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Was the old survey online too long?

What survey?


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  Etc. Toonami Infolink is now a read-only archive

What you see here is a read-only static archive of Toonami Infolink, as it was on its last day of operation, August 9th 2015. No new posts can be made, and no new accounts can be created.
The Toonami Infolink Archive will remain available for the foreseeable future as a historical and nostalgic resource. Enjoy the past!
Please visit Toonami Digital Arsenal for all future news updates and Toonami media.
Thanks for all your support for the last 13 years. We hope to continue seeing you on the other side of the server!

  Posted by TylerL on Sunday, August 09 (∞ reads)

  Etc. Onward to Greener Pastures

Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag. As Tyler announced yesterday, Toonami Infolink will be closing its doors in the coming weeks.

Since I was the most active news monkey on the site, I feel I should probably provide an FAQ for what's going on. And yes, this is my final news post on the site. (I'm not posting this on TDA so I don't fill that page with a massive wall of text.)

Click "Read More..." and thank you all for a wonderful 13 years.

  Posted by Daikun on Sunday, July 05 @ 17:26:32 EDT (1271 reads)
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  Etc. Toonami Infolink news articles are now on TDA!

Infolink is winding down. As part one of its retirement, every article from the 13 year history of Toonami Infolink has been merged with the 15-year news archive of Toonami Digital Arsenal.
Look for all brand-new news articles on TDA from this point forward.

Thanks for visiting and supporting us over the years. We hope to continue seeing you on the other side of the server!

  Posted by TylerL on Saturday, July 04 @ 21:45:52 EDT (716 reads)
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  Acquisition Info Those creepy arms...

Jason DeMarco has confirmed on Twitter that Parasyte: The Maxim is coming to Toonami!

It seems the floodgates have fully opened for Sentai now. This is awesome!

  Posted by Daikun on Thursday, July 02 @ 20:44:33 EDT (705 reads)
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  Schedules Fun with the Fireworks

The Adult Swim schedule indicates that Toonami will be having a DBZ Kai marathon on Independence Day from midnight-3AM. (For some reason, Attack on Titan is still airing.)

  Posted by Daikun on Thursday, June 25 @ 19:03:39 EDT (864 reads)
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  Schedules It only took them 13 years...

New show coming next week, so here's the schedule.

12AM - DBZ Kai
12:30 - Kill la Kill
1AM - Michiko & Hatchin
1:30AM - Sword Art Online II
2AM - Naruto: Shippuden
2:30AM - One Piece
3AM - Attack on Titan

  Posted by Daikun on Sunday, June 14 @ 06:35:08 EDT (1158 reads)
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  TOM Dead Count Dooku departs for the Blessed Realm of Aman

jruff writes "Sir Christopher Lee, who portrayed Count Dooku in Star Wars Episodes II and III and the Clone Wars film, and Saruman in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies, has passed away on Sunday, June 7, at the age of 93. Cause of decease was heart failure. Fare thee well, Darth Tyranus.
  Posted by Daikun on Thursday, June 11 @ 19:06:43 EDT (1075 reads)
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  Acquisition Info Is anybody here a sweet Luffy?

Announced today at MomoCon 2015:

-SENTAI FILMWORKS JOINS TOONAMI! Akame ga Kill joins the block later this year!

-Michiko & Hatchin replaces Inuyasha: The Final Act.

-An official Toonami app is being released later this year.

-The Intruder 2 premieres in October and will last roughly 5 weeks. They showed a preview clip, but unfortunately, there were sound problems, so we couldn't hear any of the clips the Toonami crew showed. (They'll hopefully show them online later.)

EDIT: They fixed the sound problems in the clips. Go watch the panel, which will loop over and over...

UPDATE: Get the clips now at TDA!

  Posted by Daikun on Saturday, May 30 @ 18:55:19 EDT (1531 reads)
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  Schedules A small breathier.

Toonami will be airing a Kill la Kill marathon on Memorial Day (or rather, two days before it, but since Toonami doesn't air on Mondays, close enough).

12:00 - DBZ Kai
12:30 - Kill la Kill episodes 10-15

  Posted by Daikun on Wednesday, April 29 @ 15:08:20 EDT (2327 reads)
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  Etc. The Story of Goku Continues...

Well... This is interesting. Dragon Ball is getting a brand new series after 18 years.

The new series is titled Dragon Ball Super and will take place a few years after Z ends. It's set to premiere on Fuji TV starting this July.

Read the full scoop at Anime News Network.

  Posted by Daikun on Tuesday, April 28 @ 15:02:55 EDT (2093 reads)
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  Toonami News A Piece of Home

Toonami Asia is bringing an all-anime block to their channel called Anime Siege. No specific date or time has been mentioned, although it begins in May.

While this is common for us, this is actually unique to the Asian feed. Their channel largely focuses on Western animation, and although they have the occasional anime on their network, they never thought about lumping the shows together...till now.

Check out the preview.

  Posted by Daikun on Monday, April 20 @ 03:34:59 EDT (2397 reads)
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