Cartoon Network 2003 Acquisitions Announced
Date: Thursday, February 20 @ 09:39:07 EST
Topic: Acquisition Info

Cartoon Network announced its Initaive for 2003 today. Click Read More to see all the possibly Toonami-bound shows!

15 new episodes of Dragonball Z airing starting March 17th
95 episodes of Rurouni Kenshin airing starting March 17th
52 new episodes of Dragon Ball airdate unknown
26 episodes of Superior Defender Gundam airdate unknown
13 new episodes of He-Man airdate unknown
16 new episodes of Transformers Armada currently airing.
26 episodes of .hack//SIGN currently airing.
12 episodes of Kikaider airdate unknown
26 episodes of Blue Gender airdate unknown
52 new episodes of Hamtaro airdate unknown
13 new episodes of Big O airdate unknown
43 episodes of X-Men Evolution airdate unknown
50 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! currently airing
52 episodes of Jackie Chan adventures

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