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  Toonami-Related Episode Guide for the Week of April 21st
Posted on Sunday, April 20 @ 21:07:33 EDT by KnuxFive

Schedules Here is the schedule for Toonami shows outside of the block. The Saturday Video Entertainment System is chock full of 'em.

Gah... things get confusing, therefore I've given up listing new episodes. But... Samurai Jack has new episodes on SVES, along with Transformers Armada. Batman and Superman rejoin, reminiscent of their final Toonami: Rising Sun block.

"Read More" for the episode guide for the episodes airing this week.

Source: Cartoon Network

Monday, April 21st
6.0 Max Steel
6.5 Transformers Armada
Link Up
3.5 Hamtaro
Penelope Makes a Friend
4.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Twisted Sister/Cover Up
8.0 Jackie Chan Adventures
Jade Monkey
8.5 Pokmon
School Of Hard Knocks
9.0 Pokmon
Problem With Paras
10.0 Justice League
In Blackest Night: Part 1
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
The Cauldron: Part 2

Tuesday, April 22nd
6.0 Max Steel
When Lightning Strikes Twice
6.5 Transformers Armada
3.5 Hamtaro
4.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Him Diddle Riddle
8.0 Jackie Chan Adventures
Tiger and the Pussycat
8.5 Pokmon
Bulbasaur And The Hidden Village
9.0 Pokmon
Attack Of The Prehistoric Pokemon
10.0 Justice League
In Blackest Night: Part 2
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
Growing Pains

Wednesday, April 23rd
6.0 Max Steel
Fire and Ice
6.5 Transformers Armada
3.5 Hamtaro
Mimi's Dream Park!
4.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Something's A Ms./Slumbering With The Enemy
8.0 Jackie Chan Adventures
Day of the Dragon
8.5 Pokmon
Charmander-The Stray Pokemon
9.0 Pokmon
A Chansey Operation
10.0 Justice League
A Knight Of Shadows Pt. 1
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
Power Surge

Thursday, April 24th
6.0 Max Steel
6.5 Transformers Armada
3.5 Hamtaro
Sunflower Ferris Wheel
4.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Knock It Off
8.0 Jackie Chan Adventures
Stronger Evil
8.5 Pokmon
Here Comes The Squirtle Squad
9.0 Pokmon
Holy Matrimony!
10.0 Justice League
Knight Of Shadows, A Pt. 2
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
Badda-Bing, Badda Boom

Friday, April 25th
6.0 Max Steel
Steel Vs. Steel
6.5 Transformers Armada
3.5 Hamtaro
Zoo Date
4.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Criss Cross Crisis
9.0 The Powerpuff Girls
Members Only

Saturday, April 27th
8.0 The Powerpuff Girls
Three Girls And A Monster/Monkey See, Doggy Two
12.0 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Dragon's Brood
12.5 Transformers Armada
1.0 Hamtaro

Saturday Video Entertainment System
7.0 Pokmon
Showdown At Dark City
7.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Roboto Gambit
8.0 Samurai Jack
8.5 Transformers Armada
9.0 X-Men: Evolution
Mutant Crush
9.5 Yu-Gi-Oh!
Give Up The Ghost
10.0 Jackie Chan Adventures
Tough Break
10.5 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Challenge! The Red Rose Knight
11.0 Dragonball
Eternal Dragon Rises
11.5 Samurai Jack
12.0 .hack//SIGN
12.5 GI Joe
Wrong Stuff
1.0 Batman: The Animated Series
Batgirl Returns
1.5 Superman: The Animated Series
Fun And Games

Sunday, April 28th
6.0 Hamtaro
Bijou's Favorite Ribbon
10.0 Justice League
Brave and the Bold: Part 1
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
Fun and Games

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