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  Toonami Episode Guide for the Week of May 26th
Posted on Monday, May 26 @ 13:16:40 EDT by KnuxFive

Schedules Here is the schedule for this week's Toonami.

This is it... the final week of G Gundam on Toonami for a while, and it's only 4 episodes to boot. Next week we get the adventures of the Justice League. Also, there's a minute chance of a Rising Sun next week, as He-Man joins Transformers Armada in the mornin. It's a small chance, but if Williams Street still loves us... See ya later Gundam, Yu Yu Hakusho will be joining you off the block in a month.

"Read More" for the episode guide for the episodes airing this week.

Source: Cartoon Network

All new episodes are in bold

Tuesday, May 27th
5.0 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Royal Counterattack! Ambush of the Grand Gundam
5.5 Dragonball Z
Super Moves of Super Gotenks
6.0 Yu Yu Hakusho
Three Monsters
6.5 Rurouni Kenshin
A New Battle

Wednesday, May 28th
5.0 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Wind Towards the Burning Candles! Newsmonkey Becomes Legal

5.5 Dragonball Z
Trapped In Forever
6.0 Yu Yu Hakusho
Gouki and Kurama
6.5 Rurouni Kenshin
Strongest Group of Ninjas

Thursday, May 29th
5.0 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Farewell Master! Master Asia's Last Breath
5.5 Dragonball Z
Feeding Frenzy
6.0 Yu Yu Hakusho
Three Eyes of Hiei
6.5 Rurouni Kenshin
Aoshi, So Beautiful It's Frightening

Friday, May 30th
5.0 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Rain's Crisis! Return of the Dark Gundam
5.5 Dragonball Z
Gotenks is Awesome
6.0 Yu Yu Hakusho
Search Begins
6.5 Rurouni Kenshin
Farewell To The Strongest Man

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