Sailor Moon Uncut Unedited Season One Release or SMUUSOR as I like to call it.
Date: Friday, April 18 @ 11:55:04 EDT
Topic: Release Info

ADV Films today announced a July 15, 2003 release date for Sailor Moon: Season One Uncut, a huge DVD collection of the uncensored original source material for the breakout U.S. hit children’s hit Sailor Moon. The MSRP is $149.98.

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In this English-subtitled, Japanese-language release, ADV Films has returned to the original masters, which include mature content that was excised from the U.S. children’s release, and the original graphic title treatment. The result is a far more sophisticated series, with significantly broadened appeal for mature anime fans. The release (46 episodes, over 1000 minutes total running time) is on eight DVDs in two cases, which are in turn packaged in a handsome, high-quality (“hard”) foil-stamped custom art box.

This is a DVD-only release, including 46 complete episodes on eight DVDs. In Japanese, with English subtitles. DVDs in two four-disc cases, packed in turn in a high-quality (“hard”) foil-stamped custom art box. Includes a printed episode guide and ADV previews.

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