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  Toonami Related Comics for May 29th
Posted on Wednesday, May 28 @ 22:51:42 EDT by KnuxFive

Schedules From Dragonball and Transformers to Masters of the Universe and Battle of the Planets, Toonami-related comics have kinda hit a revival.

This week brings us some DC and some revivals... a day late, thanks to Memorial Day... at least that's what DCD says.

Click "Read More" to see the list.

Source: Diamond Comic Distributors

Issue #615, $2.25

Issue #19, $2.50

Issue #198, $2.25

Green Lantern
Issue #165, $2.25

Issue #81, $2.25

JLA: Age of War
Issue #2 of 2, $5.95

JLA: Scary Monsters
Issue #3 of 6, $2.50

Issue #193, $2.25

Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day
Issue #2 of 3, $2.25

Battle of the Planets
Issue #10, $2.99

GI Joe
Volume 3: Malfunction Trade Paperback, $15.95

Masters of the Universe
Volume 2, Issue #3, $

Voltron: Defender of the Universe
Issue #1 of 5, $2.95

Wizard: The Comics Magazine
Issue #142, $4.95

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Official Guide
Issue #2 of 8, $5.25

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Re: Toonami Related Comics for May 29th (Score: 1)
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