Toonami Takes over Saturdays in January!
Date: Tuesday, November 26 @ 10:23:49 EST
Topic: Toonami News

Starting January 11th, Toonami will be taking over Saturday nights on Cartoon network with a Seven and a half hour block from 6:30pm until 2am!
This reminds me a lot of the original Midnight Run, unfortunately, Toonami veteran shows (Robotech, Voltron, Sailor Moon) aren't on this lineup.
This, in my opinion, more than makes up for the loss of the weekday Midnight Run...and it's not like Adult Swim Weeknights is dead air anyway... :)

Schedule (Subject to change):
6:30 - Dragon Ball
7:00 - He-Man
7:30 - Max Steel
8:00 - Transformers Armada
8:30 - Zoids (CC? Zero?)
9:00 - DBZ
9:30 - DBZ
10:00 - Justice League
10:30 - Justice League
11:00 - He-Man
11:30 - Transformers Armada
Midnight - G.I. Joe
12:30 - G.I. Joe
1:00 - Batman Beyond
1:30 - Superman

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