Rollin' At 'Ya on April 27th!
Date: Tuesday, March 26 @ 20:50:40 EDT
Topic: Schedules

Straight Outta' Tumblr:

"Why should you care about April 27th? Two reasons:

1. On April 27th, Toonami will relaunch with a new TOM, a new Absolution, and a new on-air look. We’ll share more details our new look as we get closer to that date!


No, really. Thanks to our incredibly generous partners, thanks to a lot of folks doing a lot of paperwork, and thanks to the very unique and complex structure of the IGPX production deal, we were able to bring the show out of retirement so you guys can see it again, or for the first time!

Couple points: We will be very slightly shuffling the lineup to fit IGPX. We’ll announce that exact schedule closer to the 27th. It will most likely involve removing one episode of Bebop, taking us to a half hour weekly. Also, for those Megas XLR fans out there wondering if this means we can bring back Megas…. we can’t, sorry. Simply put, it’s a very different animal, and the exact elements that made IGPX’s return possible are not in place for Megas.

ANYWAY! We’re very excited to re-air, for the first time, Toonami’s only original series, and one we’re very proud of! We hope you guys enjoy it.

Watch this space in the coming month for more details about TOM 5, The new Absolution, the Toonami comic, the lineup for April 27th, and when One Piece is finally coming!


Love, the Toonami crew."

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