Why couldn't it have been the other Eisner
Date: Tuesday, January 04 @ 11:31:49 EST
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from Andromaton.com
Newsarama reports that comic legend Will Eisner died Monday evening, due to complications from heart surgery performed on December 22nd. Eisner had undergone quadruple bypass surgery, and was last reported to be recovering well.

Eisner was 87 years old, and was still actively working. His latest graphic novel, The Plot is due to be released later this year by W.W. Norton.
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A moment of silence please.

There's not to much linking us back to the comicbooks golden age anymore. This is just a reminder that all greatness has an end, there are few who have been as influential on comic books around the world as Will. He will be missed. The Spirit fades but never for long, rest in peace Will.

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