Toonami Third Quarterish Ratings
Date: Wednesday, September 29 @ 23:40:48 EDT
Topic: Ratings

Toonami's move to the weekend continues to improve ratings on Saturday nights. According to the latest Cartoon Network press release, compared to the same time period last year "tweens 9-14 delivery (553,000) advanced by 30% and ratings (2.2) by 29%." One factor in the ratings rise has been the third season of Teen Titans which started at the end of July. "Kids 6-11 delivery (856,000) improved by 54% and ratings (3.6) by 57%. Tweens 9-14 delivery (825,000) mushroomed by 94% and ratings (3.4) by 100%." Not only have both the 6-11 and 9-14 demographics both seen substantial increases, but the latter demographic has actually seen the bigger gains.

Additionally, an Atari press release promoting the new PS2 Yu Yu Hakusho game adds the following: "According to recent Nielsen reports, Yu Yu Hakusho tied with Dragon Ball GT as the top-rated show on the Cartoon Network among males 9-14. During the same week, the series shot to the #2 spot on the Toonami Block, next to Dragon Ball GT for teens 12-17."

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