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Joined: Nov 07, 2002
Post subject:
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Okay a while ago the guys and I were planning on creating an increably involved Flash animation featuring Lord Pepito. It basically degenerated into all of us being too lazy to do it cause I pushed us and didnt do any actual work and doug was busy doing stuff and everybody was kung fu fightin....enjoy.

You have just entered room "Pepito BTE Planning stage."finaldragoon77 has entered the room.
Zechs875: ello ello
vgws42 has entered the room.
Zechs875: good
finaldragoon77: eh?
Zechs875: fdd I'm sure you know Jkyle
vgws42: I don't know who I am either
finaldragoon77: ahh
Zechs875: he's the one who gave me hosting
Zechs875: and runs a comic site
Zechs875: and has the psyduck avatar
finaldragoon77: yes
vgws42: PSY?
Zechs875: anyway our current dilema is pepito's creation
Zechs875: how?
Zechs875: here are the options so far
Zechs875: feel free to add
Zechs875: A) victim of experiments from bill gates
Zechs875: B) exposed to some sort of agent weather radioactive, or chemical
Zechs875: or C) the unnatural love child of a router and anna nicole smith
vgws42: there's gotta be a way to work an Inuyasha reference into his origin
Zechs875: no
Zechs875: just
Zechs875: no
vgws42: The Demon Naraku manipulates all
Zechs875: I could have a large box fall on the little fox kid
vgws42: Sheppo's like made of rubber
vgws42: ya can't sqaush him
vgws42: I like A
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz has entered the room.
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: ok then
finaldragoon77: how about he was made one night while steve jobs was drunk
vgws42: Pepito is a mutated form of an early X Box prototype processpr
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: yes
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: thats a good one
Zechs875: steve jobs will be in ther
vgws42: Pepito has the power of X AAAAAAAAND darkness
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: pepito....itl kill u
finaldragoon77: yes steve jobs stole a prototype x-box, got drunk, and....uhh yeah
finaldragoon77: that doesnt sound right
Zechs875: stop killing it
Zechs875: anyway
Zechs875: I want balmer in there
Zechs875: balmer goes in before anyone
Zechs875: and possible sean connery
vgws42: Balmer?
finaldragoon77: steve balmer
finaldragoon77: co-founder of microsoft
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: ...we need more ppl for this
Zechs875: we do
finaldragoon77: maybe he was tired of bill getting all the attention so he and the other steve made up the plan
Zechs875: we have a crew of 7 now
vgws42: Hey I just started brainstorming 15 minutes ago
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: who?
vgws42: It takes a while to storm sometime
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: yes yes...
Zechs875: Doug, Spook, Paperboy, your cousin(if still alive), and whose here
finaldragoon77: hmm
Zechs875: and tyler himself
finaldragoon77: i must find a way to incorporate pr0n into this
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: my cousin is dead...
Zechs875: damn
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: lol
Zechs875: though so
Zechs875: chon never was a smart one
Zechs875: did he get hit by a parked car?
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: yup
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: the big one too
Zechs875: dummy...
Zechs875: let
Zechs875: us have a moment of silent for chon
finaldragoon77: that was after he tripped over a cordless phone right?
Zechs875: hush, dont insult the dead
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz: huh uh...
finaldragoon77: how long have we been silent?
Zechs875: long enough
Zechs875: back to pepito
finaldragoon77: pr0n!
Zechs875: NO
Zechs875: DAMN YOU NO

Zechs875: let me finish before you get uppity
vgws42: *gets uppity*
Zechs875: well we have a good base down..
Zechs875: hey I said stop that
finaldragoon77: mmm box 'o goldfish
vgws42: ok, I'm done
DanDaMan61: there needs to be some kind of prophecy

The rest is just too random for words. Even though it's mainly just alot of random words.
PostWed Aug 04, 2004 5:51 am
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Joined: Nov 07, 2002
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ok.. this is a chat between me and Chon about a year ago.. weird shit happens late at night.. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

PDF Dreadnot: so how did you get cs to work?
Chon Niso: I reformated ;_;
PDF Dreadnot: bummer
Chon Niso: it was about time
PDF Dreadnot: why reformat
Chon Niso: everything was running horrible
Chon Niso: not just CS
Chon Niso: it would take 20 minutes to start up internet explorer
Chon Niso: luckly I still had system stability
Chon Niso: so I was able to salvage teh pr0n!!
PDF Dreadnot: w00t
Chon Niso: besides, my system needed a reformat, kick it in the rear every once in a while
PDF Dreadnot: heh
PDF Dreadnot: you chose a bad night to join bar.. i was playing aweful
Chon Niso: I was playing awful Razz
Chon Niso: I play liek teh n0000000b
PDF Dreadnot: your biggest prob was allt he jumping yuou did
PDF Dreadnot: its not UT2k3
Chon Niso: ... I was playing counter strike?
Chon Niso: I was wondering where the rocket went
PDF Dreadnot: yeah.. i hope you didnt try to nade jump
Chon Niso: Yeah, I cant nade in your server, I tend to be suicidal with them, now that my team can get hit too
Chon Niso: I cant be suicidal >_<
PDF Dreadnot: 3 weeks ago when we were play playground, the CT's wanted to nade rush. I led the charge with my nade primed.. I got killed. My nade killed Anix, and his nade killed Egg.. and HID nade killed the bad guy.
Chon Niso: Razz
PDF Dreadnot: were you suprised when you wasted me on italy?
Chon Niso: very >_<
Chon Niso: I ts supposed to be a joke shot
Chon Niso: and you died o_o
PDF Dreadnot: some joke eh?
Chon Niso: blah, quiet, I didn't know >_<
PDF Dreadnot: it saud this is an FF server 3 times when joining..
Chon Niso: I dont get those messages
Chon Niso: they dont show up
PDF Dreadnot: when joining the server?
Chon Niso: the one inthe beginning I have a tendency to ignore
PDF Dreadnot: ...
Chon Niso: yeah, when I'm joining the server
Chon Niso: are you like, mad? : /
PDF Dreadnot: hell no
PDF Dreadnot: i get tked all the time
PDF Dreadnot: i'm not like all the idiots whoi say "OMFGWTF YOU NUB!!! YOU GAY ASS FAG!!!!!1"
Chon Niso: then I should have waisted you when I had that clear shot Razz
PDF Dreadnot: i played my first game of 1.6 2 days ago
Chon Niso: still laggy?
PDF Dreadnot: it is.. but only the servers
PDF Dreadnot wants to directly connect.
Chon Niso is now directly connected.
PDF Dreadnot:
Chon Niso: they took the weather effects off aztec!!
Chon Niso: you get to use the sheild? Smile
Chon Niso: the thing is a freakin beast in 1.6
PDF Dreadnot: i did on italy.. lets say i made an idiot of my self
PDF Dreadnot: no fucking clue how to use it'
Chon Niso: hehe Smile
Chon Niso: its more for team protection
Chon Niso: its an impenitrable force of nature
Chon Niso: and... it works best on the aztec bridge :p
PDF Dreadnot: but does it have to be all the way up to protect?
Chon Niso: no, but its highly recomended
Chon Niso: because the sheild protection ariea grows about 2 times
Chon Niso: *area
PDF Dreadnot: unti the bastrd runs around ya
Chon Niso: you see, when you take the sheild off and put it to the side, they purpously make the protection area smaller and weeker then when you have it on
PDF Dreadnot: right.. but thats the only way to shoot
Chon Niso: yep
PDF Dreadnot: and telaod
PDF Dreadnot: *relaod
PDF Dreadnot: **reload
Chon Niso: which is why you usally need support when you have the sheild
Chon Niso: its not something you go off on your own with, unless your reeeeallly good with it
PDF Dreadnot: its kinda reminds me...
PDF Dreadnot: of the special responce team in MGS2
PDF Dreadnot: with the ballistic sheilds
Chon Niso: cept you can sorta waist those ^^;;;
PDF Dreadnot: ^-^;
Chon Niso: wait... or am I thinking time crisis?
PDF Dreadnot: and the ct's dont say "Clear"
Chon Niso: which game can you destroy the sheilds? Razz
PDF Dreadnot: the guys in MGS2 are bitches to kill
Chon Niso: aim for the feet... n00b
Chon Niso: Very Happy
PDF Dreadnot: you can destroy the shield.. but it takes a damn clip top do it
PDF Dreadnot: but.. i wanna shoot teh shield
Chon Niso: throw the SUPAR GRANADE AT ET!!11
Chon Niso: well, theres only one thing left to do
Chon Niso: ...
Chon Niso: Onwards, to the quicky mart!
Chon Niso: Wal Mart or Rite Aid?
PDF Dreadnot: neither.. Target
Chon Niso: w00t
Chon Niso: onwards!
Chon Niso:
Target store clerk:...
PDF Dreadnot: lmao
Chon Niso:
Clerk: o_o
* gigantic stupid grin on chons face *
Clerk: um... there in the back?... just dont hurt me... ;_;
Chon: omfg n00b, onwards to the back!!11
PDF Dreadnot: *walking to the back* OMGWTF!!! *stops at the games to play Dave Mirria BMX #57*
Chon Niso:
** Grenade Section **
Chon: .... Smile Smile Smile
PDF Dreadnot: Dread: OMFG NUB TAKE THIS *makes Dave do 8 backflips and reck into a train* HAAHAHAHAHAHA!!111
Chon Niso: ** walks past dread **
Chon... My turn!
**Chon Pushes dread out of the way, dropping the 20 grenades he was carring, everyone gets blow'd up **
PDF Dreadnot: DBZ Fan: PLOT HOLE!!!1 *Everything is restored to normal and chon play Dave Mirra #86*
Chon Niso:
Chon: Yay fot teh plot holz!!!1 Dread, you shop for weapons, I crash Dave into moving traffic
PDF Dreadnot: Righto!
PDF Dreadnot: (Walks into the weapons section) Clerk: I'm sorry sir.. you don't look "1337" enough to be back here. Dread: OMGWTF Nub? *Blasts Clerk with a AutoShotty*
Chon Niso:
Chon: *thinking to himself * ... what'r we blowin' up anyway?

Chon Niso:
**CRASH **
Chon: ... w00t! He Lives!
PDF Dreadnot: *Dressed in camaflauge stalking ppeople int he store with a paintgun*
PDF Dreadnot: (Sprints into the games section) Dread: OMG RUN I BE CHASED BY "THE" MAN! Chon: M00f? Dread: Not M00f this time.. SECURITY! *keeps runing*
Chon Niso: Chon: hmm...
** security running towards him **
Chon: Hah! I shall defeat you with my NINJA powers!!!
PDF Dreadnot: Mr.T: Where did that little whipper snapper go.. I pitty da foo who plays wit teh Automatic weapons when I'm on watch! Whats dis? you wanna rumble liitle man? I make you hurt ALL over!
Chon Niso:
Dread: Chon! You dont have ninja powers!
Chon Niso: Chon
PDF Dreadnot: (Mr.T growls at Chon)
Chon Niso: Chon: ... I dont have ninja powers?
Dread: You sold them for that 400+ hp bonus last week
Chon Niso:
Chon: ** looks up at Mr. T **
PDF Dreadnot: Mr.T
PDF Dreadnot: Mr.T: I hope you like pain foo
Chon Niso:
Chon: It was nice to meet you, if you have any questions plese direct them to my friend dreadnot
Chon Niso:
Chon: Later
Chon Niso: **runs **
PDF Dreadnot: Dread: OMGWTF?!?!?
Chon Niso: ** still running **
Chon: You can do it! I beleve in you!
PDF Dreadnot: Mr.T: Ok foo lets play! Dread: um.. but I havn't had my milk today! Mr.T: Oh.. Well Milk is a very important thing to make you grow big and strong.. like me *smiles* Dread: May I go get some? Mr.T: Sure foo. Be back here in 10! Dread: Ok.. *runs past Chon* Bye bye *sprints to the weapons department*
Chon Niso:
Chon:... must be using some sort of Boots of Speed...
PDF Dreadnot: Dread: "oots of running away" +5 to all my dextaity rolls!
PDF Dreadnot: *dextarity
Chon Niso:

Mr. T: How about you little man
Chon: ... Milk?
Chon Niso: ** runs out of the store **
Chon Niso: ** well, he WAS **
Chon Niso: ** But the automatic doors didn't exactly open **
Chon Niso:
Chon: Gah, my nose! >_<
PDF Dreadnot: *hears a huge crash from the weapon depart* Oh shit that musta hurt...
Chon Niso: blah, I gota go
Chon Niso: I might be on Bar later, with a mic
PDF Dreadnot: w00ters
Chon Niso: then again, I might not Smile, but I'll probably find time today
PDF Dreadnot: Ok i love you bye bye!
Chon Niso: ... o_o
Chon Niso: laer
Chon Niso: *la-T-er
Chon Niso: mwahaha
FFXI: Heavens Redmage. Level 75

'Oh,' he said.
YES, said Death.
'Not even time to finish my cake?'
T. Pratchett - Night Watch*
PostWed Aug 04, 2004 11:37 am
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Joined: Oct 29, 2002
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i had this one with tyler.. longer than i'd ever heard him talk
The problem with America is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?
PostFri Aug 06, 2004 12:28 am
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Joined: Nov 07, 2002
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You mean more than just "Hey, nothing much, buy a mac."
There is limited intelligence in the galaxy, but the stupidity of the universe is infinite.
PostFri Aug 06, 2004 11:30 am
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Joined: Nov 07, 2002
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FinalDivineDragoon wrote:
You mean more than just "Hey, nothing much, buy a mac."

