Still More Fight In The Dragonball Franchise?
Date: Thursday, January 13 @ 13:02:26 EST
Topic: Schedules

It was recently reported in this article that Atari has renewed their exclusive gaming rights to the Dragonball franchise for another five years. However, the end of the article revealed some information concerning FUNimation's future plans:

"FUNimation officials said the next Dragon Ball Z movie, Broly: Second Coming, will hit the market in April, followed by Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Uncut special editions, which feature unreleased footage and extras, like an exclusive Goku vs. Vegeta featurette, plus interviews with voice actors and fans. Dragon Ball Z will return to broadcast television in May."

Of course, nothing is set in stone at this time, but if Dragonball Z does return to the airwaves, it'll be interesting to see how it would affect the Toonami schedule.


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