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Date: Sunday, November 24 @ 14:33:55 EST
Topic: Toonami News

A new game was added to the Play section of called Toonami Arena.
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Also, a Map of Eternia has just been added If you're ever lost in Eternia but have access to an internet connection, it could be a helpful guide.

Toonami Arena is best described as a cross between soccer and Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball.
Basically, you run around tackling the other team, and breaking past the goal barriers to make a goal.
You have 6 teams to choose from (My "other job" requires me to prefer Team Infinite Loop) which are pretty much all the same.
Tournament mode pits you against the other 5 teams in a battle for the championship.

Pretty good for an in-browser game, but lack of a two player option keeps it as nothing more than a 10 minute diversion.
Infolink gives it a 7 out of 10.
Block and tackle.
Beeyouuuu...bip bip.

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