CNX is now N49
Date: Wednesday, November 13 @ 07:00:56 EST
Topic: Etc.

In a strange twist of fate because of circumstances beyond my control, CNX: Toonami Revolution, one of the net's oldest Toonami webpages, is now N49, though the CNX name will remain present in the various sections for the time being. Alright, you've probably become aware of the new UK-only Cartoon Network spinoff called CNX, which specializes in action-animation, adult-oriented animation, martial arts flicks, and all things "lad." However, as a result of this new networks arrival on the scene in October, CNX: Toonami Revolution, which launched in July 1998, has been confused with the UK network on both sides of the Atlantic (some online magazines, which shall remain nameless, has used images from the site without permission and associating CNX with CNX UK). As of right now, CNX: Toonami Revolution will be known as N49, which is the abbreviated name of Nami49 Productions, the company behind the site (otherwise known as Jeff Harris, the webmaster of N49 and yours truly). The name change will not change the content of the site, which will still be action-animation oriented with a heavy emphasis on Toonami in the Toonami Satellite and Watch This Site sections, and it wasn't brought on by Turner Broadcasting. More on the changes will be seen at N49, still located at the same address, so don't change your bookmarks.

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