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  Toonami Saturday Schedule Revealed
Posted on Thursday, April 08 @ 02:22:22 EDT by meteo

Schedules Cartoon Network's Toonami block is reconfirmed as airing from 7.0 to 11.0 PM.  The schedule was revealed today and featured shows the first Saturday are Duel Masters, the Toonami premiere of Jackie Chan Adventures, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball GT and the world dub premiere of Gundam SEED.  The movie Bionicle: Mask of Light will also air and Cartoon Network original series Megas XLR is expected to debut May 1st.The schedule for April 17th is as follows:

7.0 - Duel Masters - "???"
7.5 - Toonami In-Flight Movie - "Bionicle: Mask of Light"
9.0 - Jackie Chan Adventures - "The Dark Hand"
9.5 - Yu Yu Hakusho - "Overcoming Grief"
10.0 - Dragonball GT - "The Fall of the Saiyans"
10.5 - Gundam SEED - "False Peace"

[Source: Zap2it]

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