Superman and lots of him.
Date: Tuesday, May 06 @ 20:25:34 EDT
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Cartoon Network has confirmed that it will air four episodes of Toonami veteran Superman: The Animated Series on Saturday, July 5, leading up to the premiere of Justice League's "Twilight". The three-hour consists of Apokolips ... Now!, Legacy, with Twilight as the finale. The block will air as "Justice For All" beginning at 8:00pm (ET/PT).

The Superman episodes are of Superman's main battles with Darkseid. In Twilight (which airs at 10:00pm), Darkseid comes to Superman and the Justice League for help in defending Apokolips from a powerful foe. The episode is filled, as usual when it comes to Darkseid, with twists and double-crosses and builds up to the ultimate showdown between Superman and Darkseid. Twilight is the first episode of Justice League's second season the rest of the new episodes will begin in October.

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