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  Revised Toonami Schedule for the upcoming weeks...
Posted on Friday, February 14 @ 14:29:25 EST by KnuxFive

Toonami News Yu Yu Hakusho

Rurouni Kenshin

New Horizons

Final Dragonball Z?

Click "Read More" for the "revised" schedule of upcoming weeks...

February 24, 25th
4:00 Martian Successor Nadesico
4:30 Neon Genesis Evangelion
5:00 Dragonball
5:30 Dragonball Z
6:00 Batman Beyond
6:30 Transformers Armada

February 26th
4:00 Martian Successor Nadesico
4:30 Robotech
5:00 Dragonball
5:30 Dragonball Z
6:00 Batman Beyond
6:30 Transformers Armada

February 27th, 28th
4:00 Dai-Guard
4:30 Robotech
5:00 Dragonball
5:30 Dragonball Z
6:00 Batman Beyond
6:30 Transformers Armada

March 3rd- March 14th
5:00 G Gundam
5:30 Dragonball Z
6:00 Yu Yu Hakusho (New to Toonami)
6:30 Batman Beyond

March 17th- Who Knows (6th Birthday, new look)
5:00 G Gundam
5:30 Dragonball Z (New Episodes)
6:00 Yu Yu Hakusho
6:30 Rurouni Kenshin (New to Toonami)

There's a little rumor that Dragonball Z might be continued and Dragonball GT could be cut short. How? If FUNimation took the first batch of episodes from GT and just tacked them onto Z... it's just a rumor.

Source: Cartoon Network

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Re: Revised Toonami Schedule for the upcoming weeks... (Score: 1)
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