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Date: Friday, May 30 @ 12:29:14 EDT
Topic: Etc.

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Now, everybody can stop calling the first Playstation by it's "PSX" moniker and go ahead and rightfully call it "PSone", as Sony's going to be releasing a "PSX".

Think of it as Sony's mega-multimedia Playstation 2. With all the capabilities of the current system (PSone, PS2, DVD, CD playback) with some new ones (DVD recording, USB 2.0, Memory Stick, Ethernet, TV Tuner, and a 120 gig hard drive). It will come out in Japan this year and America next year.

For the Toonami side of things, you could play Dragonnball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 (PSone), .hack//INFECTION (PS2), the Toonami: Deep Space Bass CD (Required if you watch the block), watch Toonami later than normal AND burn it to DVD, surf to Toonami Infolink, and... uhh... yeah.

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