Do you believe in magic? (UPDATE)
Date: Wednesday, August 14 @ 15:57:38 EDT
Topic: Ratings

Did you think that the quad-million ratings from two months ago was something else? Take a look at this week's ratings! (Courtesy TV Media Insights)

(in total viewers)

12:00AM Bleach 1.0 HH, 1.247 million
12:30AM Naruto 0.9 HH, 1.190 million
1:00AM One Piece 0.8 HH, 1.039 million
1:30AM Soul Eater 0.8 HH, 1.000 million
2:00AM Sword Art Online 0.8 HH, 1.077 million

2:30AM IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix 0.7 HH, 825,000
3:00AM Eureka 7 0.7 HH, 831,000
3:30AM Big O 0.6 HH, 664,000
4:00AM Fullmetal: Brotherhood 0.6 HH, 669,000
4:30AM Cowboy Bebop 0.6 HH, 599,000
5:00AM Inuyasha 0.6 HH, 586,000
5:30AM Inuyasha 0.6 HH, 615,000

Okay, the second half of the block isn't as strong as last time, but still... QUINT-MILLION! WHOO!

UPDATE: We did it again! Twice in a row! And the numbers are even higher than last week!

(in total viewers)

12:00AM Bleach 1,485,000
12:30AM Naruto 1,371,000
1:00AM One Piece 1,141,000
1:30AM Soul Eater 1,044,000
2:00AM Sword Art Online 1,005,000

2:30AM IGPX 730,000
3:00AM Star Wars: The Clone Wars 727,000
3:30AM Big O: Season 2 716,000
4:00AM Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 667,000
4:30AM Cowboy Bebop  574,000
5:00AM InuYasha 648,000
5:30AM InuYasha 710,000

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