Columbia House doesn't love Batman anymore. Batman cries self to sleep.
Date: Thursday, May 08 @ 12:09:07 EDT
Topic: Release Info

Columbia Houses dvd collection of Batman: The Animated Series is no longer going to happen. The first dvd in the series was to be a compilation of Catwoman episodes. Columbia House currently has no plans to revisit the series on dvd anytime soon. Theories about the cancellation of the collection are already buzzing around the internet.

Click read more for the letter the company is currently sending to members who ordered the first DVD

Dear Subscriber:

We regret that we will be unable to fill your order at this time because we cannot obtain product from our supplier; therefore, we have cancelled your order for this product. If you already have paid for this order we are mailing you a refund check separately.

If you would like to order alternate selections, please visit out web site at and browse out entire catalog. The site allows members the opportunity to review detailed descriptions of all out selections and special offers. Log on today and explore the many features offered on our web site!

Thank you for understanding.

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