I should not but you all know who you are. I do and will treasure the time we've all invested here over the years.

Click read more for one final musing.

  Posted by andromaton on Sunday, November 16 @ 02:30:40 EST (5211 reads)
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  TOM Dead Teen Titans Stop!

Teen Titans fansite TitansGo.net is reporting that production of further seasons of Teen Titans is officially cancelled. TitansGO is also orchestrating a fan-mail campaign to change Cartoon Network's mind regarding this decision.

  Posted by Nobuyuki on Tuesday, November 29 @ 10:32:45 EST (30166 reads)
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