Forget the League, ''What's the Justice?''... is no longer a good title...
Date: Thursday, May 22 @ 10:21:41 EDT
Topic: Schedules

Well, we lose the Kryptonian, but gain a cyborg...

Thanks to Matt Wilson's sleuthing skills, we've got an idea of what's coming to Toonami in July.

Cyborg 009 is comin' to Toonami. No word if this cancels the Samurai Jack showing, but it seems like it might. The show seems to be based on 9 cyborg soldiers... like the name says, done, ironically, by the guy who did Metropolis.

Source: Toon Zone

EDIT- I thought Matt actually knew the schedule. Who knows, it could be Samurai Jack, Justice League, Cyborg 009, and Dragonball Z...

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