Luffy! Long Time, No See!; Also, DVD "Trouble" in November (NOT!)
Date: Sunday, September 17 @ 09:19:21 EDT
Topic: Schedules

After being pre-empted by an encore presentation of Fantastic Four last night (Sept. 16th), Luffy and his pirate crew pick up where they left off and return to their regular rerun slot next Saturday (Sept. 23rd) at 10:30 PM E/P.

Also, Toon Zone reports that the release date for the Teen Titans in Tokyo DVD will be November 7th, but they have no further details regarding special features (if any) or price (I'd guess $19.99, considering similar  prior releases).

UPDATE: Well, I was close. TV Shows on DVD had information on 3T back in June, stating the special features would include "The Lost Episode", previously only available as a promotional item from Post Cereals, and a game called "Robin's Underworld Race Challenge". Suggested retail price will be $19.98.

UPDATE #2 (Sept. 24th): Sorry, folks. Warner Home Video has contacted Toon Zone and informed them that a release date has not been set, and at this point in time, it would "definitely" not be in November.

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