Toonami Related Comics for June 18th
Date: Tuesday, June 17 @ 21:49:46 EDT
Topic: Schedules

From Dragonball and Transformers to Masters of the Universe and Battle of the Planets, Toonami-related comics have kinda hit a revival.

This week brings us the end of the return of Thundercats, a new Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman mini-series, some Big O, Powerpuff Girls, GI Joe, He-Man... eh... just go read it.

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Source: Diamond Comic Distributors

Issue #41, $2.50

Batman Adventures
Issue #3, $2.25

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity
Issue #1 of 3, $6.95

Beware the Creeper
Issue #3 of 5, $2.95

Birds of Prey
Issue #56, $2.50

JLA: Scary Monsters
Issue #4 of 6, $2.50

JLA: Welcome to the Working Week
One-Shot, $6.95

The Powerpuff Girls
Issue #39, $2.25

Issue #115, $2.25

Superman: Metropolis
Issue #5 of 12, $2.95

Superman: President Lex
Trade Paparback, $17.95

Thundercats: The Return
Issue #5 of 5, $2.95

GI Joe Frontline: The Mission that Never Was
Trade Paperback Volume #1, $14.95

Masters of the Universe: Icons of Evil- Beast Man
One-Shot, $4.95

Wizard: Animé Insider
Issue #8, $4.99

The Big O
Part 4, #4 of 4, $3.50

The Big O
Trade Paperback Volume #3, $9.95

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