That's our Tyler, the man of few, yet entertaining, words.
anime is teh s uck

Play City of Heroes/Villians? Look me up, Pinnacle server, @C Paradox
PostFri Aug 06, 2004 6:10 pm
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Joined: Oct 29, 2002
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he actually talked... quite a bit, couldn't get him to shut up. ended up having to warn him then block him.
The problem with America is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?
PostSun Aug 08, 2004 7:06 pm
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Joined: Oct 31, 2002
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gfpaperboy22: I thought you said you were FDD
capn cool 7: no
capn cool 7: who is greer
gfpaperboy22: and admiral
gfpaperboy22: he's part of the PDF
capn cool 7: as r u?
gfpaperboy22: yeah
gfpaperboy22: hey check this out
gfpaperboy22: its a funny bilboard
gfpaperboy22 wants to directly connect.
capn cool 7 ignores request; no connection was made.
capn cool 7: send me a url
gfpaperboy22: well I don't remember the exact url
capn cool 7: ee
gfpaperboy22: its just a pic i got a while ago
capn cool 7: well im not gettin a virus fool
gfpaperboy22: I don't send viruses
capn cool 7: wat is it
gfpaperboy22: anyways an antivirus program should auto scan it
capn cool 7: tru
capn cool 7: i got my firewalls
capn cool 7: go
gfpaperboy22: its just a pic of a pisboard altered in photoshop
gfpaperboy22 wants to directly connect.
capn cool 7 is now directly connected.
capn cool 7: oh shet
gfpaperboy22: see funny shit
gfpaperboy22: oh and thnks for your IP dumb ass
capn cool 7 direct connection is closed.
capn cool 7 signed off at 11:12:28 PM.
capn cool 7: haha ur clever
gfpaperboy22: you got a god?
capn cool 7: wat?
gfpaperboy22: better start praying to it
capn cool 7: why u say that
gfpaperboy22: esp after I get through with you
capn cool 7: i was just jokin with u dudes
gfpaperboy22: firewalls won't protect you
gfpaperboy22: I'm not
capn cool 7: oh s
capn cool 7: sorry
gfpaperboy22: gotta learn not to fuck around with people on the net
capn cool 7: sorry man
gfpaperboy22: just think what your parents will do to you once they find out the comuter has been formated
capn cool 7: wat parents
capn cool 7: son this is a college computer
gfpaperboy22: and your a DBZ fan
capn cool 7: if u fuk with it feds willbe at ur door
gfpaperboy22: listen little boy
gfpaperboy22: it'll take more than feds to stop this
capn cool 7: omg, im not sayin that u cant do damage
capn cool 7: i bet u can
capn cool 7: but feds can trace shit back to u and ull go to jail
capn cool 7: im just lookin out for pepito
capn cool 7: u dudes are cool
capn cool 7: i just did that cuz u guys killed me in counterstrike
gfpaperboy22: it ain't hard to do
gfpaperboy22: newbs tend to show they're true colors
capn cool 7: wat
capn cool 7: yea
capn cool 7: but still
capn cool 7: it fuked up my stats
capn cool 7: cus of a clan called [pdf]
capn cool 7: do u remember a player called kaio7
gfpaperboy22: hard to remember
gfpaperboy22: so many victims
capn cool 7: well i was him
capn cool 7: so, r nasty with comps
capn cool 7: well later dude, i got class at 7
capn cool 7: stay sharp
gfpaperboy22: better hope you have a comp to come back to
capn cool 7: dude dont be a loser, if u fuk with this comp ur goin to jail
capn cool 7: be my guest tho
gfpaperboy22: only time will tell
capn cool 7: only time will tell
capn cool 7: shet up
capn cool 7: go get a girlfriend or sutin
gfpaperboy22: oh oh oh
gfpaperboy22: yeah your fucked now
capn cool 7: hahaha
capn cool 7: i beleive ur comp will shut down in 15 secs
capn cool 7: nutz
capn cool 7: i didnt work
capn cool 7: i f-ed
gfpaperboy22: nub
capn cool 7: ........ha haha
capn cool 7: maybe we can call a truce
gfpaperboy22: no wonder you got beat by PDF
gfpaperboy22: and they suck
capn cool 7: c-mon a homestarrunner fan can get mad
capn cool 7: wat wud strong sad say
capn cool 7: wat wud coach say
gfpaperboy22: thats just wrong
capn cool 7: hey boy
gfpaperboy22: bringing them into it
capn cool 7: who
capn cool 7: coach
gfpaperboy22: homestarrunnner
capn cool 7: son, i am the same as the rest of u
capn cool 7: a sufer of internet
gfpaperboy22: perhaps i'll load your comp with kiddie porn and lead the feds to it
capn cool 7: i shud be sleepin
capn cool 7: but i aint
capn cool 7: hahaha
capn cool 7: thats genious
capn cool 7: lemme ask 1 question
gfpaperboy22: go ahead, but i may not answer
capn cool 7: how wud u even have kiddie porn ur sicko
gfpaperboy22: who said I had it
capn cool 7: well how is u gonna put it on my comp if u aint got it
capn cool 7: neways gfpaperboy
gfpaperboy22: I have ways
capn cool 7: i say we join forces
gfpaperboy22: and for a college boy, you sure can't spell very well
capn cool 7: i type what ppl understand
capn cool 7: no need to waste time with grammer
capn cool 7: wat do u say
capn cool 7: well?
gfpaperboy22: no grammer means the typer is an idoit.
What I say? I say you eat shit and die before I viciously stab you in the eye with a spork
capn cool 7: hahahaha oh shet
capn cool 7: a spork
gfpaperboy22: yes
capn cool 7: i cant even die with a cool weapon
gfpaperboy22: a spork
capn cool 7: well so be it gfpaperboy
capn cool 7: it was cool talkin to u
capn cool 7: nohard feelings
gfpaperboy22: plus i'm not really in PDF CS division anymore
gfpaperboy22: Razz
capn cool 7: oh
capn cool 7: wat happend
gfpaperboy22: they sucked, I joined a better clan
capn cool 7: did druid make u look bad
capn cool 7: did he?
gfpaperboy22: if you lost to them, then you should really just stick to something like Starcraft
capn cool 7: hahaha
capn cool 7: ur a loser
capn cool 7: who warns
capn cool 7: later fool
gfpaperboy22: l8r num nuts
PostMon Aug 09, 2004 6:10 pm
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Joined: Nov 17, 2003
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hey, I remember that. I forget what that guy did.
PostMon Aug 09, 2004 6:36 pm
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Joined: Nov 07, 2002
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I'm depressed right now, this is just one of many reasons.....

finaldragoon77: hello?
finaldragoon77: come on its been an hour answer me
finaldragoon77: answer me!!!
finaldragoon77: look if youre gonna be running photoshop, then why dont you turn off your messengers to save memory
JediSabriel77: hello?
finaldragoon77: about time you answered
finaldragoon77: are you there?!
JediSabriel77: yes im here
JediSabriel77: but i gotta go ccause im working on my final
JediSabriel77: and its due tommorrow
JediSabriel77: i may be available to talk later
finaldragoon77: no you wont
finaldragoon77: youll go to bed
JediSabriel77: ...
JediSabriel77: do you want something? Look im sorry i didnt get back to you, but im kinda rushing my project
finaldragoon77: no i dont want anything
JediSabriel77: im just really busy right now
finaldragoon77: apparantly talking to you is too much to ask of you anymore
JediSabriel77: Well, im sorry. But not only does it annoy me because the only times you actually IM me its to brag about some new thing you;ve spent your parents money on. And besides that, I have a life, and a boyfriend, and school, i cant just jump when you say jump. Im sorry.
finaldragoon77: well excuse me for messaging someone in a pathetic excuse to remember my past
JediSabriel77: whats that suppose dto mean?
JediSabriel77: you only message me when you want to remember the past?
JediSabriel77: whats that supposed to tell me?
JediSabriel77: that im only useful for making you reminiscent and depressed? jee thanx
finaldragoon77: thanks a lot, youve confirmed that im no longer a part of your life. I guess i should just leave you alone now forever
JediSabriel77: i didnt say that
finaldragoon77: yes you did
JediSabriel77: no, i sidnt
JediSabriel77: i just said i dont have a lot of time like i used to
finaldragoon77: you say i message you when youre too busy to talk, and you have a life that doesnt involve me at all
JediSabriel77: i have things to do, school to study for and im busy
finaldragoon77: therefore youre too busy to talk to me
JediSabriel77: how can it involve you the way your asking it too?
finaldragoon77: and even if you arent you dont want to because all i do is brag about my life while you suffer
JediSabriel77: it can involve you because we chat, but we usually dont even do that
JediSabriel77: you message me and say "hi"
JediSabriel77: then say a few things...and then are silent
JediSabriel77: just like on the phone
finaldragoon77: how the hell am i supposed to "chat"?!
finaldragoon77: ive never been a social person ok
JediSabriel77: i know that
JediSabriel77: but your obviously attempting too
finaldragoon77: i dont know how the inner working of socialization are, but apparantly its not good enough for you
JediSabriel77: what is that supposed to mean? so are you telling me that the whole reason that your "anti social" is because of me and is my fault?
finaldragoon77: no its because im anti social that i cant talk to you
JediSabriel77: well, ok
finaldragoon77: because i dont know how to fucking talk
JediSabriel77: but your trying
finaldragoon77: i should just staple my mouth shut and cut off my fingers
JediSabriel77: your the one whos always messaging me, that seems social
JediSabriel77: look, im sorry the situation is as it is, but i need to work on my project
finaldragoon77: fine go, i just wanted to "talk" but i cant do that now can i?
JediSabriel77: and frankly i dont have time for a pity party
JediSabriel77: so im gonna go
finaldragoon77: sometimes i wonder why i still talk to you
JediSabriel77: me too
JediSabriel77: by the way, im not "suffering" i just dont like to see others used and hear the people using them brag about it. Its slightly irritating
finaldragoon77: ok so i cant use that word now because it would be out of context....just wonderful
JediSabriel77: what ???!?!
JediSabriel77: tha makes no sense...
JediSabriel77: anyway, i need to go
JediSabriel77: i hope your evening improves.
JediSabriel77: good night
finaldragoon77: night....
There is limited intelligence in the galaxy, but the stupidity of the universe is infinite.
PostWed Aug 11, 2004 11:03 pm
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gfpaperboy22: so not as busy now?
rednekbob9: yeah
gfpaperboy22: what was the rush
rednekbob9: my brother has a fractured skull and i'm dealing with family stuff, my girlfriend is sending me job info and asking me questions while she was filling out applications for me, i was working on a website for my current job and i had 7 people constantly IMing me
rednekbob9: so i ran away
gfpaperboy22: ah
gfpaperboy22: hey... about your brother
rednekbob9: he's fine
gfpaperboy22: if he dies, can I claim his comp?
rednekbob9: sure
gfpaperboy22: damn
rednekbob9: he doesn't have one
gfpaperboy22: damn damn
gfpaperboy22: Well no PC is better than owning a mac
rednekbob9: i can take that sentence both ways
gfpaperboy22: ah
gfpaperboy22: just a sec
gfpaperboy22: "Not owning a Computer, period, is better than owning a Mac"
gfpaperboy22: better?
rednekbob9: brilliant hatred you got there
gfpaperboy22: not really hatred, more like happy ignorance
rednekbob9: if you're stuck on a deserted island and a mac is your only form of communication, let me know and i'll airdrop a copy of VirtualPC for you
gfpaperboy22: nah, I'd rather just drill a hole in it and use it as a sex box
rednekbob9: of course
gfpaperboy22: thats fun.... until you hit a capacitor
rednekbob9: that's where the fun BEGINS
PostFri Aug 13, 2004 1:27 am
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Sometimes it's fun to be stupid. Why? I don't know...

Lunacite: I'm downtown
Akira772: pirating the internet?
Akira772: wireless networks
Lunacite: whatever
Akira772: ...
Akira772: How'd you like to form a team of pirates?
Lunacite: to pirate WHAT/
Akira772: We'll jump off that bridge when we get there.
Lunacite: no
Akira772: ...
Akira772: But it might be fun!
Akira772: And before we decide what to pirate, we need pirates, a flag, and weapons.
Akira772: THEN we decide WHAT to pirate.
Lunacite: no, you need a CAUSE FIRST
Lunacite: fool
Akira772: What about "butt pirates", like the character pics in F-Zero?
Lunacite: YOU ARE DONE
Akira772: Or are butt prates what I think they are?...
Akira772: Look, I'll talk to some other guys- being pirates might be fun. If I can come with something worth pirating, would you be in?
Lunacite: probably not
Akira772: :'(
Lunacite: is there an emoticon for kicking you in the face?
Akira772: There might be some avatar-sized pics that would do the trick...
Akira772: Why do you ask?
Akira772: Oh wait..
Lunacite is away at 5:09:50 PM.

A friend of mine went to Japan for most of last month. Due to his nature, I thought he might cause an international incident, but that didn't happen. This is what we talked about when he got back...

Akira772: YOU!
Akira772: That is indeed the correct answer.
Akira772: So I have to ask you this...
Akira772: Did you indeed go where you said you were going?
Akira772: So how'd you like it?
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: I had a freakin' blast.
Akira772: Of course. ^_^
Akira772: Wait... Scary?
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: I've never seen so many animated breasts.
Akira772: >_<
Akira772: I guess you aren't Asian, so that was probably more shocking to you than it was for half of us on the trip...
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: There was a hippo thing that was selling sodas, and it shouted at me.
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: Hippo: *siren goes off* *starts wailing* Hello! Are you ready for fun time happiness?Me: I WILL SHIT ON YOU!!!
Akira772: You didn't really say that did you? -_-
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: And the guy at the Genki! gift shop was a dick.
Akira772: What'd you do to him?
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: Nothing. I tried to be friendly. So I started interviewing him. He kicked me out of the store.
Akira772: ...
Akira772: Yeah, it's a good thing you weren't with us in April...
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: I wrote a journal of my stay, which I will be getting around to e-mailing sometime soon.
Akira772: You should put it online
Akira772: And put pics up as well
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: I should, prob'ly. I have lots of pictures. But Kenji and Shinji have most of 'em.
Akira772: They going to send them to you?
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: Yeah. And I'm going back sometime this month.
Akira772: WHAT?!
Akira772: You're going again?!
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: Kenji wanted me to come hang out some more.
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: And I'll be sure to get you a copy of the Nihon Diaries.
Akira772: Ah, excellent.
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: I used up a page when I wrote the huge message to the guy in the seat next to me on the subway.
Akira772: And... What?!
Akira772: What did it say?
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: This long-haired dude sat down and immediately fell asleep, stretching out and taking up about half of my seat as well.
Akira772: Ack
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: I became convinced that he was faking it, so as I was writing in my journal, I took out a page and wrote "DEATH TO THE SLEEP-FEIGNING HIPPIE." in huge letters.
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: And put it in plain view.
Akira772: >_<
Akira772: Remind me never to board a train with you if we're ever in Japan at the same time.
Akira772: Well... I could just blend in with the crowd
ILIKESMETHEBEANS: I don't think he could read it. The jackass.

There's a PDF log from last summer... Anyone want to see that?
Ice cream has this erotic sense to it- kinda like the one choclate and strawberries have.
PostFri Aug 13, 2004 2:15 pm
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finaldragoon77 (10:49:23 PM): hey
DOUG is FUNNY (10:49:25 PM): j0
finaldragoon77 (10:49:33 PM): whats up?
DOUG is FUNNY (10:50:15 PM): just chillin dawg
DOUG is FUNNY (10:50:23 PM): what be up with my homey g!
finaldragoon77 (10:50:32 PM): *slap*
DOUG is FUNNY (10:50:43 PM): that's kinky....
DOUG is FUNNY (10:50:47 PM): do it again
finaldragoon77 (10:50:53 PM): umm
finaldragoon77 (10:51:02 PM): you ok?
DOUG is FUNNY (10:51:06 PM): hehehe
DOUG is FUNNY (10:51:10 PM): course not
finaldragoon77 (10:52:22 PM): ok whats wrong?
DOUG is FUNNY (10:52:27 PM): um
DOUG is FUNNY (10:52:29 PM): nothing
DOUG is FUNNY (10:52:34 PM): i was just being silly
DOUG is FUNNY (10:54:43 PM): well
DOUG is FUNNY (10:54:56 PM): i suppose this bowel movement i sense could be the culprit
finaldragoon77 (10:55:03 PM): .....
finaldragoon77 (10:58:53 PM): please dont talk to me about your inner workings
DOUG is FUNNY (10:59:15 PM): well, I could talk about...
DOUG is FUNNY (10:59:17 PM): nah
finaldragoon77 (11:00:59 PM): .....
DOUG is FUNNY (11:03:24 PM): what?
DOUG is FUNNY (11:03:27 PM): its a secret
finaldragoon77 (11:03:37 PM): just...dont
DOUG is FUNNY (11:04:01 PM): oh i can't not tell you, here! pull my finger!
finaldragoon77 (11:04:21 PM): no
finaldragoon77 (11:08:10 PM): i dont wanna
DOUG is FUNNY (11:08:16 PM): but you have too
finaldragoon77 (11:08:35 PM): *pulls own finger*
DOUG is FUNNY (11:08:53 PM): and what good did that do you?
finaldragoon77 (11:09:06 PM): i cant feel my pinky
DOUG is FUNNY (11:09:12 PM): why not?
finaldragoon77 (11:09:20 PM): pulled it out of its socket
DOUG is FUNNY (11:10:00 PM): how?
finaldragoon77 (11:10:07 PM): im kidding
DOUG is FUNNY (11:11:10 PM): no you're not
finaldragoon77 (11:11:35 PM): yes i am
The problem with America is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?
PostThu Aug 19, 2004 2:19 am
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When PDF attacks...

