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  Current Season of Dragonball Extended
Posted on Tuesday, November 05 @ 06:44:23 EST by Meteo

Toonami News The episode count of the current season of "Dragonball" has been increased from 34 to 48 episodes. Viewers who cannot get enough of the adventures of young Goku are in for a surprise. According to the online schedule at CartoonNetwork.com, the current season of "Dragonball" has been increased by 14 episodes...

With the addition of the new episodes, season 3 will finish with the conclusion of the next tournament storyline at episode 101. There will then be 52 episodes left in the series. Airdates for these final episodes are currently unknown.

With the addition "Dragonball" episodes, Toonami will continue to have new programming daily through most of December. There will now be only a short gap without new to Toonami episodes before "Max Steel" and "Samurai Jack" make their Toonami debuts on December 30th.

Thanks to DarkMaster at the ToonZone Toonami Message Board for first pointing this out.

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Re: Current Season of Dragonball Extended (Score: 1)
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