Reminder: MotU Marathon This Saturday!
Date: Friday, November 29 @ 17:26:00 EST
Topic: Toonami News

Put down that turducken sandwich and put away that credit card, as Toonami bombards your senses with a baker's dozen of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe this Saturday.

The first thirteen episodes of the series, based on the popular Mattel Toys line of action figures which inspired a classic 80s cartoon and a current Image Comic title from MV Creations, will air on Saturday, November 30, starting at 4:30 PM EST/PST (check your local listings) only on Cartoon Network.

In case you've been missing out on the series, here's the general premise. Masters of the Universe is about a young prince named Adam who becomes empowered with the mysterious power of Grayskull, becoming Eternia's defender, He-Man, and aligning himself with the Masters of the Universe, Eternia's champions (which includes Man-at-Arms and Orko, who know Prince Adam's secret), against the evil forces of the omnipotent villian known as Skeletor.

If you missed these episodes or you want to relieve the power, check out the Masters of the Universe marathon this Saturday!

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