Hasbro has been but Mattel is matt? WEE! MORE BATMAN!
Date: Friday, April 25 @ 04:10:25 EDT
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Mattel has taken up the slack where Hasbro has left off as the new manufacturer of Batman's Animated Action figures series. The first wave of this new release consists of six sets of two action figures in each pack. Batman accompanies six different characters, both good and evil from his extended DC Animated Universe. The initial four to hit the store shelves this past March are 'Battle scarred' Batman vs. Catwoman in her most recent incarnation of the animated style with sleeker lines and the bluish hue to her face.

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This is probably the most authentic likeness of the cartoon Catwoman ever released commercially as it is Spot-On from the television show which is still in syndication on Cartoon Network. As all the Batmanís are the same molded body type for this line, Mattel has decided take a page from Hasbro's Play-book and re-deco [change up paint schemes] with his costume for these six different appearances. As the title of this set describes, Batman's costume seems to have some nasty scratches visible on his arms, legs and stomach area. I guess he refused to give Catwoman a little 'Bat-sugar'.
Next, we have Batman squaring off against the Joker (sku B4890) in his basic black and grey suit with the yellow encircled bat-emblem on his chest. So far, this is the only Batman figure to have the yellow show up on his uniform. Joker looks as if he has stepped right off of Paul Dini's drawing table as the sound of his cackling laughter will linger in the back of your mind as soon as you see this set.

Set three features a two-tone dark and light blue camouflage clad Batman with his original partner Dick Grayson as Nightwing (sku B5902) as he stands in a much more dramatic pose than it's Hasbro predecessors of straight out arms and legs. Nightwing sports his metallic blue-bird chest emblem which glistening off the moonlight as he is at the ready for any mischief to unfold as he watches over a sleeping Gotham City.

The Silvery sheen of Batman's costume in the Batman & Robin pack (sku B4889) complements his younger partner's metallic red-breasted suit and two toned black and yellow cape. This Dynamic Duo really makes the Hasbro assortments seem pale in comparison as the striking pair exemplifies the show's look and feel.
All the caped figures in this line have synthetic material-like capes. Not the plastic or rubber capes we have grown use to since Hasbro re-invented the animated line in the mid-90's.

When perusing the back packaging of these fine assortments, you will notice Batman and Batgirl as well as Batman and Two-face as two packs. These sets will be included in wave two if Mattel feel confident enough in their initial run on the intro set. Who knows, we may see Alfred and Commissioner Gordon appearing by next years Holiday shopping season. Remember, it took Hasbro almost 20 years to put out a Batgirl figure.

Mattel seems to want to deliver the goods within the first year or so. Hats off to Mattel for a job well done and to continued success in what they do best...

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