Transformers: Cybertron to Cartoon Network
Date: Friday, February 18 @ 17:54:54 EST
Topic: Acquisition Info

Hasbro announced its 2005 plans for the Transformers franchise today. Included were a few details on the latest animated series Transformers Cybertron (Galaxy Force in Japan) and its home on Cartoon Network. It wasn't announced exatly where would premiere but odds are Toonami or Miguzi either way, look for it come summer.

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The new universe-spanning storyline finds the Transformers home planet, Cybertron, in danger once again. To save the planet from certain destruction Optimus Prime leads the Autobots in their search to find the four Cyber Planet Keys. However, Megatron and his nefarious Decepticons also want the Keys in order to harness their power for evil.

The toys will be released in July with MSRP's between $6.99 and $49.99.

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