Date: Wednesday, June 26 @ 22:28:24 EDT
Topic: Schedules

Just a few days after the latest Toonami intro hinted at a surprise in July, the on-air schedule seems to have spoiled it early.

Starting July 27, Sword Art Online premieres early, the American shows get bumped off the schedule, and Big O (season 2) returns to the lineup.

12.0AM - Bleach (new)
12.5AM - Naruto (uncut)
1.0AM - One Piece (new)
1.5AM - Soul Eater (new)
2.0AM - Sword Art Online (premiere)
2.5AM - IGPX
3.0AM - Eureka 7
3.5AM - Big O 2
4.0AM - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
4.5AM - Cowboy Bebop
5.0AM - Inuyasha (full hour)

Also, the Tumblr reveals that they're losing the rights to ThunderCats effective July 20, but they'll still have Sym-Bionic Titan, so it may return in the future.

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