More Toonami Jetstream details at Anime Expo
Date: Sunday, July 02 @ 20:20:21 EDT
Topic: Toonami News

Crib notes from the article at Toon Zone:

- Jetstream will launch as scheduled on July 17th, expect "something special" on Toonami's July 15th broadcast (hint: read the next story down from this-N.)

- Shows will be webcast in Windows Media format, just like Adult Swim Fix

- There will be a way for user feedback to be sent back to Cartoon Network

- Shows on Jetstream will be edited to Toonami broadcast standards and will be dub-only, with no subtitles for on-screen text

- New episodes will appear online every Monday before noon, and will remain available for four to six weeks before being cycled out in favor of new content
- Naruto will start from episode one.

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