(7:13:16 PM) You have just entered room "the file may take a while."
Akira772 (7:13:23 PM): Yeah, it might
DOUG is FUNNY (7:13:33 PM): Smile
DOUG is FUNNY (7:13:45 PM): considering i am still on 56k
Akira772 (7:13:49 PM): heh
DOUG is FUNNY (7:13:52 PM): so what are you sending me?
Akira772 (7:14:37 PM): A flash file
(7:14:46 PM) Chon Niso has entered the room.
(7:14:50 PM) gfpaperboy22 has entered the room.
DOUG is FUNNY (7:14:57 PM): look
(7:14:57 PM) Ph33r D4 Ch4kz has entered the room.
DOUG is FUNNY (7:15:06 PM): its the friendly pdf
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:15:17 PM): yes it is...we r liike dead
Chon Niso (7:15:18 PM): Ah! Its mr spell bad!
Akira772 (7:15:30 PM): Friendly Snark?
Chon Niso (7:15:31 PM): I mean, PNS Smile
DOUG is FUNNY (7:15:32 PM): you mean ch3kz?
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:15:34 PM): not my fault
DOUG is FUNNY (7:15:38 PM): or you...
Chon Niso (7:15:40 PM): I know that Smile
Chon Niso (7:15:43 PM): but still
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:15:54 PM): lol
DOUG is FUNNY (7:15:57 PM): (thinks it's all chon with the bad spelling ness)
gfpaperboy22 (7:15:59 PM): yeah....
Chon Niso (7:16:16 PM): heck, I can be a monster at times with spelling
(7:16:18 PM) PDF Dreadnot has entered the room.
PDF Dreadnot (7:16:23 PM): w00t w00t w00t
DOUG is FUNNY (7:16:25 PM): or was it just the bad grammar?
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:16:31 PM): whgos gf paperboy again....i kind forgot sry
DOUG is FUNNY (7:16:32 PM): whoop
DOUG is FUNNY (7:16:44 PM): gfpaperboy, is gfpaperboy
PDF Dreadnot (7:16:50 PM): He is you father
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:16:53 PM): o ok...o ya
Akira772 (7:16:54 PM): He has a van/
DOUG is FUNNY (7:17:00 PM): hehehehe
Akira772 (7:17:01 PM): A big scary one.
PDF Dreadnot (7:17:01 PM): A child molester Van
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:17:03 PM): i remember now
Chon Niso (7:17:22 PM): Oh christ, not the child molester van >_<
DOUG is FUNNY (7:17:25 PM): i just have my friendly car i named peppy?
Akira772 (7:17:26 PM): lol
Akira772 (7:17:34 PM): Who want some wang?
DOUG is FUNNY (7:17:38 PM): brb
PDF Dreadnot (7:17:42 PM): heheh
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:17:55 PM): ....
Akira772 (7:18:03 PM): I need to pick up a copy of that game...
Chon Niso (7:18:27 PM): so...
PDF Dreadnot (7:18:33 PM): The "Who wants some wang" game?
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:18:35 PM): whos done with skool>
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:18:37 PM): ?
gfpaperboy22 (7:18:47 PM): so whats the meeting about
PDF Dreadnot (7:18:47 PM): is that like.. "Who wants to be a millionare?"
Akira772 (7:18:52 PM): No, Shadow Warrior. Starring Japanese ninja Lo Wang.
PDF Dreadnot (7:19:12 PM): I be don wit sk00l
Akira772 (7:19:18 PM): Yes, Lo Wang is a chinese name, yes it pissed off everyone in the JACL except for me.
Chon Niso (7:19:39 PM): are these chats ever truely about anything?
Akira772 (7:19:46 PM): No
PDF Dreadnot (7:19:48 PM): lol now i can sy greer likes wang
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:19:55 PM): lol
Akira772 (7:19:56 PM): -_-
gfpaperboy22 (7:20:01 PM): sweet
gfpaperboy22 (7:20:08 PM): dread, BAR is on playground
gfpaperboy22 (7:20:11 PM): you coming
PDF Dreadnot (7:20:12 PM): so?
Akira772 (7:20:15 PM): Watch the flash Doug! Watch it!
PDF Dreadnot (7:20:19 PM): i dont like that map much\
gfpaperboy22 (7:20:22 PM): lamer
gfpaperboy22 (7:20:24 PM): l8r
(7:20:27 PM) gfpaperboy22 has left the room.
PDF Dreadnot (7:20:31 PM): arnt u needed here?
PDF Dreadnot (7:20:35 PM): nm
PDF Dreadnot (7:20:37 PM): ass..
Chon Niso (7:20:40 PM): lamer for not playing counter strike? Smile
Chon Niso (7:20:42 PM): see,
Akira772 (7:20:44 PM): He IS a mormon...
Chon Niso (7:21:02 PM): THATS what I hate about cs, you either take it as a religin or get the hell out
Chon Niso (7:21:10 PM): -_-
PDF Dreadnot (7:21:19 PM): its hy religion
PDF Dreadnot (7:21:31 PM): Plant the bomb or be smitten by the God Dreadnot
Chon Niso (7:21:44 PM): plant the bomb?
Akira772 (7:21:44 PM): -_-
Akira772 (7:21:50 PM): Drop the bomb!
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:21:55 PM): I am god....
Chon Niso (7:22:00 PM): nobody plants the bomb or does mission obejctives!
PDF Dreadnot (7:22:00 PM): I am your god!
Chon Niso (7:22:03 PM): this is cs!
Chon Niso (7:22:06 PM): we just kill people!
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:22:09 PM): whats the concept of war?
Akira772 (7:22:09 PM): Yep
Akira772 (7:22:18 PM): You watched it yet Doug?
Chon Niso (7:22:23 PM): not to die for your country Smile
PDF Dreadnot (7:22:24 PM): to make the other bastard die for his contry
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:22:28 PM): yes
Chon Niso (7:22:31 PM): Hell yeah Very Happy
Akira772 (7:22:41 PM): Cool
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:23:10 PM): any of u ever watch hikaru no go...
DOUG is FUNNY (7:23:22 PM): ...
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:23:24 PM): ftp://ftp.hikago.flirble.org/pub/Hikaru/
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:23:39 PM): go here and u can fl the whole anime....its not liscensed
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:23:44 PM): so its not illegal
DOUG is FUNNY (7:23:46 PM): what was that for ?
Akira772 (7:23:57 PM): What's it about?
Chon Niso (7:24:01 PM): free illigal anime! yes!
Chon Niso (7:24:09 PM): ** goes to download **
PDF Dreadnot (7:24:09 PM): W00t!
PDF Dreadnot (7:24:15 PM): *is going to d/l
DOUG is FUNNY (7:24:19 PM): umm
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:24:24 PM): ....its about the board game GO, a gost from the past and a kid in 7th grade
DOUG is FUNNY (7:24:29 PM): free legal anime
PDF Dreadnot (7:24:43 PM): i have the intro for it
Chon Niso (7:24:45 PM): ... well... yes, unless the DVD is out
Chon Niso (7:25:01 PM): but I'm poor and I'll buy it when I'm good and ready damn it >_<
DOUG is FUNNY (7:25:05 PM): if it isn't licensed
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:25:19 PM): its may seem stupid but it gets addicting...and even though there is no fightinjg....when they have a GO match it seam just like fighting
PDF Dreadnot (7:25:57 PM): guess what I'm buying
Chon Niso (7:26:08 PM): EVARYTHING!!!1
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:26:11 PM): My friend was trying to gte me to dl for months...i thought it was stupid at 1st then i watched 1 episode abnd it was great
PDF Dreadnot (7:26:30 PM): YES!!11111 HoW DiD j00 kNowz?
Chon Niso (7:26:41 PM): BECUZ I ES TEH GRETAST EVARR!11
PDF Dreadnot (7:26:47 PM): m00f!
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:26:52 PM): ....no i am so bow down
Chon Niso (7:26:53 PM): m00f!!!
PDF Dreadnot (7:26:59 PM): M00f!!!!
Chon Niso (7:27:03 PM): The grounds like, dirt
Chon Niso (7:27:07 PM): *dirty
Akira772 (7:27:08 PM): w0k
Chon Niso (7:27:13 PM): wookie
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:27:14 PM): w00t
PDF Dreadnot (7:27:15 PM): http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B000 05O3VC.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:27:28 PM): oh god....
Akira772 (7:27:29 PM): Should we call Zechs in?
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:27:42 PM): ya
Akira772 (7:27:53 PM): w00!
Chon Niso (7:27:56 PM): your call
Akira772 (7:28:01 PM): Go python!
(7:28:21 PM) Zechs875 has entered the room.
Zechs875 (7:28:28 PM): doug is dead
Zechs875 (7:28:40 PM): and I'm the only one here
Zechs875 (7:28:44 PM): Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Zechs875 (7:28:48 PM): I love being alone
Chon Niso (7:28:51 PM): sajfhafgahgakga!!
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:28:55 PM): yes u do dont u
Akira772 (7:29:01 PM): No, you just cause silence whenever you enter.
Zechs875 (7:29:07 PM): that too
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:29:11 PM): lol
Zechs875 (7:29:17 PM): I have an eerie effect on people
Chon Niso (7:29:21 PM): were awed by your presence Razz
Zechs875 (7:29:28 PM): Ph33r? is that you or Druid
Akira772 (7:29:29 PM): Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe
PDF Dreadnot (7:29:31 PM): i was lookin at porn.. didnt see him enter
Chon Niso (7:29:32 PM): its like "OMFGWTFF!!1
Chon Niso (7:29:43 PM): its Ph33r
Zechs875 (7:29:47 PM): oh okay
Zechs875 (7:29:56 PM): because sometimes it's Druid
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:30:04 PM): ph33r
Chon Niso (7:30:05 PM): no, its druid under cover
Zechs875 (7:30:06 PM): your cousins play that wierd twin thing
Chon Niso (7:30:11 PM): all 007 like and stuff
Zechs875 (7:30:12 PM): I HATE IT
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:30:19 PM): ....lol
Chon Niso (7:30:25 PM): there anything but twins man Razz
Zechs875 (7:30:31 PM): wouldn't it be funny if everyone actually contributed to a chat
(7:30:38 PM) DOUG is FUNNY has left the room.
Chon Niso (7:30:44 PM): thats blasphemy!
Zechs875 (7:30:44 PM): instead of just letting two people talk to eachother
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:30:47 PM): doug is funny had left
Zechs875 (7:30:52 PM): I heard a cow
Chon Niso (7:30:54 PM): OMFG!!1
Zechs875 (7:30:55 PM): oh ya
Akira772 (7:31:07 PM): Can you drive yet Dread?
Zechs875 (7:31:15 PM): I have a cow sound set to go off when doug comes online
Zechs875 (7:31:18 PM): its' funny
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:31:19 PM): no...he cant
Zechs875 (7:31:21 PM): it goes m00
Akira772 (7:31:24 PM): Becuase someone needs to go beatdown Zechs
Chon Niso (7:31:27 PM): no m00f?
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:31:28 PM): he failed the tesr
PDF Dreadnot (7:31:28 PM): I "can" but not leagally
Akira772 (7:31:33 PM): -_-
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:31:35 PM): aww....danm
Zechs875 (7:31:35 PM): ^_^
Chon Niso (7:31:37 PM): hehe Razz
PDF Dreadnot (7:31:51 PM): i cant get a liscens till i'm 18
Akira772 (7:31:59 PM): o
Zechs875 (7:32:02 PM): I should go get my permit..
Chon Niso (7:32:07 PM): same
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:32:09 PM): me too
Akira772 (7:32:11 PM): What'd you do? Rob a bank?
Chon Niso (7:32:15 PM): I can drive... into trees
Chon Niso (7:32:21 PM): and poles
Zechs875 (7:32:21 PM): I could have gotten it 10 months ago..
Chon Niso (7:32:30 PM): and anything on the sidewalk
Zechs875 (7:32:32 PM): I've hit a mailbox
Zechs875 (7:32:37 PM): and a bird bath
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:32:46 PM): wow X_x
Zechs875 (7:32:47 PM): and a lincon towncar
Chon Niso (7:32:48 PM): You get fifty points if you hit a park bench
(7:32:51 PM) DOUG is FUNNY has entered the room.
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:32:56 PM): doug has entered
Akira772 (7:32:59 PM): How many points for an old woman?
Zechs875 (7:33:02 PM): PRAISE DOUG
Chon Niso (7:33:03 PM): 230
DOUG is FUNNY (7:33:08 PM): Thank you, thank you very much
Zechs875 (7:33:14 PM): 5BA JILLION
PDF Dreadnot (7:33:20 PM): DOUG is FUNNY GOD ME EYES!
Zechs875 (7:33:23 PM): AH GOD MY EYES DOUF
Chon Niso (7:33:24 PM): and birdbaths are 600 points
Chon Niso (7:33:27 PM): because there rare
Zechs875 (7:33:33 PM): doug
Zechs875 (7:33:39 PM): leave and come back your font hurts
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:33:43 PM): .....1,000 for a punk little kid
PDF Dreadnot (7:33:45 PM): Zechs875 (10:34:14 PM): you too zechs
Chon Niso (7:33:46 PM): Razz
Zechs875 (7:33:47 PM): ^_^
Zechs875 (7:33:49 PM): no
Zechs875 (7:34:07 PM): OW god that hurts my already feeble eyes
Chon Niso (7:34:11 PM): so... what color am I?
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:34:13 PM): zechs is ok....itsa only doug really
Zechs875 (7:34:18 PM): Orange
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:34:21 PM): Chon Niso (10:35:04 PM):
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:34:25 PM): howm bout me
Chon Niso (7:34:26 PM): well, thats not bad I guess
Zechs875 (7:34:29 PM): Green
PDF Dreadnot (7:34:30 PM): (10:34:14 PM)Chon Niso
Chon Niso (7:34:35 PM): Ph33r D4 Ch4kz
Zechs875 (7:34:35 PM): Ph33r D4 Ch4kz
PDF Dreadnot (7:34:37 PM): h33r D4
Chon Niso (7:34:41 PM): probably the most pleasent color here
