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  Who's got the bat? We got da bat! Getting anyway.
Posted on Thursday, November 14 @ 11:31:21 EST by tylerl

Release Info Spookmonkey writes "Warner Bros. is planning two waves of Timm Produced DVDs next year. Episodes of Batman, Superman, and Justice League are coming, along with a new direct-to-video animated Batman feature, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, in the spring and fall of 2003.

As previously covered a Superfriends DVD will be released on April 22 2003, which suggests that the first wave will hit on that day as well. The first wave should also include a second Batman: The Animated Series DVD, a new Justice League DVD, and possibly the first Superman: The Animated Series DVD (which will likely be the origin episode Last Son of Krpyton), along with the Superfriends release. The second wave will hit fall 2003, Septemberish. Expected is a third Batman: TAS DVD, as well as more Justice League and Superman . A Batman Beyond DVD might be joining the fall releases on top of all that. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman is also scheduled for a Fall 2003 release. WB is also releasing two X-Men: Evolution DVDs in 2003. The first disc is scheduled for March to tie in with X-Men 2's release."

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by tobyfiersteeinn on Sunday, May 14 @ 01:11:54 EDT
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by mhha on Wednesday, February 15 @ 03:22:16 EST
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Re: Who's got the bat? We got da bat! Getting anyway. (Score: 1)
by minassssq on Thursday, September 27 @ 19:32:58 EDT
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Re: Who's got the bat? We got da bat! Getting anyway. (Score: 1)
by minassssq on Thursday, September 27 @ 19:24:46 EDT
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Re: Who's got the bat? We got da bat! Getting anyway. (Score: 1)
by minassssq on Thursday, September 27 @ 19:20:37 EDT
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Re: Who's got the bat? We got da bat! Getting anyway. (Score: 1)
by anthonyfiddy2 on Monday, June 09 @ 03:35:12 EDT
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