Comic Con Nuggets
Date: Friday, July 15 @ 11:51:00 EDT
Topic: Release Info

The San Diego Comic Con has started, and we have some Toonami-related tidbits already before the scheduled Toonami panel.

Zatch Bell
The first Zatch Bell DVD will have a release date of November 18th. 4 episodes per disc with a MSRP of $19.98. New DVDs every three months to start.

Naruto DVDs will be released starting in March. At first, it'll be the edited-for-Toonami version with 4 episodes per disc. New DVDs every other month.
Starting in July of 2006, Uncut boxsets will be released in sets of 13 episodes each. According to convention attendants, the boxsets will be very reasonably priced - at $20 to $30 per set.

We'll keep you posted on Toonami information as the convention continues.

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