Toonami Referenced in Local Newspaper
Date: Friday, October 24 @ 00:32:19 EDT
Topic: Etc.

The Redlands Daily Facts, a daily newspaper serving Redlands, CA since 1890, referenced Toonami in its review of the video game "Viewtiful Joe." The paragraph with the mention reads:

"The game's cel-shaded visuals also convey more retro sensibilities. "Joe' looks and acts like an old Japanese cartoon show. It has speed lines, "bam' and "pow' sound effects and cheesy dialogue. You'd think you were watching something on "Toonami.'"

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This may not seem like much, but it really shows how Toonami has made it into the mainstream. We are far past the days when Toonami was possibly a failed experiment. Instead the idea of "Toonami" is now even being used outside the realm of cartoons. The writer of the story could have picked a specific cartoon to compare "Viewtiful Joe" to, but instead thought "Toonami" worked better. Furthermore, the writer didn't even feel a need to describe what Toonami is, it is assumed in the article that the readers will understand. Why do people understand? Because the revolution is still being televised.

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