Doing It Right the Second Time Around: FUNimation on 'One Piece'!
Date: Friday, April 13 @ 00:30:11 EDT
Topic: Toonami News

AnimeOnline has posted an interview with FUNimation line producer Justin Cook outlining the changes that will occur with FUNimation's apparent takeover of One Piece from former licensor 4Kids Entertainment. Three important things will be: a new voice cast, milder TV edits more in line with Cartoon Network standards, and the future availability of unedited DVD's! Oh, and the original music score for the episodes.

Although FUNimation's initial TV presentation will start where 4Kids left off, with episode 105 (Japanese episode 144), they plan to eventually re-do the series from episode 1.

Keep a sharp lookout for future announcements!

:add: An AnimeOnline interview with FUNimation Brand Manager Lance Heiskell confirms uncut-DVD release plans for 13-episode sets at $49.98 MSRP, and FUNimation-dubbed One Piece episodes to start in August on Cartoon Network.

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