Pertinent Highlights of the 2004 Cartoon Network Annual Ratings Report
Date: Sunday, January 02 @ 22:11:22 EST
Topic: Ratings

According to a press release from Cartoon Network summarizing their overall yearly ratings (you know, what primes the money pump to produce/acquire new cartoony goodness), the following highlights were presented:

Miguzi (Monday-Friday, 5-7 pm)
*Kids 6-11 delivery (646,000) expanded by 24% and ratings (2.7) by 23%.

Toonami (Saturday, 7-11 pm)
*Tweens 9-14 delivery (513,000) rose by 16% and ratings (2.1) by 17%.

Ratings listed are compared same period year-to-year (i.e. 2003 vs. 2004).
Basically, this data supports the argument that Miguzi is kicking the old weekday Toonami lineup where it hurts, and why Toonami isn't coming back to afternoons any time soon.

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