Zechs875 (7:34:45 PM): yep
Akira772 (7:34:47 PM): (7:33:46 PM)y
Zechs875 (7:34:48 PM): PUKE GREEN
Akira772 (7:34:50 PM): d
Akira772 (7:34:54 PM): k
Akira772 (7:34:55 PM): s
Zechs875 (7:35:00 PM): ydks?
Chon Niso (7:35:03 PM): Razz
Akira772 (7:35:10 PM): Ack. Pushing random buttons
Zechs875 (7:35:15 PM): yes you are
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:35:16 PM): Akira772 (10:35:48 PM):...eww
Chon Niso (7:35:20 PM): its a secret message, AG has just been killed
Zechs875 (7:35:20 PM): 30 PONTS!
Zechs875 (7:35:27 PM): points..
Zechs875 (7:35:30 PM): I meant points
Chon Niso (7:35:34 PM): and he's warning us of something dire
DOUG is FUNNY (7:35:36 PM): Chon Niso (10:34:59 PM): :-PAkira772 (10:35:07 PM): Ack. Pushing random buttonsZechs875 (10:35:12 PM): yes you arePh33r D4 Ch4kz (10:35:12 PM)
Chon Niso (7:35:47 PM): and could only print out those words before he kicked the bucket
Zechs875 (7:35:54 PM): too bad
Zechs875 (7:36:00 PM): we'll miss greer
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:36:01 PM): ...wha
Zechs875 (7:36:09 PM): *TRASHES GREERS GRAVE*
Chon Niso (7:36:09 PM): yeah
Akira772 (7:36:10 PM): I have risen from the dead...
Zechs875 (7:36:13 PM): AHhhh
Zechs875 (7:36:15 PM): GOD KILL IT
Chon Niso (7:36:22 PM): omgomgomgomgomgomgomgwtf!!1
Zechs875 (7:36:29 PM): zoez
Akira772 (7:36:35 PM): We've been doing this for 20 minutes now...
Zechs875 (7:36:36 PM): your forgot the zorz
Zechs875 (7:36:39 PM): yes
Zechs875 (7:36:40 PM): it's fun
Zechs875 (7:36:49 PM): should we be doing something constructive?
Zechs875 (7:36:51 PM): I think not
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:36:58 PM): how bout we all go play CS in Bar server
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:37:01 PM): or something
DOUG is FUNNY (7:37:02 PM): where is the fun in that?
Zechs875 (7:37:04 PM): how about no
PDF Dreadnot (7:37:10 PM): lets all go play NS
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:37:11 PM): ok...
Zechs875 (7:37:12 PM): how about I kick your head in
DOUG is FUNNY (7:37:12 PM): heh... TFC
Chon Niso (7:37:14 PM): Lets play NS!
Chon Niso (7:37:16 PM): Mwahahaha!
PDF Dreadnot (7:37:19 PM): BWAHAHA
Chon Niso (7:37:21 PM): lkjeafa
DOUG is FUNNY (7:37:22 PM): NS?
PDF Dreadnot (7:37:25 PM): waasdrsf
Zechs875 (7:37:26 PM): Nice Shot
Zechs875 (7:37:29 PM): or
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:37:30 PM): natural selection
Akira772 (7:37:31 PM): How 'bout some Firearms instead
Zechs875 (7:37:33 PM): Natural Selection
Chon Niso (7:37:34 PM): Natrual selection!
Zechs875 (7:37:37 PM): um
Zechs875 (7:37:38 PM): chon
DOUG is FUNNY (7:37:43 PM): if only i had it...
Chon Niso (7:37:45 PM): I know, I know Razz
Zechs875 (7:37:45 PM): Zechs can't play that game
PDF Dreadnot (7:37:50 PM): Zechs sucks
Zechs875 (7:37:54 PM): Zechs can play solitare
Zechs875 (7:37:59 PM): that's about it
Zechs875 (7:38:05 PM): solitare is fun
Akira772 (7:38:09 PM): Zechs says "hey wang! gwoomff!"
Zechs875 (7:38:10 PM): sorta lonely...
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:38:12 PM): Zechs is not kool
PDF Dreadnot (7:38:17 PM): Zechs is a Lllama a LLAMA!
PDF Dreadnot (7:38:26 PM): BRAAAW!
PDF Dreadnot (7:38:30 PM): Bleaaat!
Chon Niso (7:38:33 PM): ooooh
PDF Dreadnot (7:38:34 PM): Oooorgle!
Akira772 (7:38:36 PM): admin_llama Zex
Zechs875 (7:38:41 PM): I don't think a llama says any of those things
Zechs875 (7:38:54 PM): it's more like
Chon Niso (7:38:56 PM): the PNS has deemed the Zechs "Not 'k'ool"
Zechs875 (7:38:57 PM): Blaaaaaaaaah
Chon Niso (7:39:09 PM): thats like, worse than death
Akira772 (7:39:10 PM): Hehehehe... PNS looks like PMS
Zechs875 (7:39:13 PM): yes
DOUG is FUNNY (7:39:19 PM): close to it
Zechs875 (7:39:20 PM): what an amazing observation
Zechs875 (7:39:29 PM): let's give greer a medal
PDF Dreadnot (7:39:32 PM): OMG ARE YOU A DETECTIVE!!?!?!?11
PDF Dreadnot (7:40:24 PM): w00t 1 min of nothingness
Chon Niso (7:40:31 PM): ah!
DOUG is FUNNY (7:40:31 PM): ?
Chon Niso (7:40:34 PM): you broke it!
Zechs875 (7:40:38 PM): OMG are you a 40 car pileup?
Zechs875 (7:40:40 PM): Because I can't stop staring at you
Chon Niso (7:40:45 PM): we could have gone longer than that
PDF Dreadnot (7:40:46 PM): wtf?
DOUG is FUNNY (7:40:49 PM): it just cuz i'm so sexy
Zechs875 (7:40:58 PM): random bad pickup line..
DOUG is FUNNY (7:41:04 PM): dill sexy beamed me
DOUG is FUNNY (7:41:16 PM): noticed the blinding yellow?
Zechs875 (7:41:16 PM): that's just wrong
Zechs875 (7:41:34 PM): Very Happy
Zechs875 (7:41:49 PM): Very HappyVery HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[ >Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very Happy OSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-* :-$OSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$
Zechs875 (7:41:51 PM): ATTACK
Zechs875 (7:41:55 PM): ATTACK MY MINIONS
PDF Dreadnot (7:41:59 PM): NOOOOooOOoOoOooOooOoo!!11!!
PDF Dreadnot (7:42:02 PM): WASDSFSART
Zechs875 (7:42:06 PM): Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised :-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile :-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$ Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised :-*
Zechs875 (7:42:09 PM): Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised :-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile :-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$ Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised :-*:-$
Akira772 (7:42:09 PM): Why is dill sexy beaming everyone?
Zechs875 (7:42:11 PM): Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised :-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile :-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$ Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised :-*:-$
Zechs875 (7:42:13 PM): Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised :-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile :-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$ Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised :-*:-$
Zechs875 (7:42:15 PM): Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised :-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile :-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$ Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$
Zechs875 (7:42:19 PM): Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised :-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile :-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$ Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised:-*:-$Very HappyOSmile:-[>Surprised :-*:-$
PDF Dreadnot (7:42:21 PM): /kick Zechs
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:42:32 PM): ....
Chon Niso (7:42:40 PM): admin_vote_kick Zechs875
Chon Niso (7:42:42 PM): ...
DOUG is FUNNY (7:42:44 PM): there is that ignore button...
Chon Niso (7:42:44 PM): IT NEVER WORKS!!!
DOUG is FUNNY (7:42:50 PM): 1
Zechs875 (7:42:54 PM): 2
Akira772 (7:42:56 PM): admin_slay Zechs
Zechs875 (7:43:01 PM): *is slain*
DOUG is FUNNY (7:43:12 PM): *shoots slain body*
Chon Niso (7:43:18 PM): thats excessive
Zechs875 (7:43:18 PM): *is shot*
Chon Niso (7:43:28 PM): no more counter strike console commands >_<
Zechs875 (7:43:29 PM): it's Slayn...
DOUG is FUNNY (7:43:33 PM): so did you ever end up uploading the outlaw star gifs?
Zechs875 (7:43:47 PM): admin_S_T_F_U
Zechs875 (7:43:51 PM): no
DOUG is FUNNY (7:44:15 PM): *cries*
Zechs875 (7:44:25 PM): did you read my message
Chon Niso (7:44:33 PM): NO
Chon Niso (7:44:35 PM): Razz
Zechs875 (7:44:41 PM): not you
Zechs875 (7:44:43 PM): doug
Zechs875 (7:44:47 PM): he's reading it now
Chon Niso (7:44:50 PM): I read his mind
Chon Niso (7:44:56 PM): he says n000000000b
Chon Niso (7:44:59 PM): ... no, wait
Chon Niso (7:45:02 PM): wrong person
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:45:04 PM): ...
PDF Dreadnot (7:45:17 PM): ewww
Chon Niso (7:45:23 PM): Are you confused Adam?
Zechs875 (7:45:37 PM): everyone go here
DOUG is FUNNY (7:45:39 PM): weirdos
Akira772 (7:46:10 PM): Zechs... You want to host my flash vid on your site?
PDF Dreadnot (7:46:14 PM): dont go to that link
PDF Dreadnot (7:46:22 PM): its a trap to get his web counter up!
Zechs875 (7:46:27 PM): um
Zechs875 (7:46:33 PM): I don't even have a counter yet
PDF Dreadnot (7:46:36 PM): oh..
DOUG is FUNNY (7:46:37 PM): it hasn't got a counter yet
PDF Dreadnot (7:46:38 PM): um..
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:46:49 PM): im not condused....yet
PDF Dreadnot (7:46:53 PM): DOnt go cause I'm an ass and I want him to SUFFA
Chon Niso (7:46:57 PM): wants to cause bandwith problems for his host so they hate him Smile
(7:46:58 PM) falumbard has entered the room.
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:47:05 PM): i wanna dl love hina
Akira772 (7:47:06 PM): Umm... Who's this?
falumbard (7:47:08 PM): hi everyone
DOUG is FUNNY (7:47:09 PM): i still think this is funny
Chon Niso (7:47:09 PM): omgomgomgomgomgomg wtf
DOUG is FUNNY (7:47:12 PM): Sarah: when a girl's shirt is off do guys pay any attetion to anythign else besides the boobs? Doug: yes Sarah: such as? Doug: the pants and how to get those off...
Zechs875 (7:47:15 PM): it's falumbard
(7:47:17 PM) CoconutMonkey14 has entered the room.
Chon Niso (7:47:18 PM): et es teh n33o
falumbard (7:47:18 PM): We're all a big family now!!! bwaahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DOUG is FUNNY (7:47:21 PM): anime mac
PDF Dreadnot (7:47:22 PM): COCO!
falumbard (7:47:25 PM): YO EVERYONE!
Zechs875 (7:47:27 PM): COCO!!
Chon Niso (7:47:28 PM): o.o
falumbard (7:47:30 PM): WOOH!
Akira772 (7:47:30 PM): Are this BAR guys?
PDF Dreadnot (7:47:36 PM): Coco is BAR
falumbard (7:47:39 PM): No, seriously, what's this chat for?
DOUG is FUNNY (7:47:39 PM): cocomunkey is bar
Akira772 (7:47:40 PM): I know that
falumbard (7:47:41 PM): =P
Chon Niso (7:47:44 PM): we dont know really
PDF Dreadnot (7:47:50 PM): this chat is pure nuthing ness
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:47:53 PM): O_o
(7:47:55 PM) Annathopa has entered the room.
DOUG is FUNNY (7:48:00 PM): falumbard used to be anime mac, changed to neo, and is also falumbard
PDF Dreadnot (7:48:01 PM): I'v lost brain cells from being here
(7:48:02 PM) Nihon No X has entered the room.
Chon Niso (7:48:02 PM): ok... never met him
Akira772 (7:48:06 PM): Vanark!
(7:48:09 PM) Elemental Nimbus has entered the room.
Elemental Nimbus (7:48:12 PM): ?
Chon Niso (7:48:14 PM): o_o
PDF Dreadnot (7:48:15 PM): omg so many people
Nihon No X (7:48:15 PM): o_0
falumbard (7:48:16 PM): nutting?
falumbard (7:48:16 PM): never mind...
falumbard (7:48:16 PM): x_X
DOUG is FUNNY (7:48:17 PM): welcome bar...
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:48:20 PM): wow
Zechs875 (7:48:24 PM): I'm inviting ranmdom people
Chon Niso (7:48:24 PM): WHAT THE HELL IS ALL OF THIS???
Zechs875 (7:48:27 PM): just to make this fun
DOUG is FUNNY (7:48:29 PM): who is elemental?
Akira772 (7:48:30 PM): Zechs!
Elemental Nimbus (7:48:32 PM): I'm me.
Zechs875 (7:48:36 PM): he's cool
Zechs875 (7:48:39 PM): one of SgB
Zechs875 (7:48:42 PM): well..
DOUG is FUNNY (7:48:43 PM): ahh
Zechs875 (7:48:43 PM): former
falumbard (7:48:46 PM): Who is everyone here?
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:48:46 PM): hes...ive neva met him
PDF Dreadnot (7:48:47 PM): SgB is dead
(7:48:49 PM) Annathopa has left the room.
Zechs875 (7:48:49 PM): yep
falumbard (7:48:50 PM): ME TOO!
Zechs875 (7:48:52 PM): noooo
PDF Dreadnot (7:48:52 PM): ITS DEAD ZECHS LET IT GO!
falumbard (7:48:53 PM): WHY ME!
falumbard (7:48:56 PM): WHY ME!!!!
Elemental Nimbus (7:49:00 PM): I'm dizzy x.x
Zechs875 (7:49:03 PM): this is fun
DOUG is FUNNY (7:49:05 PM): LIVE DAMMIT!!!111
Chon Niso (7:49:12 PM): Caps lock makes me a bigger presence Smile
falumbard (7:49:13 PM): OMGWTF!!!
DOUG is FUNNY (7:49:17 PM): so what is your game name nimbus?
Zechs875 (7:49:18 PM): where is coc
Chon Niso (7:49:18 PM): I concur
Zechs875 (7:49:27 PM): yes i am
Zechs875 (7:49:30 PM): TOE RAPE
Elemental Nimbus (7:49:30 PM): Die51
Nihon No X (7:49:33 PM): vanark has things to do o_0
DOUG is FUNNY (7:49:39 PM): nu uhn
(7:49:40 PM) Nihon No X has left the room.
DOUG is FUNNY (7:49:44 PM): liar
PDF Dreadnot (7:49:45 PM): awww Van
Chon Niso (7:49:46 PM): admin_vote_kick everyone
