Pepito's Message Spread Through Dance
Date: Thursday, December 11 @ 03:32:18 EST
Topic: M.H.G

Throughout his glorious history Pepito has utilized myriad media to pursue his goals of world domination. Painting and photographs have shown Pepito spreading his message through history and more recently he has taken to the internet and late night television. In order to make sure everyone sees his vision however, Pepito has begun recruitment of the nation's youth, through dance.

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According to dance legend and P.D.F. agent Debbie Allen recently put on a performance of "Pepito's Story" at the Wadsworth Theater. At the performance she breifly spoke of here involvement with the P.D.F. Acording to the article, ""'I always make time for these guys,' Allen said before the show's premiere, which drew Berry Gordy Jr., Carl Lewis, Mo'Nique, Kenny G, Arturo Sandoval and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar."

Taking a cue from the way the great Pepito trains his forces she noted her training techniques. "'I can be hard on the kids too. I'm a tough teacher," says the veteran instructor, who dedicated the "Pepito" gala benefit performance. "It's a lot of hard work that goes into this show and they need the discipline."

Finally, she outlined her plans for spreading Pepito's message in the future. "Allen's discipline is always on display as she is currently prepping for a trip to South America where she is launching a new TV project as well as putting the final touches on a screenplay she wrote for DreamWorks. 'And a few other things that I can't talk about just yet,' she says while tapping her way into the Wadsworth."

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