Will the Battle Return?
Date: Saturday, March 22 @ 08:32:53 EST
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Battle of the Planets, one of the more mysterious projects out there, could be headed towards Toonami...

Gatchaman aired as G-Force on Toonami: Midnight Run back in the day. Gatchaman had also been adapted as Battle of the Planets. Currently, Alex Ross is heading up a Battle ofthe Planets comic, and Battle of the Planets, INC., will be making a new TV series combining old animation with new.

But, Alex Ross brought up some interesting ideas in a Figures.COM interview.

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Source/Link: Figures.COM

Mr. Ross mentions airing the series on Cartoon Network, "which is certainly part of the goal". He also mentions the possibly routes they could go for the series-

Live Action- It'd be too costly, and wouldn't be Toonami.

Old and New- The current plan, mix old and new animation.

CGI- He was unimpressed by some models that were done.

New Animation- Like He-Man and the Masters.

New and CGI- Like He-Man and the Masters, using CG like the weapons and vehicles in He-Man.

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