falumbard (7:49:47 PM): This is stupid.
falumbard (7:49:50 PM): What are we doing.
Chon Niso (7:49:51 PM): I know Smile
DOUG is FUNNY (7:49:52 PM): that is the point
falumbard (7:49:52 PM): Talking?
CoconutMonkey14 (7:49:54 PM): jesus
Akira772 (7:49:55 PM): Go away MAC.
falumbard (7:49:56 PM): Jees..
Zechs875 (7:49:57 PM): no
Chon Niso (7:49:57 PM): isn't it great Smile
PDF Dreadnot (7:50:02 PM): its insain
falumbard (7:50:05 PM): Hey.
CoconutMonkey14 (7:50:08 PM): i pressed the wrong button
Zechs875 (7:50:10 PM): it's FUNN DIDDLY UN
falumbard (7:50:11 PM): Someone told me to go away.
falumbard (7:50:14 PM): That's not nice.
DOUG is FUNNY (7:50:15 PM): meant to hit warn?
PDF Dreadnot (7:50:20 PM): Greer did he can burn in hell
Zechs875 (7:50:27 PM): yes he can
Akira772 (7:50:27 PM): That's right. The Admiral has spoken
falumbard (7:50:30 PM): ^^..
Zechs875 (7:50:31 PM): burn in hell greer
Akira772 (7:50:34 PM): hey wait a sec
Zechs875 (7:50:36 PM): what
DOUG is FUNNY (7:50:38 PM): can you tell we don't listen to him much?
CoconutMonkey14 (7:50:42 PM): i dont like this chat room =(
falumbard (7:50:45 PM): Seems so.
DOUG is FUNNY (7:50:52 PM): so how goes it coco?
(7:50:53 PM) Elemental Nimbus has left the room.
CoconutMonkey14 (7:51:05 PM): im scared
DOUG is FUNNY (7:51:11 PM): you should be
PDF Dreadnot (7:51:13 PM): be fraid... be very afraid
falumbard (7:51:14 PM): Yeah.
falumbard (7:51:22 PM): These people can be scary, I knoe.
CoconutMonkey14 (7:51:23 PM): HI DREAD
falumbard (7:51:24 PM): *know
CoconutMonkey14 (7:51:25 PM): I MISSED YOU
(7:51:26 PM) gavin has entered the room.
DOUG is FUNNY (7:51:26 PM): this many pdf don't get together in one place often
PDF Dreadnot (7:51:26 PM): HI!
falumbard (7:51:32 PM): Dont worry, I wont let them eat you. ^_^
DOUG is FUNNY (7:51:33 PM): and you see the reason
gavin (7:51:33 PM): i own several human beings
DOUG is FUNNY (7:51:43 PM): i own at least 12
Zechs875 (7:51:48 PM): 24!
Zechs875 (7:51:49 PM): HA
gavin (7:51:51 PM): damn!
Chon Niso (7:51:51 PM): Because PDF will end up killing eachother if we stay in the same room for too long Razz
Zechs875 (7:51:55 PM): yep
Akira772 (7:51:57 PM): True
PDF Dreadnot (7:52:02 PM): *kills chon*
gavin (7:52:02 PM): well i 0wn admiral greer...
PDF Dreadnot (7:52:04 PM): damn..
DOUG is FUNNY (7:52:04 PM): i have 60 more coming in next hour
Chon Niso (7:52:10 PM): we can talk one on one, but everyone in the same spot is a disaster Razz
falumbard (7:52:13 PM): Yoshimi will defeat the pink robots for you all!
falumbard (7:52:18 PM): Dont worry!
Chon Niso (7:52:20 PM): hurrah!
DOUG is FUNNY (7:52:21 PM): who is gavin?
Akira772 (7:52:22 PM): Hey, I'm working to buy myself off!
Zechs875 (7:52:31 PM): haha greer is a slave
falumbard (7:52:34 PM): (Flaming Lips reference...^^)
Chon Niso (7:52:39 PM): Moo
DOUG is FUNNY (7:52:41 PM): ten mnutes till i get an advancement
PDF Dreadnot (7:52:42 PM): M00f!
Chon Niso (7:52:48 PM): m00f!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
falumbard (7:52:49 PM): Wink Flaming Lips rock.
PDF Dreadnot (7:52:52 PM): M00f^2
DOUG is FUNNY (7:53:01 PM): spoon...
gavin (7:53:05 PM): GAVIN !!
Zechs875 (7:53:06 PM): Sp00n
Chon Niso (7:53:11 PM): m00f^2^3^4^5^6^7^8^9^10
PDF Dreadnot (7:53:16 PM): curses
DOUG is FUNNY (7:53:19 PM): heh
Chon Niso (7:53:19 PM): >: )
PDF Dreadnot (7:53:21 PM): defeated again
Zechs875 (7:53:28 PM): m00f^~
Zechs875 (7:53:29 PM): HA
Chon Niso (7:53:32 PM): thats like a hojillion
gavin (7:53:33 PM): im leaving.
Chon Niso (7:53:35 PM): >_<
Chon Niso (7:53:37 PM): damn it
gavin (7:53:40 PM): ps "no more lies"
(7:53:43 PM) gavin has left the room.
Chon Niso (7:53:44 PM): Destroyed by zechs
Akira772 (7:53:50 PM): What a dick
falumbard (7:53:57 PM): So, why are we all here?
Chon Niso (7:54:04 PM): to terrorise the world
DOUG is FUNNY (7:54:05 PM): moof/x, as x goes to infinite
Zechs875 (7:54:05 PM): Pete Pete and Pete
falumbard (7:54:09 PM): Just to chit-chat and act cwazy?
Zechs875 (7:54:12 PM): yes
PDF Dreadnot (7:54:15 PM): yep
Akira772 (7:54:15 PM): PDF was discussing plans to buy some ramen..
Chon Niso (7:54:18 PM): hehe
DOUG is FUNNY (7:54:20 PM): oooo
falumbard (7:54:21 PM): hah, like any of us are cwazy.
DOUG is FUNNY (7:54:22 PM): the ramen
Zechs875 (7:54:24 PM): we're going to put this online
falumbard (7:54:30 PM): WE ALL SMART AND SANE!!!
DOUG is FUNNY (7:54:31 PM): the convo?
Chon Niso (7:54:32 PM): Teh RAMMAN!!1
Zechs875 (7:54:37 PM): RANMA!
falumbard (7:54:37 PM): ^^...
DOUG is FUNNY (7:54:43 PM): or da ramin2!
Chon Niso (7:54:49 PM): YAS! WE ES TEH SAIN!!1
PDF Dreadnot (7:54:49 PM): yes.. I'm very sane... "I see dead people"
Zechs875 (7:54:50 PM): RAY MA
DOUG is FUNNY (7:54:54 PM): efinately not my underwear
Zechs875 (7:55:00 PM): ewww
DOUG is FUNNY (7:55:02 PM): we're gooing the wrong way
Akira772 (7:55:05 PM): In my pants!
Zechs875 (7:55:07 PM): which way is wrong?
DOUG is FUNNY (7:55:12 PM): got to watch whopner
Chon Niso (7:55:12 PM): Pirate
Chon Niso (7:55:14 PM): Pants
DOUG is FUNNY (7:55:22 PM): (rainman)
falumbard (7:55:27 PM): I see someone typing stupid things really fast...no wait, thats me...
falumbard (7:55:30 PM): whoops///
Chon Niso (7:55:30 PM): kglskgns
Chon Niso (7:55:31 PM): hkadgfa
Zechs875 (7:55:31 PM): HEY
(7:55:31 PM) I20ego05I has entered the room.
Chon Niso (7:55:32 PM): gdjg
DOUG is FUNNY (7:55:33 PM): hehe
PDF Dreadnot (7:55:35 PM): Eggo!
DOUG is FUNNY (7:55:37 PM): yak
Zechs875 (7:55:38 PM): it's everyones favorite person
I20ego05I (7:55:39 PM): ..
falumbard (7:55:39 PM): ^^
Chon Niso (7:55:42 PM): I shall spam myself to freedom!
Chon Niso (7:55:42 PM): algjha
Zechs875 (7:55:43 PM): WE love 3g0
Akira772 (7:55:43 PM): Leggo my eggo!
Chon Niso (7:55:43 PM): galkg
Chon Niso (7:55:44 PM): aeglk
Chon Niso (7:55:45 PM): ga
DOUG is FUNNY (7:55:48 PM): ph33r
PDF Dreadnot (7:55:50 PM): Eggo Eggo Eggo!
Chon Niso (7:55:56 PM): Leggo my Eggo
I20ego05I (7:56:02 PM): stop making fun of me
PDF Dreadnot (7:56:02 PM): NEVA!
DOUG is FUNNY (7:56:05 PM): so hows things egoboo?
I20ego05I (7:56:15 PM): zechs told me he hated me..
Zechs875 (7:56:18 PM): no
falumbard (7:56:20 PM): liar
Chon Niso (7:56:20 PM): I'll stop friend
Zechs875 (7:56:23 PM): I wuv j00
PDF Dreadnot (7:56:27 PM): Egoboo.. must abe a new pokemon.. POKEBALL GO!
Chon Niso (7:56:32 PM): >_<
DOUG is FUNNY (7:56:37 PM): (for your information egoboo is a cool game http://egoboo.sourceforge.net)
Chon Niso (7:56:39 PM): that was like, a nut shot right there
PDF Dreadnot (7:56:45 PM): I did it! \/ I captured an Egoboo
falumbard (7:56:46 PM): EGOBOO BAD.
DOUG is FUNNY (7:56:53 PM): have you played it?
Akira772 (7:57:04 PM): Oooh! Egoboo! It's so cute!
Zechs875 (7:57:06 PM): I heard it smelled like.....like blood
Zechs875 (7:57:13 PM): and Fish
DOUG is FUNNY (7:57:15 PM): actually...
Chon Niso (7:57:16 PM): damn th Eva Refrences!
PDF Dreadnot (7:57:16 PM): thats you
DOUG is FUNNY (7:57:17 PM): yes
Zechs875 (7:57:17 PM): with a hint of lemon
PDF Dreadnot (7:57:21 PM): take a shower zechs
Zechs875 (7:57:24 PM): I did
DOUG is FUNNY (7:57:24 PM): the giant bug went down the drain
Zechs875 (7:57:27 PM): last week
Akira772 (7:57:27 PM): Send it into battle against my.... VANARK! Go!
PDF Dreadnot (7:57:35 PM): Not Teh Vanark!
PDF Dreadnot (7:57:47 PM): Egoboo! Attack with your AIDS attack!
Akira772 (7:57:48 PM): Vanark! M4 attack!
Zechs875 (7:57:59 PM): ya
I20ego05I (7:58:01 PM): why am i here?
Akira772 (7:58:02 PM): Nooo! It has aids!
Zechs875 (7:58:04 PM): because
Chon Niso (7:58:05 PM): Colt Commando! Go!
PDF Dreadnot (7:58:07 PM): Egoboo Conc it!
Chon Niso (7:58:09 PM): ** shoots everyone **
falumbard (7:58:11 PM): You want to lose brain cells, my friend.
DOUG is FUNNY (7:58:15 PM): http://unc.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/e goboo/ego222.zip
Akira772 (7:58:19 PM): Vanark! Use your backup AWP attack!
Zechs875 (7:58:24 PM): shut up
PDF Dreadnot (7:58:27 PM): Egoboo agility!
Zechs875 (7:58:27 PM): anyway
Chon Niso (7:58:28 PM): Nooo!!! Snipers n0000bs@@@
Zechs875 (7:58:32 PM): down to buisness
falumbard (7:58:37 PM): If you dont, because you only have a few, none to spare, we bestow you permission to leave immedietly.
I20ego05I (7:58:40 PM): *looks around* freaks out
DOUG is FUNNY (7:58:45 PM): ?
falumbard (7:58:50 PM): NOW!
falumbard (7:58:52 PM): ^^
Zechs875 (7:58:53 PM): woooogly wooo
Akira772 (7:58:53 PM): What? This is us on a good day
Zechs875 (7:58:56 PM): yep
PDF Dreadnot (7:59:04 PM): Egoboo hit it with your Super Shotty! Now a Hand Grenade!
Zechs875 (7:59:06 PM): we've all taken our prozak and ritalin
DOUG is FUNNY (7:59:10 PM): considering we are all on, that is a good day
I20ego05I (7:59:11 PM): is there a reason im here guys?
Zechs875 (7:59:14 PM): yes
PDF Dreadnot (7:59:16 PM): I WIN! *\/* victory sign
Zechs875 (7:59:17 PM): a very good one
Akira772 (7:59:18 PM): Noooo! Vanark return!
DOUG is FUNNY (7:59:20 PM): because you clicked yes when invited
Zechs875 (7:59:22 PM): I cna't think of it now
Zechs875 (7:59:29 PM): but I'll tell you when I do
I20ego05I (7:59:30 PM): okay well ill go then..
DOUG is FUNNY (7:59:35 PM): no!!!!1111
Zechs875 (7:59:35 PM): no
I20ego05I (7:59:38 PM): okay
Zechs875 (7:59:39 PM): we need the 3g0
PDF Dreadnot (7:59:40 PM): NOOOoooOOOooO
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (7:59:42 PM): ....
Chon Niso (7:59:46 PM): This is just for insainty
I20ego05I (7:59:46 PM): im not ego
Zechs875 (7:59:47 PM): what?
Akira772 (7:59:50 PM): My waffle!
DOUG is FUNNY (7:59:50 PM): action YaK
I20ego05I (7:59:54 PM): nor yak
Zechs875 (7:59:55 PM): you're not 3g0?
I20ego05I (8:00:00 PM): im blink
Zechs875 (8:00:01 PM): you not yak?
Chon Niso (8:00:01 PM): this chat serves no purpous what so ever
DOUG is FUNNY (8:00:03 PM): who are you now?
falumbard (8:00:04 PM): So, must we speak l33t?
PDF Dreadnot (8:00:04 PM): hes Eggo fool
Zechs875 (8:00:09 PM): stop changing NAMES!!
Chon Niso (8:00:12 PM): except for talking i nfrench
DOUG is FUNNY (8:00:15 PM): it had a purpose, but neo stole it
DOUG is FUNNY (8:00:26 PM): now Agent SMith must steal Neo's
falumbard (8:00:27 PM): Did not.
falumbard (8:00:32 PM): Did not.
falumbard (8:00:35 PM): Did not.
falumbard (8:00:36 PM): hahaha
Chon Niso (8:00:36 PM): thems fightin words Razz
PDF Dreadnot (8:00:37 PM): Neo is NOT TEH ONE! CHON IS!
Zechs875 (8:00:38 PM): Did too
DOUG is FUNNY (8:00:41 PM): *hacks into neo*
Chon Niso (8:00:43 PM): o.o
falumbard (8:00:48 PM): WTF?
Chon Niso (8:00:51 PM): stFalcon Clames that I am Jesus
I20ego05I (8:00:58 PM): im the only tfc guy in here right...
Zechs875 (8:01:01 PM): no
falumbard (8:01:02 PM): Ah, thats it boys, I'm the one and now you cant stay outside to play!!
Chon Niso (8:01:03 PM): heck no
PDF Dreadnot (8:01:04 PM): I play tfc..
Zechs875 (8:01:05 PM): we're all tfc guys
Chon Niso (8:01:07 PM): TFC is great fun
Zechs875 (8:01:11 PM): well except falumbard
I20ego05I (8:01:12 PM): well the best one then..
DOUG is FUNNY (8:01:13 PM): such smut, what are you thinking about paperboy like that for? did he have you in his van?
Akira772 (8:01:23 PM): 0_0
falumbard (8:01:24 PM): *Everyone Freezes and Dies except me*
falumbard (8:01:28 PM): Whoops.
Chon Niso (8:01:32 PM): *** frozen **
PDF Dreadnot (8:01:35 PM): *dead*
Zechs875 (8:01:38 PM): *Mmm Frosty*
I20ego05I (8:01:41 PM): well how about we all go play on d2r
Akira772 (8:01:44 PM): *melting*
falumbard (8:01:45 PM): *Using Misc. Final Fantasy Potions and everyone wakes up*
PDF Dreadnot (8:01:48 PM): D2r SuxX0rs
Zechs875 (8:01:50 PM): good luck ego
DOUG is FUNNY (8:01:51 PM): i serves the rosties that makes the peoples fall down
falumbard (8:01:53 PM): Er..hey guys...sorry about that.
Zechs875 (8:02:02 PM): ROSTIES!!
I20ego05I (8:02:03 PM): you guys dont wanna play?
Chon Niso (8:02:03 PM): NO! NEVER!
falumbard (8:02:07 PM): Yeah..Like...it was a slip...
Chon Niso (8:02:08 PM): Razz
Akira772 (8:02:10 PM): Where's coco?
falumbard (8:02:11 PM): NO!!!!!
I20ego05I (8:02:15 PM): coco
PDF Dreadnot (8:02:15 PM): I ate him
Zechs875 (8:02:18 PM): dread killed coco
Chon Niso (8:02:19 PM): mmmm
DOUG is FUNNY (8:02:19 PM): i think he is avoiding us
falumbard (8:02:23 PM): oh well.
DOUG is FUNNY (8:02:26 PM): he has an avoidant personality
I20ego05I (8:02:26 PM): you mean .Coco
I20ego05I (8:02:30 PM): ?
