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Date: Wednesday, April 16 @ 18:55:49 EDT
Topic: Schedules

DC shows are finally making their way to the new Toonami!

According to the Toonami website (it was posted on the Tumblr, but for some reason, the text isn't showing), Beware the Batman premieres on May 10 at 3AM.

11.5PM - Attack on Titan
12.0AM - Bleach
12.5AM - Space Dandy
1.0AM - Naruto: Shippuden
1.5AM - One Piece
2.0AM - Blue Exorcist
2.5AM - Black Lagoon
3.0AM - Beware the Batman
3.5AM - Naruto
4.0AM - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
4.5AM - Samurai Jack
5.0AM - Star Wars: The Clone Wars
5.5AM - Sym-Bionic Titan

Extra thanks goes to the DC Nation Fans Tumblr for posting the full text.

UPDATE: Jason DeMarco has confirmed on Twitter that all 26 episodes will air. Yes, Toonami will be premiering new episodes of a western series!

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