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Date: Friday, May 10 @ 02:00:39 EDT
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Well, One Piece returns to Toonami next week, and since we're starting rather late in the show's run, FUNimation is now letting us play catch up.

In the event that some of you out there don't have the DVDs or haven't seen the series beyond where Toonami left off, FUNi has had a handy website running for the past few years where you could stream the uncut dub episodes for free. Unfortunately, large batches of episodes sporadically went on and off the site every few days, providing an incomplete picture.

Well, FUNi has finally decided to be merciful and now all 205 episodes are available for streaming. No episodes are missing. AT ALL!

Go get caught up if you haven't yet, and if you don't wanna watch filler, here's a handy episode guide.

Episodes 1-53: Canon
Episodes 54-60: Filler
Episode 61: Both (first half is filler, second half is canon)
Episodes 62-130: Canon
Episodes 131-143: Filler
Episodes 144-195: Canon
Episodes 196-206: Filler

If you really want to watch episode 206, only the subbed version for that is available on the website.

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