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  Schedules Long time, no see!

One of the very first shows to premiere on the new Toonami when it returned in 2012, Deadman Wonderland, is returning to the block on January 3. Also, IGPX makes a comeback and Cowboy Bebop finally starts airing in HD. (Also, FMA: Brotherhood FINALLY leaves.)

11:30 - Attack on Titan
12:00 - DBZ Kai
12:30 - Naruto: Shippuden
1:00 - Inuyasha: The Final Act
1:30 - One Piece
2:00 - Gurren Lagann
2:30 - Deadman Wonderland
3:00 - Bleach
3:30 - Space Dandy
4:00 - Cowboy Bebop
4:30 - GitS:SAC
5:00 - IGPX
5:30 - Samurai Jack

  Posted by Daikun on Friday, December 05 @ 18:36:06 EST (394 reads)
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  Ratings Dish saves the day!

TV Media Insights indicates that Toonami has had its biggest ratings boost in history--its first-ever hexamillion!

11:30 - Attack on Titan - 1.118 million
12:00 - DBZ Kai - 1.278 million
12:30 - Naruto: Shippuden - 1.187 million
1:00 - One Piece - 1.07 million
1:30 - Gurren Lagann - 1 million
2:00 - Inuyasha: The Final Act - 1.056 million

2:30 - Bleach - 889,000
3:00 - Space Dandy - 723,000
3:30 - Cowboy Bebop - 670,000
4:00 - FMA: Brotherhood - 612,000
4:30 - GitS:SAC - 523,000
5:00 - Big O - 495,000
5:30 - Samurai Jack - 524,000

  Posted by Daikun on Wednesday, November 26 @ 01:54:50 EST (281 reads)
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  Release Info Gentlemen, Start Your DVD Drives!

Anime News Network reports  that distributor Discotek Media has licensed Toonami original series IGPX (among other cool things) for DVD release in 2015.
Previously released by the now-defunct Bandai Entertainment, Discotek is releasing the series with both English and Japanese languages.

  Posted by Nobuyuki on Sunday, November 23 @ 07:43:57 EST (214 reads)
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  Acquisition Info Double Down

Toonami has announced on the Tumblr what we'll be having for this year's month of movies. The good news is we'll be having TWO MOVIES each week! Even better news, the final two episodes of Hellsing Ultimate will air during this marathon!

December 6 - Hellsing Ultimate 9; Summer Wars
December 13 - Hellsing Ultimate 10; Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos
December 20 - DBZ: Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan; Akira
December 27 - Rebuild of Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22

  Posted by Daikun on Saturday, November 08 @ 18:24:34 EST (364 reads)
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  Schedules Viz Power Hour

The Tumblr states that Bleach will be rerunning starting November 15 at 2:30AM.

It won't be from the beginning and the episode number is yet to be determined. However, Adult Swim's schedule page (click the "By Show" link) indicates that it might be episode 282.

  Posted by Daikun on Sunday, November 02 @ 01:58:04 EST (361 reads)
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  Toonami News The Lich King descends from his throne...

Jason DeMarco held an AMA session yesterday on Reddit. It's too long to cover, so Toonami Faithful has an overview of what went down.

  Posted by Daikun on Tuesday, October 28 @ 17:11:16 EDT (291 reads)
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  Acquisition Info Return of the demon, loss of the vampire.

Good news and bad news.

Good: Inuyasha: The Final Act is FINALLY coming to Toonami on November 15 at 2AM.

Bad: Hellsing Ultimate is cutting off early on November 8. (You can purchase the final two episodes on DVD and Blu-Ray [or stream digitally] through FUNimation's website. It's discounted, so go get it!)

  Posted by Daikun on Friday, October 24 @ 15:34:41 EDT (441 reads)
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  Schedules An extra extra hour.

Toonami has revealed on the Tumblr that Cooler's Revenge is getting an encore broadcast during Daylight Savings on November 1.

  Posted by Daikun on Friday, October 17 @ 01:41:14 EDT (502 reads)
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  Acquisition Info Finally, Gundam is back!

Right Stuf has seemingly acquired all Gundam properties from Sunrise. Enjoy owning the franchise again on DVD.

Also, the Gundam: Origin OVA series is being dubbed by NYAV Post.

  Posted by Daikun on Saturday, October 11 @ 17:20:00 EDT (529 reads)
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  Etc. Farewell, Nine-Tails.

Naruto is finally ending.

No, I'm not referring to Shippuden or its broadcast on Toonami (they still have a long way to go), but the manga is finally ending after 15 long years. The final issue will be released in 5 weeks.

  Posted by Daikun on Monday, October 06 @ 02:39:46 EDT (571 reads)
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