Chon Niso (8:02:32 PM): Thats what you do
Chon Niso (8:02:44 PM): hide under your bed if your afraid
Chon Niso (8:02:48 PM): we cant get you down there
PDF Dreadnot (8:02:49 PM): *hides*
(8:02:55 PM) I20ego05I has left the room.
Zechs875 (8:02:56 PM): yes
Chon Niso (8:03:00 PM): except for AG
Chon Niso (8:03:03 PM): that awp whore!
PDF Dreadnot (8:03:04 PM): LIES!
PDF Dreadnot (8:03:11 PM): I'm TEh AWP WHORE!
CoconutMonkey14 (8:03:12 PM): ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
CoconutMonkey14 (8:03:14 PM): MY GOD
Akira772 (8:03:22 PM): hahahaha! admin_map awp_map
Chon Niso (8:03:27 PM): noooooooooo
Chon Niso (8:03:32 PM): It hurts and stings~
Akira772 (8:03:41 PM): admin_map scout_map2
PDF Dreadnot (8:03:44 PM): *shoots chon wit an awp*
Chon Niso (8:03:52 PM): x_x
Chon Niso (8:04:13 PM): Anyone here can dodge bullets?
Akira772 (8:04:14 PM): actually... admin_map fy_snow
PDF Dreadnot (8:04:21 PM): NOT SNOW!
Chon Niso (8:04:23 PM): ... except falumbard
PDF Dreadnot (8:04:25 PM): ADmin_ban Greer
Akira772 (8:04:28 PM): My spray goes good with the AWP windows on it!
Chon Niso (8:04:28 PM): his other name is Neo
Chon Niso (8:04:50 PM): so its safe to assume that hes to good for us normal CS players
Chon Niso (8:04:56 PM): Razz
PDF Dreadnot (8:04:57 PM): my spray is 1337357
Akira772 (8:05:17 PM): Kiyone?
PDF Dreadnot (8:05:21 PM): ya
Zechs875 (8:05:22 PM): MISHOSHI
Chon Niso (8:05:25 PM): My spray... means nothing
Akira772 (8:05:33 PM): Mihoshi is scary
Zechs875 (8:05:37 PM): I'm using paperboy's spray
Zechs875 (8:05:39 PM): his is scary
PDF Dreadnot (8:05:44 PM): his is freaky
Akira772 (8:05:48 PM): His van?
Zechs875 (8:05:50 PM): no
Chon Niso (8:05:53 PM): >_<
PDF Dreadnot (8:05:55 PM): no its a cucumber.. thing
Zechs875 (8:05:56 PM): his little wierd d00d
Zechs875 (8:06:00 PM): it's scary
Zechs875 (8:06:02 PM): hey
Chon Niso (8:06:04 PM): Damn that Child Molester van!!!
Zechs875 (8:06:08 PM): I'm going to invite Tyler
Chon Niso (8:06:10 PM): it haunts me >_<
PDF Dreadnot (8:06:11 PM): why
Zechs875 (8:06:15 PM): because
Zechs875 (8:06:18 PM): it's fun
PDF Dreadnot (8:06:19 PM): he will leave
Zechs875 (8:06:23 PM): yes he will
Chon Niso (8:06:27 PM): thats already given
Zechs875 (8:06:32 PM): but if he says one thing it'll be funny
Zechs875 (8:06:34 PM): so
Akira772 (8:06:38 PM): Mandor is here
PDF Dreadnot (8:06:39 PM): he will ban hammer us all for being freaks
Zechs875 (8:06:47 PM): nah
Akira772 (8:06:52 PM): He has nothing to say to you guys
PDF Dreadnot (8:06:59 PM): tell him he sucks
Chon Niso (8:07:00 PM): Well, I dont post really, so I dont care Smile
Akira772 (8:07:16 PM): He has no response
Chon Niso (8:07:16 PM): I have all my buddies on messenger
(8:07:23 PM) DOUG is FUNNY has left the room.
Chon Niso (8:07:25 PM): So there Smile
PDF Dreadnot (8:07:28 PM): DOUG!!!!
Zechs875 (8:07:56 PM): he has been invited
PDF Dreadnot (8:08:00 PM): i did it
Zechs875 (8:08:04 PM): and now he shall never come on
Akira772 (8:08:05 PM): so did i
(8:08:10 PM) rednekbob9 has entered the room.
PDF Dreadnot (8:08:12 PM): i DiD it Firstest!
Akira772 (8:08:14 PM): Here he comes!
Akira772 (8:08:19 PM): Here comes speed racer!
Zechs875 (8:08:19 PM): to save the day
rednekbob9 (8:08:20 PM): i hate you all
Zechs875 (8:08:25 PM): YAy
PDF Dreadnot (8:08:25 PM): Hi Tyler!
Akira772 (8:08:32 PM): AHHH! Rednecks! Killkillkill!
Zechs875 (8:08:39 PM): you know who that is?
Akira772 (8:08:42 PM): No
Zechs875 (8:08:54 PM): the guy
Zechs875 (8:08:57 PM): you know
Akira772 (8:08:58 PM): ...
rednekbob9 (8:09:00 PM): the me?
Zechs875 (8:09:04 PM): yes the you
PDF Dreadnot (8:09:04 PM): The you!
Akira772 (8:09:12 PM): Wait... Tyler...
Zechs875 (8:09:15 PM): yes
PDF Dreadnot (8:09:19 PM): Bingo you win the prize
rednekbob9 (8:09:22 PM): i am the me
Zechs875 (8:09:26 PM): need wav file!
Akira772 (8:09:32 PM): Tyler+TDA+TI+ one variable +three pigs =....
rednekbob9 (8:09:38 PM): ...?
Zechs875 (8:09:40 PM): Banhammer?
PDF Dreadnot (8:09:41 PM): ??
Akira772 (8:09:43 PM): TylerL, the guy who runs the show?
Zechs875 (8:09:45 PM): YES
PDF Dreadnot (8:09:48 PM): yes damnit
Akira772 (8:09:49 PM): o_O
Chon Niso (8:09:54 PM): moo
rednekbob9 (8:09:54 PM): who is the non-believer?
PDF Dreadnot (8:09:56 PM): m00f!
Zechs875 (8:10:02 PM): *Points to greer*
Chon Niso (8:10:02 PM): m00f!!!
rednekbob9 (8:10:17 PM): you will never be forgiven
Akira772 (8:10:21 PM): -_-
PDF Dreadnot (8:10:27 PM): Send the lawn gnomes after him!
rednekbob9 (8:10:32 PM): i can't
PDF Dreadnot (8:10:35 PM): aww
Zechs875 (8:10:38 PM): they're on vacation
Chon Niso (8:10:38 PM): on vacation?
Chon Niso (8:10:42 PM): heeeey
(8:10:43 PM) DOUG is FUNNY has entered the room.
Chon Niso (8:10:47 PM): he beat me too it
Zechs875 (8:10:56 PM): or are they attacking Harvard?
Akira772 (8:11:00 PM): Praise Allah! Doug is here
PDF Dreadnot (8:11:03 PM): or canada?
rednekbob9 (8:11:03 PM): their boat got stranded in the atlantic on their way back from Iraq
Zechs875 (8:11:09 PM): damnit
PDF Dreadnot (8:11:09 PM): lol
DOUG is FUNNY (8:11:17 PM): so thats where zogg is?
rednekbob9 (8:11:19 PM): most of them are slowly floating to shore
rednekbob9 (8:11:23 PM): he's in Japan
DOUG is FUNNY (8:11:25 PM): oh...
Zechs875 (8:11:29 PM): he's an evil man
rednekbob9 (8:11:31 PM): yes
rednekbob9 (8:11:32 PM): yes he is
DOUG is FUNNY (8:11:35 PM): so who is floating in from iraq?
Chon Niso (8:11:39 PM): Swim gnomes! Swim!
rednekbob9 (8:11:44 PM): the gnomes
Zechs875 (8:11:46 PM): he should buy us all cases and cases of pocky to make up for it
DOUG is FUNNY (8:11:50 PM): oh the g'nomes
Chon Niso (8:11:56 PM): So, they float well then?
DOUG is FUNNY (8:11:56 PM): GNu gnomes...
Akira772 (8:11:59 PM): And ramen. Lots of ramen.
Zechs875 (8:12:02 PM): eww
PDF Dreadnot (8:12:08 PM): i thought they were concrete gnomes
rednekbob9 (8:12:12 PM): ramen and picky can be acquired in america
rednekbob9 (8:12:14 PM): pocky
Zechs875 (8:12:18 PM): okay
Akira772 (8:12:19 PM): Not the good types.
rednekbob9 (8:12:19 PM): wooden gnomes
rednekbob9 (8:12:24 PM): yes they dan
Chon Niso (8:12:24 PM): Ah, I getcha
rednekbob9 (8:12:24 PM): can
DOUG is FUNNY (8:12:25 PM): what realm should i steal from?
rednekbob9 (8:12:25 PM): gah
Zechs875 (8:12:31 PM): buy us Import PS2 games
Zechs875 (8:12:53 PM): or rare art books
Chon Niso (8:12:54 PM): I rely on my local LAN Cafe
Chon Niso (8:12:57 PM): Very Happy
rednekbob9 (8:13:03 PM): i go to my local Japanese mall
Zechs875 (8:13:10 PM): ...
DOUG is FUNNY (8:13:12 PM): what is pocky?
Chon Niso (8:13:13 PM): We dont have any of those here
Zechs875 (8:13:15 PM): it's good
rednekbob9 (8:13:20 PM): someday, i should do a feature on it
PDF Dreadnot (8:13:22 PM): never had pocky..
Zechs875 (8:13:27 PM): o.0
Zechs875 (8:13:28 PM): omg
Akira772 (8:13:30 PM): Pocky is like spam musubi
Akira772 (8:13:34 PM): Heaven on earth
Zechs875 (8:13:34 PM): it's like better than cookies
Chon Niso (8:13:35 PM): That would avtualy be a rather nice read
rednekbob9 (8:13:38 PM): pocky must be tried by all
PDF Dreadnot (8:13:50 PM): must try pocky.. or be smitten
rednekbob9 (8:13:50 PM): YanYan is much better than Pocky though
Chon Niso (8:14:01 PM): Its like little bundles of heaven
Zechs875 (8:14:03 PM): yep
Chon Niso (8:14:15 PM): well.... boxes actualy
Akira772 (8:14:16 PM): Ehhhh... YanYan is good... But they dont give enough stuff. Too many sticks
Zechs875 (8:14:19 PM): I bought two boxes at jacon
Chon Niso (8:14:22 PM): not really bundles in the sence
rednekbob9 (8:14:27 PM): you need to manage the frosting consumption
Akira772 (8:14:31 PM): Yeah
Zechs875 (8:14:32 PM): but i left THEM IN THE CAR
rednekbob9 (8:14:42 PM): infact, i've had frosting LEFT OVER after consumption
Akira772 (8:14:46 PM): o_O
Zechs875 (8:14:47 PM): and they all melted into a giant SUPER POCKY STICK OF d00m
Chon Niso (8:14:51 PM): ...
Chon Niso (8:14:52 PM): Wow
(8:14:53 PM) CoconutMonkey14 has left the room.
DOUG is FUNNY (8:14:59 PM): heh
Akira772 (8:15:01 PM): Tell us about the cosplayers
DOUG is FUNNY (8:15:03 PM): took him long enough
Chon Niso (8:15:04 PM): I want the Pocky stick of doom!
Zechs875 (8:15:06 PM): you
Zechs875 (8:15:14 PM): do not want to know the horrors I've seen
Zechs875 (8:15:21 PM): though i'm sure tyler has seen far worse
Akira772 (8:15:23 PM): I thought she was your friend?
Zechs875 (8:15:26 PM): oh her
Zechs875 (8:15:31 PM): she kicks ass
rednekbob9 (8:15:36 PM): ?
Zechs875 (8:15:49 PM): I'm talking about the 400lb black girls dressed up as pretty sammy
rednekbob9 (8:15:53 PM): heh
PDF Dreadnot (8:15:55 PM): *snicker*
Akira772 (8:15:59 PM): *hides*
rednekbob9 (8:16:05 PM): i've been de-sensitized to all forms of awfulness
Zechs875 (8:16:21 PM): and
Chon Niso (8:16:22 PM): I have yet to see such horrors
Zechs875 (8:16:26 PM): she did fan service
Chon Niso (8:16:27 PM): I am pleased
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (8:16:28 PM): wow....
rednekbob9 (8:16:30 PM): eew
Zechs875 (8:16:36 PM): IT WAS HORRID
Akira772 (8:16:48 PM): did everyone cover their eyes?
Zechs875 (8:16:51 PM): no
Akira772 (8:16:54 PM): ...
PDF Dreadnot (8:17:02 PM): they are blind now
Akira772 (8:17:03 PM): Too scared to move?
Zechs875 (8:17:05 PM): a few of them just poked them otu
rednekbob9 (8:17:05 PM): otakus are desperate for real people
Akira772 (8:17:05 PM): ah
Zechs875 (8:17:11 PM): yes
rednekbob9 (8:17:20 PM): regardless of body fat percentage
Akira772 (8:17:21 PM): Fanboy.... BANG!
Zechs875 (8:17:22 PM): no one has lower self esteem than otakus
Zechs875 (8:17:46 PM): it's sad really
Akira772 (8:17:52 PM): Thank buddah i'm not one
PDF Dreadnot (8:17:56 PM): yes, sechs is one of them
PDF Dreadnot (8:17:59 PM): *zechs
Zechs875 (8:18:04 PM): no denying ^_^
Akira772 (8:18:17 PM): Zechs enjoys good rounds of sechs
Zechs875 (8:18:20 PM): o.0
PDF Dreadnot (8:18:23 PM): lol
Zechs875 (8:18:28 PM): I hate you
PDF Dreadnot (8:18:29 PM): i choked on my water reading that
Zechs875 (8:18:36 PM): CHOKE AN DIE
PDF Dreadnot (8:18:44 PM): *laughing really hard*
rednekbob9 (8:18:45 PM): haha
Akira772 (8:18:56 PM): hehe
Zechs875 (8:18:59 PM): ..
Zechs875 (8:19:01 PM): grr]
Chon Niso (8:19:06 PM): ^_^
Zechs875 (8:19:13 PM): Mmm pocky
PDF Dreadnot (8:19:22 PM): sure change the subject
Zechs875 (8:19:24 PM): all this talk of pocky made me go get some out of fridge
Akira772 (8:19:29 PM): So back to the original question from when we started at 7:15...
Zechs875 (8:19:35 PM): which was?
Akira772 (8:19:37 PM): Who want some wang?
PDF Dreadnot (8:19:38 PM): eh?
Chon Niso (8:19:38 PM): there was a question?
Chon Niso (8:19:43 PM): ahh >_<
PDF Dreadnot (8:19:50 PM): that,....
Zechs875 (8:19:57 PM): are we going to be tested on this
Chon Niso (8:20:04 PM): No Wang damn it >_<
PDF Dreadnot (8:20:06 PM): is that a trick question?
PDF Dreadnot (8:20:13 PM): can I select maby?
Akira772 (8:20:23 PM): Yes
Zechs875 (8:20:26 PM): can I select kill greer
rednekbob9 (8:20:33 PM): by "some", does that mean plural?
Akira772 (8:20:55 PM): maybe works.
Zechs875 (8:21:05 PM): I think some means very little
PDF Dreadnot (8:21:18 PM): I think it means however much you want
Zechs875 (8:21:18 PM): Ooooooo
Zechs875 (8:21:22 PM): denied!
PDF Dreadnot (8:21:48 PM): what was this chat for anyway...
Zechs875 (8:21:55 PM): I have no idea
Akira772 (8:22:01 PM): ...Originally so Doug and I could talk
Zechs875 (8:22:04 PM): my sanity left me about three hours ago
PDF Dreadnot (8:22:06 PM): i could have a new high score in counterstrike by now
Chon Niso (8:22:12 PM): I dont question, I just click on the invite
Akira772 (8:22:15 PM): While I sent over that kick-a$$ flash movie I made
Akira772 (8:22:37 PM): You know... With Geraldo.
Chon Niso (8:22:37 PM): you guys are a bunch of characters Razz
Zechs875 (8:22:47 PM): somehow i'm guessing that flash will make my server go boom
Zechs875 (8:22:50 PM): so
Zechs875 (8:22:56 PM): I'm wary of uploading it
(8:22:57 PM) DOUG is FUNNY has left the room.
Akira772 (8:22:58 PM): awwww
Chon Niso (8:23:09 PM): the flash had me laughing for a bit
(8:23:12 PM) Ph33r D4 Ch4kz has left the room.
PDF Dreadnot (8:23:20 PM): *links the flash to a major porn site to kills zechs banwith*
Akira772 (8:23:27 PM): hahahahahaha
Zechs875 (8:23:33 PM): I have 10 gigs
Chon Niso (8:23:35 PM): then again I'm easly amused
