IGPX Joins Toonami This Fall
Date: Monday, August 04 @ 22:15:03 EDT
Topic: Acquisition Info

Through what is probably the earliest promotion of any of the block's shows, Toonami informed viewers with a promo today that Immortal Grand Prix (IGPX) will air this fall. Nothing else is known about the series thus far except that it looks like an anime series. From the promo it appears to involve people in their late teens and older some of whom are in robotic suits (probably people sized, not Gundam sized) and an angry pink cat.

Considering that Toonami does not usually promo new shows more that two weeks in advance we might be able to assume this will air in September, however the promo did specificly state Fall instead of a month. My best guess is that they just do not have a specific premiere date locked down yet.

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