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  Masters of the Universe or Defender of Greyskull?
Posted on Monday, May 12 @ 15:35:32 EDT by KnuxFive

Etc. Which is a better name for the guys?

It's E3 time, therefore some new games are going to be announced. For the Nintendo Gamecube, Microsoft XBox, and Sony Playstation 2, He-Man: Defenders of Greyskull will be coming out. Prince Adam will tackle on 30-something stages in full 3D with either hand to hand combat or his sword. I wonder if that axe will ever come into play.

Also, to save posts... since we kinda mentioned it already... Dragonball Z: Budokai has been confirmed to come to the GCN this October.

Source: This time of year... pick any gaming site. IGN.com, for example.

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