PDF Dreadnot (8:23:38 PM): that will go in a day
Zechs875 (8:23:46 PM): it would have to be downloaded 4000 times
rednekbob9 (8:23:56 PM): http://www.adultswim.com/webcam/
rednekbob9 (8:24:06 PM): party at Cartoon Network's house!
Zechs875 (8:24:10 PM): w00t
(8:24:12 PM) Ph33r D4 Ch4kz has entered the room.
rednekbob9 (8:24:13 PM): Space Ghost is there
PDF Dreadnot (8:24:13 PM): w00ters!
Ph33r D4 Ch4kz (8:24:17 PM): Im bak
rednekbob9 (8:24:17 PM): and Brak
rednekbob9 (8:24:20 PM): and Meatwad
rednekbob9 (8:24:25 PM): and Birdman
Zechs875 (8:24:25 PM): I've met space ghost twice
Chon Niso (8:24:32 PM): whats going where?
Zechs875 (8:24:32 PM): he's a funny guy
rednekbob9 (8:24:37 PM): http://www.adultswim.com/webcam/
Chon Niso (8:24:37 PM): oooooo
rednekbob9 (8:24:39 PM): http://www.adultswim.com/webcam/
Akira772 (8:24:43 PM): umm...
Chon Niso (8:24:44 PM): The pictures move!
rednekbob9 (8:24:45 PM): http://www.adultswim.com/webcam/
rednekbob9 (8:24:46 PM): http://www.adultswim.com/webcam/
rednekbob9 (8:24:47 PM): http://www.adultswim.com/webcam/
rednekbob9 (8:24:48 PM): http://www.adultswim.com/webcam/
rednekbob9 (8:24:49 PM): http://www.adultswim.com/webcam/
PDF Dreadnot (8:24:54 PM): ACK! SPAM KILL IT!
Akira772 (8:24:55 PM): admin_ban Tyler
Chon Niso (8:24:58 PM): Spamer! Kill!
Chon Niso (8:25:02 PM): Very Happy
Zechs875 (8:25:11 PM): we're going we're going ALRIGHT
rednekbob9 (8:25:13 PM): kill me and i shall become more powerful than you can ever imagine
PDF Dreadnot (8:25:19 PM): ...
Zechs875 (8:25:25 PM): I'm not touching that one
Akira772 (8:25:27 PM): That's not the line...
rednekbob9 (8:25:30 PM): i know
Chon Niso (8:25:32 PM): Curse you Obi! CURSE YOU!
rednekbob9 (8:25:34 PM): but it's still true
PDF Dreadnot (8:25:34 PM): how about we lock you in the closet instead?
falumbard (8:25:34 PM): back
Chon Niso (8:25:40 PM): asklfnaklgaga!!!
falumbard (8:25:41 PM): Sorry, was away.
Chon Niso (8:25:45 PM): I thought I killed you dead!
falumbard (8:25:54 PM): I'm only on for a bit longer, and then I'm going.
Chon Niso (8:26:06 PM): Thats not the point! I killed you!!
Chon Niso (8:26:25 PM): And I like that Striped pole in the middle of the room
Zechs875 (8:26:28 PM): Party W00000
falumbard (8:26:34 PM): I can come back after midnight....
Akira772 (8:26:37 PM): Dynamite rave!
rednekbob9 (8:26:48 PM): End of the Century
Akira772 (8:27:01 PM): Midnight blaze!
Zechs875 (8:27:06 PM): I thought that was a couple of years ago?
rednekbob9 (8:27:19 PM): DDR song
rednekbob9 (8:27:22 PM): my specialty
Zechs875 (8:27:25 PM): oh
Akira772 (8:27:28 PM): DDR is awesome
Zechs875 (8:27:38 PM): there was a tournament at the con
Zechs875 (8:27:44 PM): I only got to see the very end
Chon Niso (8:27:49 PM): I'm so-so
Zechs875 (8:27:54 PM): it was unbelievably
Zechs875 (8:28:00 PM): sw33t
(8:28:03 PM) DOUG is FUNNY has entered the room.
DOUG is FUNNY (8:28:21 PM): maybe I'll be able to stay awhile this time
Zechs875 (8:28:23 PM): they put Riverdance to shame in terms of foot speed
Chon Niso (8:28:28 PM): what I'm really good at is another Konami game called Dance Freaks, except you use only your hands and these lazer sesors
Akira772 (8:28:45 PM): I thought that was ParaPara Paradise
Chon Niso (8:28:46 PM): Doubt anyone has heard of it
Zechs875 (8:29:00 PM): meetwad is looking at me...
Chon Niso (8:29:07 PM): I play it at the FoxWoods arcade
rednekbob9 (8:29:16 PM): meatwad looks good enough to eat
Chon Niso (8:29:17 PM): you know, that big casino place
rednekbob9 (8:29:25 PM): i'm going awa
rednekbob9 (8:29:26 PM): y
rednekbob9 (8:29:31 PM): because it's time to sleep
Zechs875 (8:29:33 PM): bye tyler
Zechs875 (8:29:35 PM): we love you
rednekbob9 (8:29:35 PM): and you people scare me
Akira772 (8:29:38 PM): Razz
rednekbob9 (8:29:41 PM): i hate you all
rednekbob9 (8:29:42 PM): bye bye bye bye bye
Chon Niso (8:29:43 PM): I scare myself at times
Zechs875 (8:29:43 PM): boo
falumbard (8:29:44 PM): Hey, for those who know in here, (maybe only you chon) the webmaster of AI wants me back again. Sheesh.
Akira772 (8:29:45 PM): We are the L337 ones!
(8:29:48 PM) rednekbob9 has left the room.
Chon Niso (8:29:50 PM): Hehe Razz
falumbard (8:30:07 PM): LOL
falumbard (8:30:11 PM): Happy?
Chon Niso (8:30:12 PM): wants you back? I thought he just "Fired" you a few minutes ago
falumbard (8:30:12 PM): ^^
falumbard (8:30:17 PM): He did.
falumbard (8:30:21 PM): lol
DOUG is FUNNY (8:30:22 PM): why
DOUG is FUNNY (8:30:23 PM): /?
Chon Niso (8:30:35 PM): beacuse Fal took a 2 week or so computer break
Zechs875 (8:30:38 PM): no
Akira772 (8:30:39 PM): Because they're from Texas.
Chon Niso (8:30:40 PM): not really...
falumbard (8:30:40 PM): The who?
falumbard (8:30:43 PM): =P
Chon Niso (8:30:51 PM): Razz
Zechs875 (8:30:54 PM): Did anyone watch soccer yeasterday!
DOUG is FUNNY (8:31:10 PM): soccer?
Chon Niso (8:31:10 PM): oh, sure -_-
DOUG is FUNNY (8:31:15 PM): -_-
DOUG is FUNNY (8:31:30 PM): i think skinny dipping is a good sport...
Chon Niso (8:31:39 PM): I concure
Akira772 (8:31:40 PM): Umm...
falumbard (8:31:40 PM): Soccer is really football.
DOUG is FUNNY (8:31:44 PM): or wet tshirt competition
Chon Niso (8:31:52 PM): Yes
DOUG is FUNNY (8:31:58 PM): and there is no e on the end of concur
Chon Niso (8:32:01 PM): and we are football americano Razz
Akira772 (8:32:01 PM): You wish you could see one
Akira772 (8:32:09 PM): But nobody will ever invite you
Zechs875 (8:32:14 PM): *cries*
Zechs875 (8:32:20 PM): you're a meen machine
DOUG is FUNNY (8:32:25 PM): i concur
Akira772 (8:32:27 PM): Quack!
Zechs875 (8:32:32 PM): Starts singing!
DOUG is FUNNY (8:32:38 PM): a duck
Akira772 (8:32:45 PM): I wanna new duck
Akira772 (8:32:53 PM): One that won't try to bite
DOUG is FUNNY (8:33:00 PM): wine
Zechs875 (8:33:01 PM): WIERD AL
Akira772 (8:33:18 PM): One that wont steal the beer!
DOUG is FUNNY (8:33:23 PM): ...
Akira772 (8:33:32 PM): Huey Lewis and the News is awesome
Zechs875 (8:33:34 PM): I'm awesome at music jeopardy
Zechs875 (8:33:40 PM): I own that album ^_^
Akira772 (8:33:43 PM): ...
Zechs875 (8:33:43 PM): Dare to be Stupid
Akira772 (8:33:56 PM): Look... For mr. goodbar
Zechs875 (8:34:08 PM): Let's all sing
Chon Niso (8:34:27 PM): dont lookit me
Zechs875 (8:34:30 PM): okay that just killed the mood
Zechs875 (8:34:34 PM): um
Zechs875 (8:34:38 PM): m00f?
Chon Niso (8:34:41 PM): m00f!!
Zechs875 (8:34:47 PM): ya
Zechs875 (8:34:55 PM): is anyone else alive out there
Zechs875 (8:34:57 PM): *echo*
Chon Niso (8:35:00 PM): Yes! Teh m00f!
Zechs875 (8:35:01 PM): god damnit
Chon Niso (8:35:10 PM): everyone just fell off the planet
Zechs875 (8:35:11 PM): I said is anyone alive out there!
DOUG is FUNNY (8:35:32 PM): no
Zechs875 (8:35:34 PM): yay caht room all to myself
Chon Niso (8:35:35 PM): the planets gravety just got weird
DOUG is FUNNY (8:35:36 PM): we're all in here
Zechs875 (8:35:36 PM): YAY
Zechs875 (8:35:47 PM): Douglas St. Clair
DOUG is FUNNY (8:35:51 PM): hmm
DOUG is FUNNY (8:35:56 PM): what?
Chon Niso (8:35:56 PM): and everyone except for you, me, and doug are gone
Zechs875 (8:35:59 PM): I don't know
Chon Niso (8:36:01 PM): and fell off the planet
DOUG is FUNNY (8:36:04 PM): John Nadiesco
Zechs875 (8:36:06 PM): you're name is just fun to type
Zechs875 (8:36:08 PM): HA
Zechs875 (8:36:12 PM): YOU GOT IT WRONG
Zechs875 (8:36:18 PM): I am not an anime series!
Chon Niso (8:36:19 PM): Nadesco Razz
DOUG is FUNNY (8:36:20 PM): I know
DOUG is FUNNY (8:36:25 PM): i can't remember your name
Zechs875 (8:36:31 PM): HAHA no one can
Zechs875 (8:36:36 PM): it's my secret weapon
Chon Niso (8:36:38 PM): My name is the easiest to remember
DOUG is FUNNY (8:36:39 PM): just that it starts with n
Akira772 (8:36:40 PM): My backpack's... Got Jets...
Chon Niso (8:36:42 PM): At least I think
Akira772 (8:36:47 PM): I'm Boba... The Fett...
DOUG is FUNNY (8:36:51 PM): *goes to look it up on your billing info*
Zechs875 (8:36:53 PM): good for you greer
Zechs875 (8:36:58 PM): hope it burns your ass off
DOUG is FUNNY (8:37:13 PM): Pizza the Hut
Chon Niso (8:37:13 PM): ooo
Akira772 (8:37:20 PM): I bounty hunt for Jabba the Hutt to finance my vette
Chon Niso (8:37:21 PM): He be dizzin yo'
Chon Niso (8:37:29 PM): yo gonna take that smack?
Zechs875 (8:37:31 PM): j0?
Zechs875 (8:37:45 PM): with some schmo?
Chon Niso (8:38:13 PM): boo yah
(8:38:32 PM) TLRCurl has entered the room.
Zechs875 (8:38:35 PM): Shinoba has come
TLRCurl (8:38:37 PM): Holy crap on a stick!
TLRCurl (8:38:39 PM): It's a PAAAARTY!
(8:38:41 PM) PDF Dreadnot has left the room.
Akira772 (8:38:42 PM): Who's this?
Zechs875 (8:38:43 PM): W00t
Zechs875 (8:38:46 PM): SHINOBO
Zechs875 (8:38:55 PM): Shinny bobo
Akira772 (8:38:56 PM): Yay! A battlefield lover!
Chon Niso (8:39:00 PM): Shin!
TLRCurl (8:39:00 PM): It be Shinobo, of the Dancin
TLRCurl (8:39:04 PM): ' Black Mage order.
DOUG is FUNNY (8:39:04 PM): shini
Chon Niso (8:39:12 PM): Hey! I like My Battlefield damn it! >_<
TLRCurl (8:39:29 PM): Goody!
Chon Niso (8:39:45 PM): Its the greatest Lan game EVAR
TLRCurl (8:39:53 PM): Battlefield is so awesome, it is beyond description. I cannot stop playing.
TLRCurl (8:39:57 PM): Hell yeag.
TLRCurl (8:40:00 PM): Had one this weekend.
(8:40:03 PM) vgws42 has entered the room.
TLRCurl (8:40:06 PM): Played it for 7 hours with 8 people.
TLRCurl (8:40:09 PM): Then we hopped online.
Akira772 (8:40:19 PM): wow
Zechs875 (8:40:20 PM): say hello..
Chon Niso (8:40:21 PM): It makes me happ Smile
Chon Niso (8:40:23 PM): hello!
Akira772 (8:40:28 PM): DC or standard
Zechs875 (8:40:29 PM): not you
Chon Niso (8:40:29 PM): Greetings!
Chon Niso (8:40:33 PM): d;lkgjsa;gjshg
Chon Niso (8:40:34 PM): sdf;lbgjs
Akira772 (8:40:35 PM): Who's the new guy?
Zechs875 (8:40:35 PM): or you
Zechs875 (8:40:39 PM): he's from TI
vgws42 (8:40:47 PM): Hiya, please vote for my site http://rocketbox.dndorks.com/votegatewa y.aspx?SiteID=9 we're one spot from 20
Zechs875 (8:40:50 PM): I forget his uname he hasn't posted in a while ^_^
Zechs875 (8:41:03 PM): and he likes to plug his site all the time..
vgws42 (8:41:04 PM): JKyle
Zechs875 (8:41:11 PM): yes it's JKyle
vgws42 (8:41:14 PM): I posted a couple days ago
DOUG is FUNNY (8:41:17 PM): who is he on TI?
Zechs875 (8:41:19 PM): yes
Akira772 (8:41:23 PM): Hmm
vgws42 (8:41:30 PM): I don't sitewhore often nowadays
TLRCurl (8:41:32 PM): Both.
vgws42 (8:41:40 PM): but we's sooooooooooo close
vgws42 (8:41:49 PM): anyway, greetings and whassup?
Zechs875 (8:41:53 PM): j0
Chon Niso (8:41:54 PM): Hola
TLRCurl (8:42:00 PM): Jesus.
Zechs875 (8:42:04 PM): Crist?
TLRCurl (8:42:11 PM): This is the most I've seen online of anyone from the TI community.
Chon Niso (8:42:11 PM): I was going to make a web comic with Ph33r, but we got reeeeeeeaaaalllly lazy
TLRCurl (8:42:20 PM): Even during the days of the old TDA borads.
Zechs875 (8:42:25 PM): I have nearly everyone's aim
Zechs875 (8:42:32 PM): ^_^
TLRCurl (8:42:38 PM): Tyler must come.
Zechs875 (8:42:42 PM): he did
Chon Niso (8:42:45 PM): Maybe I SHOULD go back to the boards
Zechs875 (8:42:46 PM): he was here for an hour
DOUG is FUNNY (8:42:48 PM): he came and went
TLRCurl (8:42:50 PM): You should.
Chon Niso (8:42:53 PM): we got into a lovely discussion about pocky
TLRCurl (8:42:54 PM): You bastard Chon.
Chon Niso (8:42:58 PM): hehe Very Happy
Zechs875 (8:43:03 PM): yes it was a fun talk
DOUG is FUNNY (8:43:06 PM): i love remix music
Zechs875 (8:43:17 PM): TI has remix music?
Akira772 (8:43:19 PM): -_-
Chon Niso (8:43:21 PM): So, if I go back will people know who the dillio I am still?
TLRCurl (8:43:24 PM): Oh yeah remix.overclocked.org
Akira772 (8:43:30 PM): I'm outta here. Gonna watch Die Another Day.
Zechs875 (8:43:32 PM): everyone remembers you cohn
TLRCurl (8:43:32 PM): I don't know.
Chon Niso (8:43:38 PM): wow Smile
TLRCurl (8:43:38 PM): Most of the n00bs don't know me. But I don't care.
Zechs875 (8:43:45 PM): we still love you
TLRCurl (8:43:47 PM): Cyas
Akira772 (8:43:52 PM): Wink
Zechs875 (8:43:56 PM): go away
Zechs875 (8:44:01 PM): shew
TLRCurl (8:44:04 PM): Hehehe
vgws42 (8:44:07 PM): Lupin>Bond
Zechs875 (8:44:11 PM): yes
Chon Niso (8:44:12 PM): I'm thinking of doing another attempt on the Web Comic Razz
Zechs875 (8:44:17 PM): except for connery
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That was the most nonsensical piece of crap I've ever read.

