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  Toonami-Related Episode Guide for the Week of May 5th
Posted on Sunday, May 04 @ 21:29:04 EDT by KnuxFive

Schedules Here is the schedule for Toonami shows outside of the block. Every show on the Saturday Video Entertainment System has some connection.

Huh... not much to say. New Samurai Jack, .hack//SIGN, GI Joe, Transformers Armada... oh, how I wish those were Toonami Fridays...

"Read More" for the episode guide for the episodes airing this week.

Source: Cartoon Network

Monday, May 5th
6.0 Max Steel
6.5 Transformers Armada
3.5 Hamtaro
A Breath of Autumn
4.5 The Powerpuff Girls
8.0 Jackie Chan Adventures
Queen of Shadowkahn
8.5 Pokmon
Island Of The Giant Pokemon
9.0 Pokmon
Breeding Center Secret
10.0 Justice League
Enemy Below, The (Part 1)
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
Walk on the Wild Side

Tuesday, May 6th
6.0 Max Steel
Deep Cover
6.5 Transformers Armada
3.5 Hamtaro
Welcome Home Penelope
4.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Buttercrush/Fuzzy Logic
8.0 Jackie Chan Adventures
Shanghai Moon
8.5 Pokmon
Tentacool & Tentacruel
9.0 Pokmon
Pokemon I Choose You
10.0 Justice League
Enemy Below, The (Part 2)
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
Operation Rebirth

Wednesday, May 7th
6.0 Max Steel
Survival Instinct
6.5 Transformers Armada
3.5 Hamtaro
Abominable Snow Woman
4.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Telephonies/Tough Love
8.0 Jackie Chan Adventures
Armor of the Gods
8.5 Pokmon
Ghost Of Maiden's Peak
9.0 Pokmon
Pokemon Emergency
10.0 Justice League
In Blackest Night: Part 1
10.5 X-Men: Evolution

Thursday, May 8th
6.0 Max Steel
Cold Sweat
6.5 Transformers Armada
3.5 Hamtaro
Laura and the Seven Hamsters
4.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Major Competition/Mr. Mojo's Rising
8.0 Jackie Chan Adventures
Tale of the Demon Tail
8.5 Pokmon
Bye Bye Butterfree
9.0 Pokmon
Ash Catches A Pokemon
10.0 Justice League
In Blackest Night: Part 2
10.5 X-Men: Evolution
Shadow Dance

Friday, May 9th
6.0 Max Steel
Fan Appreciation
6.5 Transformers Armada
3.5 Hamtaro
A Wonderful Santa Claus
4.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Paste Makes Waste/Ice Sore
9.0 The Powerpuff Girls
Moral Decay/Meet The Beat Alls

Saturday, May 10th
8.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Hot Air Buffon/Ploys R' Us
12.0 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Mekaneck's Lament
12.5 Transformers Armada
1.0 Hamtaro
Calling all Ham-Hams!

Saturday Video Entertainment System
7.0 Pokmon
Riddle Me This
7.5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Orko's Garden
8.0 Samurai Jack
8.5 Transformers Armada
9.0 X-Men: Evolution
9.5 Yu-Gi-Oh!
Trial By Red Eyes
10.0 Jackie Chan Adventures
10.5 Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Fight, Domon! Earth is the Ring
11.0 Dragonball
Goku vs. Sky Dragon
11.5 Samurai Jack
12.0 .hack//SIGN
12.5 GI Joe
Computer Complication
1.0 Batman: The Animated Series
Sins of the Father
1.5 Superman: The Animated Series
Way Of All Flesh

Sunday, May 11th
8.5 The Powerpuff Girls
Helter Shelter/Power Lunch
10.0 Justice League
Paradise Lost, Pt. 1
10.5 X-Men: Evolution

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Re: Toonami-Related Episode Guide for the Week of May 5th (Score: 1)
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