The revivals just get closer and closer to the '90s...
Date: Monday, January 13 @ 15:37:08 EST
Topic: Etc.

There's been a Thundercats comic. There's been GI Joe comics, along with a Toonami premiere of the show. Transformers... never really left, but there's a G1 comic, along with figure reissues. Battle of the Planets, a show based off the same source material as Toonami's G-Force, has gotten a new comic. The Turtles (Of a Teenage Mutant Ninja kind) have a TV series and figures coming out.

Naturally, the Ghostbusters had to come back.

While it hasn't been announced if it'll be a show, a comic, figures, web-animation, whatever, an announcement will be made in the coming days. Why am I reporting this? Well, if Cartoon Network got the rights to the new (or old) show...

Source: The ultimate Toon Zone and Ghostbusters.Net sites

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