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Date: Wednesday, February 12 @ 14:30:53 EST
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Well... it seems that if Dragonball's the close translation of it's original series, and Dragonball Z is the "Began off, but got it back" series, Dragonball GT is the "Screw every otaku over" series. With a new logo (which people will whine about, no matter if it's really worse or not), a new theme song (better than Dan Dan, but then... many songs are better than Dan Dan... IMO), it also seems that they're skipping episodes, starting with the Baby Saga.

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Source: The Official Dragonball GT Website

Okay... as I understand it, Dragonball GT starts with Goku turning into a kid, thanks to an old enemy. Goku, Trunks, and Pan go off in space...

FUNimation's only mentioning a "Baby Saga", which, if I'm correct, would be the saga where Goku fought Baby (Don't say Bebi, this is America), but I've heard that doesn't come 'till later

Anyone got a clue?

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