It should win a pullitzer.
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Okay as a little summary of this here's the deal. I get a message from my best friend that some asswhipe broke up with her and insulted her. So together the PDF united and....annoyed him.

PDF Dreadnot: you all know I'll kick you ass's in CS
Qballquinn: i need a new and better name for cs....
finaldragoon77: me too...i...think
PDF Dreadnot: even with my ping of 260
gfpaperboy22: to dread: .|..
Qballquinn: someone help me
Zechs875: ya all know i kick all j00 ass in TFC
PDF Dreadnot: ,,|,, -_- ,,|,,
Zechs875: hehe
gfpaperboy22: you know... if we played quake 2, i'd own you
Zechs875: well....we don't so
PDF Dreadnot: ut2k3 I'd "pwn" you all
Zechs875: stfu
gfpaperboy22: i need to get that
Zechs875: ^_^ swearing is fun
Qballquinn: no im pretty good at ut2k3
Qballquinn: low garv lasers is so much fun!
Qballquinn: grav*
PDF Dreadnot: so.. who is having TFC/CS trouble?
Qballquinn: me
finaldragoon77: damn computer not 1337 enough
gfpaperboy22: me
PDF Dreadnot: me
Zechs875: me
finaldragoon77: havent tried yet
gfpaperboy22: zechs doesn't count
PDF Dreadnot: i think Valve is out to get us
Qballquinn: anyone lag like no other yesterday?
gfpaperboy22: wait fdd
Zechs875: why not
PDF Dreadnot: they know we are the next NiP/sk|
finaldragoon77: i just got home
Zechs875: why don't I count
gfpaperboy22: ybefore you try it, add the line
"-startwindowed" into your halflife short cut
finaldragoon77: why
Zechs875: o.0
PDF Dreadnot: trust us
PDF Dreadnot: you'll need it
Zechs875: no
Zechs875: I'm never trusting you guys again
gfpaperboy22: because if it freezes like a bitch you can
ctrl,alt,delete your way out
PDF Dreadnot: Zechs.. your to paranoid
Zechs875: after that time I asked how to fix CS and you told
me just to hold ALT and press F4 a few times!
finaldragoon77: ok now what
gfpaperboy22: lol
gfpaperboy22: roflao
PDF Dreadnot: ... what does that do?
finaldragoon77: it starts up in a window
Zechs875: guess.....
gfpaperboy22: alt f4 exits all programs
PDF Dreadnot: OOooo ok
gfpaperboy22: or the program your in
PDF Dreadnot: *snickers*
Zechs875: hate you all
finaldragoon77: not me ^_^
gfpaperboy22: but if you hit it to much like a fool, it can screw
up your comp
finaldragoon77: now what gf?
Zechs875: yes you and YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO
finaldragoon77: you mean my 2 dogs
PDF Dreadnot: i have cats.. not dogs.
Zechs875: *shoot them all*
finaldragoon77: and one is fat
Zechs875: Cool
finaldragoon77: ok half life is up now what do i freakin do?
Zechs875: yay I made everyone stop talking
PDF Dreadnot: try to join a game
finaldragoon77: whats ci's ip
Zechs875: would everyone help me in something
Zechs875: I have this guy
Zechs875: who just broke up with my best friend
finaldragoon77: hello?
Zechs875: and said some pretty nasty stuff to her
Zechs875: would you guys help me warn him to death
finaldragoon77: ip?
finaldragoon77: sure why not
gfpaperboy22: brb
PDF Dreadnot:
PDF Dreadnot: ok.. zechs..
finaldragoon77: nope wont login
Zechs875: yes
finaldragoon77: ill help zechs
PDF Dreadnot: the way you started out the sentence "I have
this guy"... that just doesnt sound right O_o
Zechs875: his SN is bamboo1987
Zechs875: lol
Zechs875: go my minions
PDF Dreadnot: no
PDF Dreadnot: I'm no minion of you
Zechs875: (
Zechs875: but he called her a sluty bitch
finaldragoon77: will do zechs
PDF Dreadnot: paper will though
Zechs875: among other nasty things
PDF Dreadnot: i'd just beat the crap ouit of him
Zechs875: he's in Marlbrough, MA
PDF Dreadnot: errr..
Zechs875: that's a little far even for you
gfpaperboy22: back
Zechs875: bamboo1987
Zechs875: GO
Zechs875: KILL
finaldragoon77: im just waiting for gf to start
Zechs875: Go paper go
Zechs875: um.....hello
finaldragoon77: hurry up
PDF Dreadnot: Paperboy! I choose you!!!1111
finaldragoon77: i dont feel like insulting him alone
Qballquinn has left the room.
PDF Dreadnot: Aim Warn ATTACK!!!11111
Zechs875: Paper Paper Papreboy
gfpaperboy22: I will not participate in killing others unless i'm
personally offended
gfpaperboy22: ::stabs dread::
finaldragoon77: but he offended a friend
Zechs875: this isn't killing
Qballquinn has entered the room.
Zechs875: it's just.....causing discomfort
finaldragoon77: what if he warns back
Zechs875: block him
gfpaperboy22: ::nukes Florida to get rid zechs as well::
Zechs875: *cries*
gfpaperboy22: good
PDF Dreadnot: paper.. you'd need 2 nukes
PDF Dreadnot: you can only get 1 of us with a nuke
Zechs875: probably three to get all of the panhandel
PDF Dreadnot: and neither live close enough to disney
gfpaperboy22: I already stabbed you
PDF Dreadnot: yeah.. in the leg
Zechs875: oh darn
Zechs875: I guess no one wants to help
Zechs875: YAY
gfpaperboy22: hehehe
Zechs875: whoever did that i'll give a COOKIE to
finaldragoon77: i cant warn him anymore
gfpaperboy22: thats the spirit
finaldragoon77: i only got him up to 3%
PDF Dreadnot: lol warning 100% yet?
gfpaperboy22: fine I'll do this dirty deed
finaldragoon77: sorry zechs
Zechs875: damn
gfpaperboy22: from my other SN
Zechs875: hehe
gfpaperboy22: brb
gfpaperboy22 has left the room.
Zechs875: Ooo
PDF Dreadnot: *evil laugh*
Zechs875: this is gonna be fun
Zechs875: and.......
Zechs875: DASTARDLY!
PDF Dreadnot: Hey Q-ball, what cs probs you having?
Zechs875: Only 5!
PDF Dreadnot: lol fdd is warned
Qballquinn: cant gon on any net games
finaldragoon77: help
Zechs875: Ooooo
Zechs875: he's getting you bad
finaldragoon77: how come he can do that
Zechs875: no clue
Zechs875: did you warn anonamosly
finaldragoon77: yes
Zechs875: GO PAPER
Zechs875: WOOOOOO
Zechs875: Dread
PDF Dreadnot: wut
Zechs875: I NEED j00!
PDF Dreadnot: what he at
Zechs875: 40
Zechs875: Ill give you money at megacon
PDF Dreadnot has left the room.
finaldragoon77: i got someone else to help out
Zechs875: w00t
finaldragoon77: crap hes trying to get info out of me
Zechs875: BLOCK HIM!
finaldragoon77: and i cant warn him anymore
gfpaperboy22 has entered the room.
gfpaperboy22: thats better
Zechs875: gfpaperboy22:
Zechs875: AH JEBUS
finaldragoon77: mine eyes
finaldragoon77: be careful zechs
Zechs875: ^_^
finaldragoon77: i think hes mad now
Zechs875: ^_^
Zechs875: i'm so happy
Zechs875: I could burst
finaldragoon77: i had to give your sn to him or hed warn me to
Zechs875: um
Zechs875: WHO GAVE HIM MY SN!!
Zechs875: HE CAN"T!
Zechs875: MY GOD
Zechs875: NOOOooooo1
Zechs875: MY PLAN
Zechs875: my perfect plan....
Zechs875: OH YA BABY
gfpaperboy22: why did you give him zechs SN?
finaldragoon77: it was that or be warned to 100%
PDF Dreadnot has entered the room.
Zechs875: he can't
Zechs875: he can only do it to 35
PDF Dreadnot: omg that was scary... Dark Matter IM'd me
when I was on O_o *shudders*
finaldragoon77: then how did he get to 75%
Zechs875: multiple people
gfpaperboy22: I helped
PDF Dreadnot: Darkmatter helped ^_^
Zechs875: DM
gfpaperboy22: lol
Zechs875: I wuv him
finaldragoon77: so did joegamer
Zechs875: w00t
Zechs875: this.......is the greatest day of my life
finaldragoon77: i took a shot for you zechs
finaldragoon77: you owe me
Zechs875: ^_^
Zechs875: anytime
Zechs875: now.....
Zechs875: for the final blow
finaldragoon77: hey
finaldragoon77: RLH is on
Zechs875: bring her on!
finaldragoon77: lets have some of that UK spirit
gfpaperboy22: rlh?
finaldragoon77: invite her zechs
PDF Dreadnot: yeah dills sister
gfpaperboy22: who
gfpaperboy22: dill... dillpops sis
PDF Dreadnot: yeah
Zechs875: 100%!
gfpaperboy22: lol
Joegamer27 has entered the room.
PDF Dreadnot: lol
gfpaperboy22: thats sick
Joegamer27: hey
PDF Dreadnot: yo
gfpaperboy22: yo
finaldragoon77: he helped out
Joegamer27: sup
gfpaperboy22: spam
Joegamer27: you people know me
Zechs875: yes we all do
Joegamer27: as JoeNeo form the TDA Message board
PDF Dreadnot: do I?
Zechs875: heheh
gfpaperboy22: who?
Joegamer27: yep
Zechs875: he thinks I'm some guy named GARY
gfpaperboy22: hehehe
Joegamer27: riiiiight
Joegamer27: so where u guys from
gfpaperboy22: got a new nick name for zechs
PDF Dreadnot: Zechs, we all know you ARE Gary
Qballquinn: i g2g later
gfpaperboy22: l8r
PDF Dreadnot: later Q
finaldragoon77: later
Joegamer27: Ohio
Qballquinn has left the room.
PDF Dreadnot: Florida
gfpaperboy22: Oklahoma
Joegamer27: what do you listen to
gfpaperboy22: and its frickin cold
Zechs875: Florida
Zechs875: music
PDF Dreadnot: *they grow em big and dum in OK*
gfpaperboy22: techno
finaldragoon77: now he's confused
Zechs875: it's so warm
Joegamer27: haha very funny
gfpaperboy22: ...
Zechs875: Mmmm
Zechs875: warm
Joegamer27: Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Aerosmith
Joegamer27: i could go on
Joegamer27: but i dont
Joegamer27: so whats up
Zechs875: we just had some fun
Joegamer27: I wish Evangelion was on toonami all the time
finaldragoon77: here she is
Zechs875: who?
Joegamer27: but my friendfound a sweet deal
finaldragoon77: damn she cant get in
Joegamer27: who
Zechs875: why now
Zechs875: *not
Joegamer27: hey how do u get rid of warninga
Joegamer27: warnings*
PDF Dreadnot: they go down after time
Zechs875: um
Zechs875: ya
finaldragoon77: yeah you just have to wait
Joegamer27: yeah
Zechs875: they aren't warnings
finaldragoon77: eep we all took a warning lash from him
Joegamer27: but my friend found The Entire Evangelion series
on vcd for 15.00
Zechs875: that's called a bootleg
Joegamer27: yep
Joegamer27: i told him im gonna go for the perfect set at fye
Zechs875: bamboo1987: who the hell r u
gfpaperboy22: lol
Joegamer27: gotta got FOOOD
finaldragoon77: yes you go do that
Joegamer27: bye
PDF Dreadnot: l8r
Zechs875: bye
gfpaperboy22: l8rs
Joegamer27: sorry about my spelling
Joegamer27: bye
Joegamer27 has left the room.
finaldragoon77: RLH is nice to talk to
PDF Dreadnot: i have stuff i gata doo
Zechs875: lol
Zechs875: thank you all
finaldragoon77: your welcome zechs
Zechs875: ^_^
gfpaperboy22: l8rs
gfpaperboy22 has left the room.
Zechs875: my wish finnaly came true
PDF Dreadnot: paper and I just connected through chat
Zechs875: bamboo1987: who the hell r ubamboo1987: comon
man i cant warn you cause i did too much already just who r
PDF Dreadnot: lol
finaldragoon77: well with that done and hl still broken
finaldragoon77: now what?
finaldragoon77: w00t 34%!
Zechs875: bamboo1987: do u live in marlboro or go to st
johns high schoolZechs875: a friend of a friendZechs875: or
should I said exbamboo1987: which ex
Zechs875: well dread now you know where he lives
finaldragoon77: i cant go there
PDF Dreadnot: heheh
finaldragoon77: damn east coasters
Zechs875: bamboo1987: which exbamboo1987: wats her
name? Zechs875: ah so you've had many? bamboo1987: wats
her name?
Zechs875: bamboo1987: wats her name?! bamboo1987: no not
too many bamboo1987: nicole? bamboo1987:
jenn? bamboo1987: michelle?
Zechs875: Zechs875: close Zechs875: ever so
close bamboo1987: to which name
Zechs875: ^_^
finaldragoon77: thats sad
Zechs875: I'm saving this chat and putting it on a wall
finaldragoon77: i see
finaldragoon77: im enjoying my new game
Zechs875: he tried to send another guy after me
Zechs875: MWHAHAH
Zechs875: I AM LORD!
finaldragoon77: yes you are
finaldragoon77: *bows to god(zechs)*
Zechs875: ^_^
Zechs875: Zechs875: maybe bamboo1987: maybe? wat do
you want? Zechs875: you wallet ^_^ Zechs875: or just your
lunch money bamboo1987: man i dont even remember some
girls i went out w/ bamboo1987: can u just tell me Zechs875:
aren't we Mr. Vain
finaldragoon77: ok someone just im'ed me
finaldragoon77: dwrior2
Zechs875: oh my god
Zechs875: that was the best time I've ever had
finaldragoon77: i just got threatened
Zechs875: um
Zechs875: didn't you block him?
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: ur connected to a certian zechs and
dandaman im not a tattler dwrior2: but i have lots of
friends though
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: wen i find out hu u r dwrior2: ill hunt
u down in person dwrior2: in less u think u can stop me
Zechs875: that's his friend gary
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: a kid hu playes gundam musnt be too
strong huh?
Zechs875: they're in 7th grade
finaldragoon77: heh
finaldragoon77: i think i shut him up
Zechs875: how
Zechs875: details details
finaldragoon77: talking back
Zechs875: what did you say
finaldragoon77: finaldragoon77: you dont scare
mefinaldragoon77: im 5 years older than you how dare you
threaten me
Zechs875: lol
Zechs875: nice
finaldragoon77: finaldragoon77: you couldnt find me even if
you tried
Zechs875: I told you he's a moron
PDF Dreadnot: lol
Zechs875: you do not know the joy of this day
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: hu am i if u kno my
age? finaldragoon77: uh huhfinaldragoon77: some 7th
grade punk
Zechs875: um
Zechs875: actually he's like in 8th
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: how old r udwrior2: ur a fag dwrior2
: im not in 7th
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: so ur in 12th dwrior2: i can take u
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: watch ur back im tellin
u finaldragoon77: you shouldnt say things you cant back up
PDF Dreadnot: FDD, Tell him I'd love to meet him, I could
use a new dumb bell for my workouts
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: oh i can back it up finaldragoon77:
oh come on youre all talk and no action finaldragoon77: i
dare you to find me you loser
Zechs875: no
Zechs875: you need to let him talk
Zechs875: and when he's done
PDF Dreadnot: zechs get him in here
Zechs875: no
PDF Dreadnot: yes
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: ur the looser dwrior2: ur
hidin dwrior2: in another state finaldragoon77: hows that
Zechs875: then he'll have our sn's
PDF Dreadnot: then I'll change mine
finaldragoon77: no
Zechs875: no dread
PDF Dreadnot: ;_;
Zechs875: just let it go
PDF Dreadnot: do they play tfc?
Zechs875: bamboo1987: just tell me who sent you!!!!!!!
Zechs875: nah
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: ur talkin crap and u have the safety
of being away finaldragoon77: and? finaldragoon77: what
are you gonna do?
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: wat a fag dwrior2: do u have friends
dat r girls finaldragoon77: yes
Zechs875: OMG
PDF Dreadnot: lol he needs to learn english
Zechs875: do not respon
Zechs875: you must not put yourself on his level
Zechs875: never answer straigh
Zechs875: always throw it back
Zechs875: make him MAD and frustrated
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: sure dwrior2: are they in
band dwrior2: ?finaldragoon77: no dwrior2: i bet
finaldragoon77: youre just
jealous finaldragoon77: you and your butt-buddies
Zechs875: that
Zechs875: was the worst insult ever
Zechs875: I'm sorry
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: butt budies? dwrior2: no life dwrior2:
u can talk all the shit u want finaldragoon77: ah just go rape
Zechs875: use you VOCAB
Zechs875: your a senior
PDF Dreadnot: http://www.pbase.com/image/3217121
finaldragoon77: i dont have any
PDF Dreadnot: send him that when your done
finaldragoon77: dwrior2: no ill rape ur momdwrior2:
nvmdwrior2: shees an ugly bitchdwrior2: Very Happy
PDF Dreadnot: lol damn 13 year olds
Zechs875: 'damn straigh she is"
Zechs875: SEND THAT
finaldragoon77: that fucking bastard
Zechs875: lol
Zechs875: let him be
finaldragoon77: i was all ready too
finaldragoon77: well at least my mom isnt a transvestite
hermaphrodite canine hooker
Zechs875: he warned you didn't he
Zechs875: nice
finaldragoon77: hmm shouldve changed hooker to harlot
finaldragoon77: hehe
finaldragoon77: i warned him back
finaldragoon77: finaldragoon77: aww are those words too
big for your inconsistent gray matter?
Zechs875: call him a gelatanous festering feces particle
finaldragoon77: or constantly degrading fecal biotoxin
Zechs875: better
Zechs875: I have a link to give him
finaldragoon77: hes not talking back anymore
finaldragoon77: finish him zechs
Zechs875: http://www.heavensfantasy.com/cool/
Zechs875: DON"T CLICK!!
Zechs875: just send
finaldragoon77: o.o
finaldragoon77: ok
Zechs875: it's a page that yells "I"M LOOKING AT GAY
finaldragoon77: i saw nothing graphic
PDF Dreadnot has left the room.
Zechs875: it's the sound
Zechs875: wait dread has a better one!
PDF Dreadnot has entered the room.
finaldragoon77: well
finaldragoon77: now what?
Zechs875: dread
Zechs875: has the ultimate link
Zechs875: the greatest link
PDF Dreadnot: do not open
PDF Dreadnot: EVER
Zechs875: human kind has ever known
PDF Dreadnot:
PDF Dreadnot: discuise that as some sort of other link
Zechs875: guise you mean
finaldragoon77: hes not talking back
PDF Dreadnot: whatever
Zechs875: send him the link
finaldragoon77: i broke his spirit
Zechs875: he shall reply
PDF Dreadnot: change it to likke "I apologise" or sumthin
finaldragoon77: he wont
Zechs875: just do IT
finaldragoon77: i did
PDF Dreadnot: if he signs off, that means he's restatrting
finaldragoon77: what is that site?
Zechs875: the most evil thing EVER
PDF Dreadnot: and it constintly yeslls "HEY EVERBODY!
PORNO!" and brings up gay pictures
Zechs875: it opens up more popups than the comp can hanel
finaldragoon77: ooh
PDF Dreadnot: constintly
finaldragoon77: mwahaha
finaldragoon77: so now what
PDF Dreadnot: wait for the swearing.. or leave the poor sap
PDF Dreadnot: and hope his volume is up and his parents are
Zechs875: this
Zechs875: is so cool
Zechs875: ^_^
Zechs875: I'm talking like a 9 year old and it's fun
finaldragoon77: yes
PDF Dreadnot: soo...
Zechs875: Confused(
Zechs875: Sad
Zechs875: all alone
PDF Dreadnot: no.. me here
Zechs875: that's nice
Zechs875: I feel bad
PDF Dreadnot: y
finaldragoon77: im here
PDF Dreadnot: gata restart
PDF Dreadnot has left the room.
Zechs875: I don't really enjoy doing things like that
finaldragoon77 has left the room.
PostWed Aug 25, 2004 8:19 pm
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