ReBoot lives on!...Sort of.
Date: Thursday, January 27 @ 21:10:45 EST
Topic: Etc.

A few months old, but it stayed pretty far under the radar...

Mainframe Entertainment, creators of ReBoot, Beast Wars, etc. are producing a children's show starring the Binomes of Mainframe appropriately titled "Binomes".

From the show's preview page:
Not so far from where you are, are the most wonderful kind of folks...INSIDE OF A COMPUTER!

Meet Bin! And his friends and family: Cookie, Digit, Browser, the Kernel, Mr. and Mrs. Fontface, and the Wizzywigs! They live on a chip farm where computer chips grow, cables are trees, and children are told to eat their electrons -- because they're good for them.

The Binomes. They're just plain processors in a world where beta-balls hover, the sky is blue circuits, and static storms are the norm. But kids still like to play, have adventures and be read to at bedtime -- because some things never change (including Bin's Mom's hair... but that's another story!)

52 x 11' minute episodes from leading CGI Animation producer Mainframe Entertainment---a pre-school show for every little kid that's surfed the net!

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